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Fruit 🍉🍑🍏🍌

Please can someone tell me can I eat too much fruit?

I lost 3 stone following slimming world but have gained 1 stone by falling off the wagon and eating cake, crisps and chocolate 😩

They promote eating lots of fruit and vegetables. However, yesterday I was told I should only eat 2 pieces of fruit a day.

I am confused any support would be appreciated

Thanks in advance 🙏

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Hi Sharonp15 and welcome to the weight loss forum.

Fruit as natural sugar in it so it is best that you don't eat too much, try keeping to your 5 a day with doing some veg and fruit. Well done with losing 3st that is great going. :)

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Good luck with your first week.


Hello Sharon P

Yes eating the wrong fruit and too much fruit can give you cravings for other sweet things as your blood sugar will spike and then drop,

The best fruit to eat which is low GI are blackberries blueberries strawberries grapefruit apples and plums. Steer clear of bananas mango and Pineapple


This is an interesting article about 'Fruit' - that you might find helpful to your query:


Zest :-)


Great article Zest 😊 I totllay agree! Please read it Sharonp15


Thanks for that great info 👍

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I have lost nearly five stones and I eat a nana a day without fail 💪🙂. Usually berries, an orange a pear too. I don't touch smoothies or juice though, just whole fruits.

Apples, occasionally pineapple 😋

If folks are putting weight back on it won't the be the fruit thats causing it I'd hazard a guess 🤔

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