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Daily Diary Sunday 17th September

Hello there Daily Diarists! I hope your weekend is going well so far. I'm posting early as we have a kid's sleepover in progress, and I'll get caught up in dinner and movie night stuff quite soon :-D

Welcome to the regulars, and hello to any newbies (like I was about 4 weeks ago! Time does fly). This is the place to come to plan your meals and exercise, and get ideas and inspiration from other people.

This picture made me giggle. I work at Waitrose, and I've heard a few different ways of pronouncing quinoa from my colleagues and customers. I won't be eating quinoa tomorrow, but maybe later in the week in a salad. Yum.

I work an early shift on a Sunday, starting at 5am. I usually have a banana and cup of tea before I go, then a nice breakfast from the staff kitchen at 9.30am.

Breakfast - banana, bacon, fruit scone and butter, 485

Lunch - broccoli soup, oatcakes, cheese, 410

Dinner - roast chicken, roast potatoes, kale, peas, gravy, 600

I'm aiming for around 1800-1850, so I have some wriggle room. I might make a crumble (or ask my husband to!).

No exercise on top of the walking I do during my shift.

So, what's on your menu..?

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Sounds a delicious menu, Hidden , thanks for hosting. I'm grateful for the early posting as it's galvanised me into action. My planning has been all over the place this past week, thanks to meals out and various activities. So I need to get back on track for my weigh in Tuesday and the Ritu challenge on Friday, and then I'm on holiday for a week, so this week needs to be vey disciplined.

So tomorrow's breakfast will be a fresh fruit salad with some cottage cheese, 185 cals.

Lunch will be a salad wrap, again with cottage cheese and pineapple, (it needs eating up, hate waste!) and a yogurt, 386 cals.

Dinner is Hairy Dieters beef stroganoff 269 cals and a caramel panacotta treat, 314 cals.

Day's total 1232 cals, which is around my target, but hopefully I will earn a few more cals for some extra fruit with a nice long walk tomorrow afternoon.

My tip for the day - never give up, great things take time. πŸ‘


I try not to waste food either but healthy eating seems to generate more food waste than unhealthy eating πŸ˜‚


Love that TT, great things take time.

You have fab food there for so few calories.

Hope the week goes well for you.


Lovely menu and great tip TT, enjoy your prep for your holiday, the countdown is on...

I've spent an hour or so looking through recipe books this afternoon for recipes to help use what's in the freezer.. Some good choices in HD books...


Lovely menu, I do love a HD recipe! It can be difficult with lots of activities going on, but it sounds like you're finding the balance. I hope you've been having fun!


OOO I need to get the Hairy Dieters books, keep seeing people posting about them and I love stroganoff :)

Great menu and tip :)

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I also should get the Hairy bickers book it seems as though a lot of you use the recipes from it.


I've got two of their Dieters books and they provide so much variety, but also and more importantly, they are so doable with easily obtainable ingredients and they are calorie counted. Love them! πŸ‘¨β€πŸ³


I also hate wasting food.

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Off to find my hairy dieters book


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Good luck with the sleepover Hidden and an early start tomorrow - wow!

I've kind of eaten to plan today... except I had dinner for lunch and lunch for dinner!

I didn't turn all the roasted butternut squash and sweet potato into soup so wondering if I could add some mashed potato and use today's leftovers as a topping for a cottage pie πŸ€”

So tomorrow could well be...

Breakfast - cereal and milk

Lunch - salad of some sort (need to go shopping first)

Dinner - cottage pie, new potatoes with runner beans and broccoli

Snacks - fruit πŸ‰ yogurt and/or cereal bar

Drinks - water

Exercise - didn't have the energy today so going to try and get out tomorrow.

Wishing everyone a great Sunday!


Enjoy your food tomorrow. Sounds like you have a great topping for a cottage pie there.


Well planned menu, I like the idea of butternut squash & sweet potato cottage pie topping..


Me too!

