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Morning routine

Busy weekend as as always. But I love every minute of it.

I have another race next week at Chester. My colleague reminded me don't expect big results at races this year. It is my first year going competitive and in a single. Just row what you feel comfortable with and at your pace, she advised.

And I will! Because I enjoy rowing and I'll stay focus,

I noticed it's cooler now and needed a jumper cycling down. Once I got on the bike the feeling of staying home didn't last long. I noticed a rainbow where the rowing club is and had to take this picture.

I get so busy with practice I get tempted of ordering out but I'm sticking to it. My next mission is train my husband how to cook! Lol

Good luck everyone and hope everyone is doing great.

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What a lovely rainbow, hope the rowing went well today and good luck for next week :)

Aye it is really starting to have that autumnal feeling in the air :)


Row well and have a good race


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