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I had a question about the BMI weight calorie counter. Which end of the calorie scale should I start with, the low or high end? If it's the high end I believe that I may struggle because I don't think I eat enough calories in the day to reach that amount. Any advice? :)

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Hi Bekahlea

I totally understand what your saying. We generally recommend the higher range to allow you the lower range to work towards.. Try as high as you can and see what suits you going forwards.

Not eating enough can prevent weight loss and much as eating too much will go the other way on the scales.

Bekahlea in reply to Minniewinny

Hi Minniewinny,

Okay, thank you. At least I know what to aim for, I'll hopefully figure out a way to manage :) x

Minniewinny5 stone in reply to Bekahlea

Have a lookie at the daily diary in the events and feel free to join in, like, reply and get many ideas of what folks include for their calorie allowances.

I've now got various bits in my menu weekly that I've gleaned and learnt from this daily post.

Have fun with the forum, and in planning your meals to fit with your plans.

Cheering you on to success 🎉🎉🎉

Bekahlea in reply to Minniewinny

Thank you, I will take a look and get some ideas ready for next week :) x

Tiggerr15kg in reply to Bekahlea

When I need to top up my calories without having to eat too much more, I find nuts are very useful.


Good luck. It's trial and error but you'll find the level that gives you steady progress.👍

Bekahlea in reply to wa2un7

Thank you :)

Maintain a calorie deficit from the higher of the two figures, ensuring that any deficit introduced doesn't exceed the difference between the two amounts.

If you're fairly active, intake should be somewhere in between minimum/maximum allowance, but if you happen to be sedentary, aim to keep it towards the lower end. Ultimately, though, aim to ensure that sufficient calories are consumed on a daily basis to satisfy the minimum recommendation, while gradually working towards reducing consumption of simple/refined carbohydrate to a minimum.

Bekahlea in reply to MrNiceGuy

Thank you for the advice I will try to do my best to make sure I eat the right amount :)

87down1st 7lbs

I just started last Thursday and am finding I seem to be eating at the lower end of my range I think I am being cautious . The other thing I find impossible to do is the planning! Partly due to my family and the fact I never know how many I am cooking for. I don't really want to do my meals seperately so I am not really planning as most people on here seem to be doing. I guess it doesnt matter as long as I count what I eat!

Bekahlea in reply to 87down

Yeah, I think I might be being a bit too as well. I'm struggling to plan whilst I'm spending time with my mum for a few days, but I'm counting everything which is what matters. I only live with my husband usually so it's a bit easier to plan meals when I'm at home.

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