New scales required!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Help!

Morning all, well I went to weigh in today at the completion of week 4, last week I weighed in at 15 stone 3lb and 6 oz.

I stood on the scales with the same routine that I have done since the start of the twelve week plan, and initially the scales read 15 stone 2lb and 4oz, I got off and back on again and they then read 15s,1 lb, 8oz, and again, 15s 4 lb, 6oz. Because of this I don't think that I can afford to guess or take a happy medium as I don't trust the scale, so sorry but I'm not registering a weight today.

Please can someone advise on a reliable set of scales that doesn't break the bank, I currently have digital scales that are a glass platform with four pressure points at each corner, however I cannot find the makers name on them,

Thanks in anticipation.



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9 Replies

  • All scales vary NinjaW78 so could you take the average reading? Although that's quite a variation! I have the Salter digital scales which cost about £20 but I wouldn't say even they are 100% accurate 😕

    Sorry to be no more help

  • Mornin' Anna61, I'm not after 100% accuracy, just consistency in the reading. It would appear that if I do not get on the scales in exactly the same place as my previous weigh then it changes the reading, just by gently leaning forward when stood on them I could vary the reading as you can see by the results.

    My world has ended now as I was hoping for my badge, what I'll have to do is weigh myself again tomorrow and see what that comes out at, and see if that tallies with today's. :-(

  • Well you have your Team Tuesday Badge at least, and due to gremlins in the badge department you can't see both!!

    Good luck for tomorrow. I've heard that scales don't like being moved, I try to keep mine flat at least in between weighing.

  • Oh well, mine lean against the bathroom wall until they are used, maybe there's an issue there????

  • Possibly . . . I carefully slide out the scales to a level spot, weigh myself, leave it a minute or two and then repeat. I usually get the same reading this way.

    Good luck !

  • I'll try that - my scales are a bit erratic too Anna61 - I didnt know they dont like being moved, though i'm careful to always use the same bit of floor.

    I weigh myself every day anyway, with an 'official' weigh day on tuesdays - I find this helps me to just go with the flow of weigh going up and down and also to get a good feeling as to how the week is going and what to expect on weigh day.

  • You sound like you have the same scales as me NinjaW78

    I weigh every 3 weeks rather than once per week

  • Do you notice unexpected fluctuations? are do you jump on and off once

  • probably not a 2lb fluctuation in the same 5 minutes but if i weigh once every 3 weeks quickly and it's going down i'm happy :)

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