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Accept how I am

Hi Everyone. I have been reading lots of posts and have come to the conclusion that I must accept the way I am. Since I was in my teens I have been a yoyo dieter. I have joined slimming world three times and each time got to target weight and stayed there for a few years. I have never had more than three stone to lose witch is not that much compared to some but I have just hit 70!!! and I am still three stone overweight. I am a widow now and have been for many years. I have a comfortable home, I am in reasonably good health so at last I have come to my senses. Live for today, let tomorrow take care of it`s self. Look in the mirror and love the person looking back at me. Life is too short to constantly worry about what the bathroom scales say. :-)

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Does that mean that you won't be joining us, implement?


I've been trying to work out whether I should reply or not, as I don't want to sound contrary.

You say 'must' and only you can really know how embedded in stone that is, but I wish to add that I pretty much said the same thing to myself 3 years ago for much the same reasons. I can't tell you exactly what fired me up again but 8 months ago I tried again and currently am more successful than in the last 10+ years.

Wishing you all the best, whichever route you take.


You should love yourself, I agree. But by loving and respecting yourself, you will then to ensure yourself is healthy and fit and not overweight.


Hi implement,

Lots of us are yo yo dieters and if we do lose some weight we can in turn live longer .I have been losing a pound here and there then putting it back on.i made excuse after excuse why this and that hadent happened.then I decided to start to excercise again on a regular basis.i feel so much better and with the support of others on here I am staying positive.

You can do it as you have proved, good luck .



You are right to not be a total slave to the scales, but its never too late to be healthy. All I can say is that I too was once a regular "dieter" and overweight until my sixties.

Now age 65, Ive lost the excess and kept it off for over two years. Being slimmer and healthier has taken years off me mentally and physically, to the point that Im enjoying my 60s far more than my 40s !!

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The thing is, now you've changed your mindset, you may well find you can be whatever weight you want to be. I'm a firm believer in mind over matter - if you don't mind, it doesn't matter!

Releasing yourself from the stress of perfection will give you room to choose your lifestyle and weight, rather than it defining you.

Whatever you decide, enjoy it!


It's a point of view and I too have just hit 70 but I want to be in the best health I can for those years I am blessed with I have had medication for hypertension for at least 15 years and as my weight increased I increased the medication until on being 3 stone overweight I was on 4 different tabs. The final straw was when I was told my blood test showed I was pre diabetic so if I did not do something about it I would progress to full blown toe 2. That was the trigger. I researched the ramifications of this and I did not like what I reD. The consequences were dire increase risk of dementia amongst others. All because of that extra weight,

I put myself on a stric diet and increased exercise ( walking 10000 steps min) and have lost nearly 12kg / 2 stone since the day I was told. Amazingly my blood sugar has returned to normal and my blood pressure dropped so I have reduced medication. I have never felt as good as this for years and I hope I will able to sustain the weight loss and lose a few more kilos. The fear of the heAlth consequences of not doing so is a powerful motivator. As a side effect of this I also have dropped at least one dress size andfriends all remark how well I look and younger too,

There is no doubt carrying an extra 3 stone took its toll on my knees and hips and sleep patterns and my energy levels. Just picture the full suitcase you are asking your body to carry day and night.

My regret is that I did not do something to get rid of the extra weight years ago.

Very best wishes


Your right and so long as that's your take on it and your happy to be 3 stone over weight then you will never be dissapointed. But at 70 and as you say in reasonabley good health, you have still many years ahead of you and if you do decide to lose the bit extra you can always come on and share your progress.

Its all down to the individual to choose there given weight.

I'm still trying to lose my last 10 lb a real struggle though.


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