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Planning - hit me with your ideas

Planning - hit me with your ideas

I admit it I am awful at planning meals & being organised for the week .

Hit me with your ideas:

Do you batch cook ? If so what ?

Do you have any quick meal ideas that I could cook after getting home from work ?

Do you make sure you set time aside to plan for each week?

Do you make your lunches a few days in advance ? If so what do you prepare that won't go limp or sogy if not eaten the next say ?

Do you do your food shop on line ?

Any ideas or tips to get me on the right road would be greatly appreciated 🙂


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Hi Sld72

There are plenty of recipes in the recipe section and some great easy / quick meals too :)

Yes i batch cook, I currently have vegetable curry on the cooker and later will be making a vegetable soup to take to work in the week for lunch (both recipes are in the recipe section)

I plan my meals as we write the shopping list - so i know what I am having for the week, but not necessarily decide on what days to have it ;)

I am sure others will be along later with their ideas too :)


Hello Sid72

Try the fast diet recipes or the 8 week blood sugar diet recipes. They are all easy very tasty and calorie counted


A few pointers...

Have a look at 'Recipes' under 'Pinned Posts'... lots of great different ideas.

Join the Daily Diary as there are always heaps of great ideas to be cadged from what others are doing.

I do like to batch cook. My preferences are various vegetable curries that I can then have with almost anything later on (baked potato, rice, pork chop, chicken breast etc...)

Casseroles, curries, bolognaise, chilli con carne and all similar dishes can all be eaten later and normally taste better later also.

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Ooo and don't forget to check out what others are eating in the Daily Diary ;)


I batch cook things like bolognaise, paella, risottos etc. Buy most of my shopping online as it helps me avoid temptation, if I run out of things mid-week, I pop into our little local supermarket - again less temptation than the big shops.

Only just starting to plan meals in advance, it's something I need to work on as I'm only planning the next days meals at the moment.

Good luck Sid


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