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End of 12 week diet plan advice


I have been working the 12 week calorie controlled diet. Fortunately I didn't need to lose a massive amount of weight and it looks as though I will reach my weight goal before the 12 weeks are up. This is probably a stupid question, but once I have achieved my weight goal do I need to continue for the full 12 weeks (with probably additional weight loss) or can I stop when I am done!

As a supplementary question, is it OK to go straight back up to a normal calorie intake for my height and frame once I have finished dieting, or do I need to add calories incrementally?

Thank you!

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Good morning CharlotteL and welcome to the forum

Very well done on losing the weight you wanted 😊 That's an excellent achievement. Normally we invite new members to join the Newbie Club


So please have a read as this post contains lots of useful information about navigating the forum. 😊

With regards to maintenance, you can't go back to how you ate before or you will regain the weight. Nhs recommendations are to slowly increase your calories by 100-200 per day until your weight levels out. But please join us in our Maintainers club as this is often as difficult as losing the weight.


Best wishes



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