I've lost the weight, now slow process of toning, will my stomach tone if I keep doing the 'Mike Donavik' 18 minute 'abs - core' exercise 3 times a week as well as a small amount of cardio, I have a small amount of belly fat to shed but it's the last bit which is just hanging on! I've started my diet and I'm coming up to week 3, I just don't know if I'm wasting my time doing the same workout on my stomach..


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  • Morning Jack99

    You have done so well to lose your weight so well done. If you feel your workout is working then why not continue as you say it's a slow process but you will get there. Your not wasting your time but if your not happy with the type of exercise your doing then change it.

    Have a good week. :)

  • Thank you and yes I feel it's working but I don't know if doing the same exercise will tone completely?

  • Have you considered couch to 5k? I have a suspicion it may be more fun than 18 minutes of abs exercises, and many people report inch loss on their waist from learning to run. Plus it's a great long term plan for making sure the weight doesn't go back on again. Congrats on reaching this end point in your weight loss journey. Good luck whatever you decide to do now :)

  • Thankyou so much and what's the couch to 5k?

  • It's a programme for absolute beginners to learn to run. Take a look here :)

  • The short answer is yes, you are wasting your time if the workout is not progressive. More than that, the best way to tone muscle is by resistance exercise; getting the muscles to contract against a resistance that they find demanding cause the fibres to fall into line, a bit like iron filings in a magnetic field.

    An abdominal weight machine that resists the contraction of the waist toward the chest is ideal.

    Also, the lower back may need toning as part of the waist too.

    When the muscles are firm, it is still fat and water that obscures the definition of the muscles, so if you want to see the muscles you sculpt, you may have to lose a little more fat. That is best achieved by having 10% protein, 30% low Gi carbs (not more than an ounce per day from fructose), and 60% natural fat; 57% mono, 40% saturated, 3% polyunsaturates (this includes any body fat burned) to prevent the fat forming and emanating from the liver and excess insulin.

    Keep us informed of your progress please :-)

  • Hello, thank you.. could you reiterate the nutritional info please.. I don't know what you mean when you cut words short.. I'm awful at knowing the right nutrition, I don't know whys what, thank you! x

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