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mmm definitely use those veggies for cottage pie topping! Sounds delicious.


Thanks for hosting Hidden 😊

Breakfast- gluten free oatmeal with lactose free milk mixed in of course. My 1 gluten free toast and coffee before my cycle to the rowing club 290 calories

Lunch - baked potato with tuna juice and maybe toast 367

Dinner - steamed potatoes and vegetables. Small rump steak and a teaser of cheese sauce on top of my veggies. 600 calories

Yogurt to snack and water throughout the day


Steak dinner sounds fab.

Hope you can tolerate the gluten free oatmeal and it doesn't upset your tummy.

Enjoy your row.


You whole menu sounds yummy πŸ˜‹

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I love the sound of your dinner!

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Sounds delicious, makes me think I might see if I can work out how to steam my veggies as my slow cooker is supposed to work as a steamer too.

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Thanks for hosting Hidden gosh you have an early start, especially after a kids sleepover-which in my experience means no sleep at all.

Sounds like lovely food planned, especially the roast chicken dinner, yummy.

I usually have brunch and dinner on a Sunday, too busy to manage anything else.

Brunch will be 2egg omelette, 10g butter, 50g feta, 100g spinach, 30mls double cream, avocado. 870 cals

Dinner: half an M§S seafood platter, wild rocket and bay leaf salad, 1tbsp avocado oil, 100g strawberries and raspberries, 30mls double cream. 891 cals

Total: 1761 cals range of 1585-2037

Carbs 26g; Fat 106g; Protein 34g

Have a good Sunday everyone.


Fantastic planning, very low carbs Ceals I so envy you your cream and double cream... Lovely menu, Enjoy.

I went to a dinner and dance Friday night and the sweets were all Milk based except a fresh fruit salad.. I asked if that was the only dairy free option? To my surprise they offered me 3 flavours of sorbet... Well worth the ask!!


Well done you

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Luckily the kids slept well, it was night 2 of 3 so they're getting used to it!

Spinach and feta in omelette is so good, enjoy!


I'm glad you got some rest, my son didn't sleep through the night until he was nine and a half years old, looking back I have no idea how I coped!


ouch! That's a lonnnnnggg time to manage on broken sleep!

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Glad to hear the kids were good

One of these days I will have to have a brunch I often think about it but never seem to get round to doing it.

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Great menu Ceals

Day one on my calorie counting and ive not been hungry.

Muesli for breakfast banana

Yogurt and defrosted berries as a snack

Rivita cottage cheese and tomato with an apple for lunch

Pasta courgette bacon tomatos and 50g feta for tea.

Hubby is away for the weekens ao able to get on track while he isnt here.



A lovely menu, well done for planning and joining in Smartie831


Thank you :)


Great to have you here! I ope you have a good day :-D


It is always good to be able to have what you want without having to think weather others will enjoy.

Thank you for hosting Sunday's DD.I am getting back into planning my food in the hope to start losing weight again. For breakfast I will have egg and beans on toast with coffee. Lunch salad with cheese and tuna. Dinner Pork chops potatoes carrot and Swede and peas with gravy and a little Apple sauce. Stewed rhubarb and yogurt. 1500 calories. I will be having skimmed milk in coffee. During the day. So this means I will be able to have cream cracker in the evening while watching tv. I do hope every ones DD goes to plan. Enjoy the rest of the weekend and the coming week.


Have a lovely Sunday Caroline62 I love rhubarb - haven't had any for a long time... Added to my want to list!!

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Rhubarb is my all time favourite.

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I like your whole menu! Have a great day :-D


All sounds yummy! I might steal your tuna and cheese salad idea, I'm sure my cat would be happy to split a tin of tuna with me. I can imagine it with the tuna and cheese melted together. Must get dressed and go in search of some salad ingredients. Enjoy your Sunday

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Thankfully your encouragement I am 100 percent your cat would love the tuna


Hi Hidden Thank you for hosting. Had to laugh at you poster.. my workmate is always correcting me for pronouncing words as they are spelt... I love winding her up!!

