Hi I'm new and don't really know what I'm doing!

Hi I'm new and don't really know what I'm doing!

Hi there, my name's Tracey, I'm 52 & new to this site . I'd like to lose at least 3 stone, recently tried Slimming World but left after 2 weeks as it wasn't for me.- I'd like to start this new diet tomorrow but I'm a bit confused and not sure what I'm really doing so I need to spend a while finding my way around these sites. Is this site for people who are on the NHS Weight Loss Plan? I'm finding that there are quite a few different links and apps etc which are confusing me and I'm not sure if they are all the same diet. Can anyone please explain it for me as I think my age is causing my brain fog? Thank you!


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  • Great to have you join us Traceyal

    Enjoy the forum...

    I'd like to invite you to join our Newbie Club, which we hope will be a good place for you to connect with members, who are also just starting out. If you just post a few words to introduce yourself and respond to others there, you'll soon break the ice. Here's the link:


    Cheering you on to reach your goals 🎉🎉🎉

  • Thanks Minniewinny, to introduce myself in the newbie club where do I post? Is it where the strawberries are at the top of the page? Think for me it should be the numpty club! xx

  • If you use the link on my message it will take you direct to the newbies club.. See you there...

  • Welcome - a lot of people are doing the 12 week plan. This forum is great for ideas and support. It can be a bit confusing especially the app but stick with it!

  • Welcome Traceyal.

    Any questions at all... just post them out here and someone will be willing to help you.

  • Welcome Tracey, take a bit of time to find your way around here. Click on the link that Minniewinny has sent to you and read all the information. Then as Tiggerr said, ask away :)

    Wishing you good luck on your journey :)

  • Welcome Tracey

    The NHS 12 week plan prompts you a few times to join this forum which is why I joined. Lots of us are on or like me have used it with success.

    We also have and welcome members using many other diet plans we encourage and support everyone!

    It's such a friendly and welcoming site. I'd recommend the weekly weigh in, for whichever day you weigh every week. If you want more regular there's daily diary, what are you eating today and chat and what's happening today? Self explanatory.

    I lost over a stone so far on NHS 12 week plan. So I'd highly recommend it and it's free. But good luck whatever you do

  • Thanks for your friendly comments. Looking forward to getting used to this forum and starting my first day tomorrow. Xx🤞

  • Hi and welcome to the community!!

  • Wow, 2 1/2 stone is very good - gives me hope! How long has it taken you? xx

  • Hi Tracey, welcome to the forum and hope you find your way around easily. Most of us are counting calories and/or doing the twelve week plan but it doesn't matter really what weight loss plan you are doing really as we are all there for each other throughout which is most important. I have managed to lose 2 1/2st so far and am really happy with this. Hope all goes well for you with your journey.

  • Wow 2 1/2 stone is very good - how long did it take you? xx

  • It has taken me about 10 months but everyone I know is always telling me how proud of me they are and my husband gets really pleased every time I tell him I have lost any more lbs and he does keep asking where his wife has gone because he can't believe how much I have lost. None of us thought I would stick to this or manage it as no other diets ever worked for me. Before though by not counting calories I found out I was never eating enough calories in the first place which is why I never lost anything. If you don't eat enough your body thinks your starving it and turns what you eat into body fat and this weighs more than eating the extra calories does so it stops you from losing weight.

  • You've done very well - it gives me hope! I went on the Cambridge diet 5 years ago and lost 3 stone but then gradually put it all back again and a bit more. So I'm going for the common sense approach, losing it slowly and eating what I like but counting calories, I'm amazed how many you can actually have. But I must admit I am guilty of not eating much so I'm trying to eat healthier stuff to boost my calories, plus I can have a treat too!

  • Yes, I occasionally have treats and have also been out for meals but do try and look on the website of the restaurant I am going to see if they have calories. This way I can look which meals would be ok for me for whatever calories I have remaining. I try not to go if they don't have calories or if we have just turned up and there are others around too I just say to them oh you should have your calories available really and tell them I will go to another place. It soons makes them think about it. One place has even added the calories since.

  • Yes, good idea, the government are concerned about people becoming obese and costing the NHS maybe it should be compulsory to include calories on all menus.x

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