Birthday treat

Birthday treat

It's my birthday today. Day 2 of this new way of eating. Can't believe the banana I just had is more calories than the piece of birthday cake I'll eat later. Before you think you would like to have the recipe for cake that's less calories than a's a spiderman cake that was reduced to £1.73 and I thought it made such sense to buy sthg that I can blow candles with and family can enjoy. The secret about the calories btw is that it's meant to serve 24! Ridiculous. I'm fairly sure I'll enjoy the 106 kcal cake morsel less than the banana, but I'll still have it because I can, and I'm interested to see if it's worth eating!


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5 Replies

  • Happy birthday!

  • Cheers ears

  • Happy Birthday RachDawson 😊 And how on earth do you cut a cake into 24 portions???? Lol 😊

  • Get a big cake, not!

  • Ha I know. I tried to post an image but maybe it got lost. The instructions were like a Web. You cut into 12 then each piece again crossways. I can't imagine it will be bigger than a small mouthful! I'll try to post a picture once I've cut it!

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