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Has to be done

I have rewritten this a few times to try to find the right words, but I guess all that really matters is that by doing that I'm trying to find things to blame when actually its me that has been making bad choices.

I've got anywhere between 12 & 14 stone to lose, so a little way to go. I lost two and a half stone last year but an op and subsequent pain / painkillers had left me not caring. The pain is now a lot less and the use of painkillers has been reduced a lot, now it's time to sort out the weight to again make me feel better.

Better and smarter choices I need to make, not reach for anti boredom snacks and not drink calories. I don't drink alcohol, it's just portion size and naughty food that are my issues. I'll snack on stuff when the house has gone to sleep, so need to stop that.

But I'm here to do this and to help others if I can.

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FF, I just want to say well done for getting in touch. I realise it has been a big effort on your part. You have certainly come to the right place for caring support from wonderful people. Very best wishes for a positive outcome and btw I love the picture of the beautiful flowers


Hi FunkyFunster- welcome to the forum- one of the administrators will be in touch shortly to guide you around the site. Making the decision to loose weight is a big one, which is probably why you had several attempts in writing your post which was good. Following what other people on the forum have said to others is rather than focus on how much they have to loose to break it down into smaller losses- e.g. 1/2 stone every 2 months. Its important to work out how many calories you need to have so have a look at the NHS BMI calculator and it will give you a lower and upper range to loose weight- obviously the higher number will cause a slower weight loss. Its important to eat enough calories- too little will mean you won't loose weight cos your body think its being starved and will store food in fat cells.

If you have any questions on suggestions to deal with snacking, boredom eating etc then this is the place to post. there are various posts on topics such as recipes, healthy eating and hints & tips to name a few- on the right of screen if using computer or at the bottom if using the app. There are various challenges to encourage exercising- look at challenges in the topics, but there is also weekly weigh-ins on every day so you can post your weight each week on a set day. These are to help motivate and support people through loosing weight and encouraging us all to build up exercise, though people have lost weight without doing exercise.

Good luck and I hope you start loosing weight

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Thanks for the replies, will certainly look around to see what's what, I just appreciate you taking the time to reply, have a great Friday!


Hi and welcome, FF :)

I'd like to invite you to join our Newbie Club, which we hope will be a good place for you to connect with members, who are also just starting out. If you just post a few words to introduce yourself and respond to others there, you'll soon break the ice. Here's the link


I hope we'll see you there soon :)


Welcome, and well done on taking a huge first step!

When you start walking to the fridge,, think, Oh I'll just see whats happening on the forum, and come on here instead. Before you know it you'll be sucked into this world of support and chatter and advice and hours will roll by without you even notice it!


Good for you for making the decision to start. Good luck to you on your journey!

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Welcome - you have a commendably open and honest attitude and this is a very friendly, collaborative place! The very best of luck to you, see you around!

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