Saturday went very well...

Sunday is going to be a fasting day as I will be out most of it!

My aim is 600.

Blueberries and h/g peach - 91

Slow cooked Chicken leg from yesterday with a jkt spud - 516

Total = 607 ( NHS BMI Range 1366 - 1756)

Minimum of 1 & 1/2 litres water

Exercise planned is to walk our dog πŸ‘ŸπŸ‘Ÿ 🐢

Tip for today... Make the most of everyday and those you love x

Cheering everyone on πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰


Good luck with the fasting, and thanks so much for replying to everyone while I was asleep xx


Love your tip!


Hi Hidden

Thanks for looking after us today. Love a bit of quinoa myself. Liking the pic πŸ˜‚

Am still over at my friend's after a lovely evening of laughter and gossip washed down with BBQ pork, gin, wine and sticky toffee pudding. My friend and her family are excellent cooks! So counting went out the window but I didn't drink or eat anymore than anyone else (they are a very trim family) and I recall a press up competition with a 9 year old at some point πŸ€”

Anyhow. I'm waffling. Basically today is much the same as far as mysteries. Am not sure what's on the menu for breakfast and whether I'll be home for lunch. Hopefully I'll be back in time to meet another friend for a dog walk (exercise) and my husband has put the brisket in the slow cooker (HD recipe) for tea.

I should come in under 2000 which is a good aim.

Happy Sunday all x


What a lovely evening that sounds like Active_43.

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Sounds like you're having a fun weekend! πŸ˜€ I'm envious of your slow cooked brisket, we had a Rayburn when I was a kid and my grandmother made the most delicious roast dinners every Sunday. I've never managed to cook a roast that came close to hers.

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It sounds like a lovely, fun weekend! Enjoy xx

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Good morning all Sunday again ! Im having a brioche roll for brekky 150 cals a salad lunch 200 cals and the rest of my 1500 cals a day on roast pork and loads of veg followed by an oatie topped apple crumble with crème fraiche for dinner


Ooh, apple crumble, how lovely!

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My mouth is watering as I'm reading this. Another delicious roast dinner! Enjoy πŸ˜€

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Dinner sounds awesome! What time shall I cover over...? :-D

I love apple crumble with custard.

Hello all, thanks for hosting Hidden . My evening yesterday went over calorie, a wedding reception ( I did try to be fairly good) but not panicking and back to usual sort of food today apart from breakfast, some carbs required today and know why!

B: An egg sandwich 350

L: Leftover chicken, sweet potato mash, mangetout, peas. 500

D: Feta cheese 50g 3 Ryvita, salad 350

With milk and a snack of frozen blueberries and Greek yoghurt, trying for 1500ish. Will have to cut back by just a bit for a few days, but was a very good Saturday night and dancing must use up some calories :)

Hoping to go out on the boat today, make the most of any September sunshine.

Enjoy your Sunday.


All sounds good and I'm sure one day off plan, where it sounds as though you were making healthier choices where you could, shouldn't have done too much damage. Days like that happen for all of us every now and then. Hope you enjoyed the day and the dancing ?

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Glad you had a good time at the wedding. I hope you get out on the boat (what kind of boat is it?).

Thanks. It's a lifting keel sailing yacht 28ft. Great for shallow water, beaches. Anchored for our lunch now, no sun but still nice to get out.

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What a wonderful way to spend time βš“β›΅β€οΈ

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Ive just had a lovely walk with my dog Toffee I don't know whether I like Autumn or Spring best on a gorgeous dry morning with the sun warm on you I shall go out to tidy garden now I went out and bought a cobalt blue lace dress and jacket at half price yesterday for my daughters wedding next May It only came in a 14 so tried it on and it fitted! I haven't got into a 14 for a couple of years Its a little tight so I want to lose another stone and this is just the incentive I need to lose this and maintain Im just so grateful I found this community !!

