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hello :)

Hello everyone, I just started my weight reducing plan on first week of September 2017.I gained about 15 kg after my delivery and i find it hard to shed it off. I used to forget about my wieght and eats more,specially at night. Also I got diabetics ( low risk) and i find myself hard with backpain and legpain especially in winter.

After finishing my week 1 , i found myself 1) more aware of calorie and fat content of food i eat. ( Keeping a record for each day will help )

2) aware of the quantity of food.

As i was more used to sugars, i found myself carving for food when i started. I succeeded it with replacing with fruits..and water!

I know , i have to go "miles before my sleep ", and waiting patiently for new look and healthy body.

Today , i started my week 2 and now i focussing on being active by brisk walking.

I have a kid , so , i plans to walk from his school back all the way to home ( 30 minutes * 2 ( or 4 ) ) and thinks of increasing it step by step to running! so that i will be back again in my prebirth body.

Also i started sitting in front of mirror so that I will not forget about my health plans when i see food..having a bulgy stomach in mind help me to stay away from food and and go for walking.

Being a foodie type, i now learned to tell No for the excess foods prepared each day, and start planning well in advance!

Thanks for all your support!

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Had you intended posting this on the Newbie Club thread, Nisha?

All the information you'll need about the forum is there



Hi and welcome ! Good luck to you!!

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