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kicking the K's mini challenge

kicking the K's mini challenge

in the first photo (upper left)you can see me indulging in one of the hardest sports known to mankind- resisting the urge to eat a chocolate candy! you can see by my soulful glaze that i am going through a real strugle. the bottom left shows me just following the sign orders and the third one is me trying to shake off some calories by exposing them to the force of gravity! :)

i am sad i didnt find picture evidence of an extreme swimmers event me and my friend organised in a hotel room on vacation when it was to hot to go out. we put on out bathingsuits and swimming caps that we found in a hotel bathroom and we had a competition in land swimming and jumping into the bathtub :)

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These are absolutely brilliant tamara!!! You did make me laugh! A very well-deserved 300 points for you :)


Excellent entry, tamara12 - really good! :-)

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