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Thought Provoking

I was up early this morning (just before 5am) and as I was drinking my first cuppa of the day I logged into this forum to browse posts and I read a very sad and worrying post from a heart broken young man, I didn't respond to his post as i didn't feel adequately qualified & didn't want to make a bad situation worse by offering what may turn out to be the wrong advice or to say the wrong thing. The post had been on my mind all morning so I've just logged in again to see what advice others may have offered but the post had disappeared from the forum.

This forum serves many purposes, of course it's a vital tool in my weight loss journey, it is also a meeting place for like minded people to come to come together for help, advice and support, but today it has made me realise that no matter how troubled you think your life is there are others in a much more troubled place.

I've had a horrible 2017 so far, not least I suffered a heart attack, one or two things have shook me to my very core this year, I'm getting through with help from family and I also have a very strong faith that sustains me but even so it's very easy to be inward looking & insular. The post I read this morning reminded me there are others out there dealing with their own crisis. Whoever the young man is, if you do read this I wish you well, I hope you get the help & support you need, I will pray for you and may your God go with you.

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Thank you for being so considerate about someone else's feelings Jenever

You are so right that we see a very diverse group of people and and welcome everyone.

I didn't see the post you refer to and how whoever it was has found some peace.

I often reflect on my good fortune having overcome a serious health issue. Certainly reminds me of my humanity. Faith is important for me too.

Have a good day.


Thank you for your heartfelt and compassionate post - a very timely reminder to me to be more thankful for all the many good things in my life and not focus so much in the negatives. ❤️


I messaged and spoke to him for a while as I knew he was young and was reaching out for anyone to listen. I was hesitant too but he just needed company and a release of his feelings. I do agree we need to be careful as well.


I'm glad someone replied to him. Even if we don't know what to say, sometimes you just need to know there's someone listening.


Hi jenever,

It's so true ,as well as our weight loss journeys we can also be dealing with other things in our daily lives.

Many of us on here are able to offload in a safe environment without being criticized.

I didn't see the post but I know for sure that just knowing there are so many great people on here willing to listen is massive and for me it's priceless.

Thanks for your lovely caring post.


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Jenever I am sorry that you have had such an awful year. I hope things are improving for you now.

You are so right about this forum, it is a wonderful place to be and there is so much support here, not just for weight loss.

I didn't see the post that you are talking about, but there was another one, I think over the weekend that I did see from a man in Pakistan. Lots of people had replied to it and I have to admit I didn't because I didn't really know what to say, their culture is so different to ours. It can be very upsetting to see that people are suffering and not know how to help and as you say, sometimes you do worry about making a situation worse. It does put our problems in to perspective though.

Well done Melhall for taking the time to talk to this young man, I hope he found your chat helpful and left the forum feeling better than when he came.


Reading your st and all the responses they all just fill my heart. And that is the reason that At any given opportunity I'd always recommend this forum.

Much blessings everyone. Xxx

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