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I love autumn - the colours, the chill in the air, the morning mist. Lovely!

Hi, yesterday I managed to get my calories up to 1,811 and it's the most satisfied I have been in months. I think I have found the problem I have is that I don't eat enough calories in the day, so I'm really going to try and bring my calorie numbers up. Last night I was babysitting my two-year-old niece who is just a bundle of energy. She has me standing up one minute, bending down the next, carrying her and crawling on the floor, so she's great for keeping me moving. Lots of sore leg muscles today, haha.

My menu for today looks a bit like this:

Breakfast: Fruit and fibre with skimmed milk 428cal (I am going to try to find an alternative to this because apparently, I'm eating too many carbohydrates because I have a big bowl of this in the morning to keep me going until lunch).

Lunch: Lettuce, tomatoes, chicken slices, salad seed mix and a reduced fat french dressing 338cal

Dinner: Chicken tikka masala (reduced fat sauce) with broccoli and wholegrain rice 614cal

Snack: Either a yoghurt pot or frozen yoghurt and fresh strawberries and a forest fruit yoghurt slice bar 302cal

Total: 1682

NHS BMI Range: 1865 - 2398cal

Carbohydrates: 207g 48%

Fat: 54g 28%

Protein: 99g 24%

My plan for today is to blitz my house in a cleaning spree since I'm going to visit my mum for a couple of days this week :)

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I eat towards the top of my range, and don't go hungry. My breakfast mostly consists of eggs - poached, scrambled or fried, plus some veggies (mushrooms, or spinach), sometimes a slice of toast, sometimes a rasher or two of bacon.

If I'm in a hurry I'll have a Skyr yoghurt and a slice of toast. Eggs though, love them!

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I really need to teach my body that it's okay to eat cooked food in the morning, I seem to feel ill when I try it. I will have to keep trying to introduce it to my food diary :)

Hi diamonblock,

I am a newbie and found the site last week plus all the helpful recipe sites. So tomorrow is deep breath and start my weight loss. So here goes!


Hi Fedupsammi,

I joined the site yesterday and I have found it so helpful already :) I'm sure you will do great with your weight loss. Good luck for tomorrow :)

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Best of luck! I find the daily diary a great tool, I expect Monday's will be posted in a few hours. Monday is my weigh day, so I might see you on that thread too :-D

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The daily diary is really insightful, I'm using my fitness pal on my phone and I find that very helpful. I jumped into the weigh-in thread on Saturday, but I wish you the best of luck for tomorrow :)

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*chuckles* my post was Saturdays food yesterday!! I commented on the wrong thread. Today has gone well so far.

Porridge and banana

Yogurt and berries for snack.

Small portion of Mushroom stroganoff and tiny amount of rice for lunch

Plans for tea....I have 804 left but hoping I won't need them. sweet potato mash with roasted ham and vegetables.

Hi folks. Ive just stewed rhubarb fresh out of son- in- laws garden. Also yesterday apples off a friends tree. Love both with yoghurt, or evaporated milk, custard and both in crumbles or pies.. Plus I still love a stick of rhubarb dipped in sugar, from childhood days. Yum yum

Evening Hidden thanks for hosting and hope your day went well.my weekend has been a bit of plan. Going shopping today when hungry was worst as I bought chocolate. Oh well start again tomorrow: today was

Brunch - 2 slices livlife bread, 1/2 avocado and a slice of smoked salmon, Danone yog, chocolate orange segments!

D - fish Pie from yesterday,

S, hummus, a few tortillas (ouch), 2 ryvita thins, pear and apple, skimmed milk. + the choc - About 400 over my top allowance of 1800 so some nifty calorie work needed for next week.

Ex - 12,000 steps including a nice beach walk

Many thanks to Hidden for hosting a super DD.

The post is now closed, goodnight everyone.

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