What am I going to do at the pizza buffet?

My mother in law wants to take me and my daughter to her favorite pizza buffet since we don't have any food at home right now. I know she is trying to help but I could do some serious damage there. I could just have a salad but I haven't eaten much in several days and I'm starving!! I don't want to be rude or hungry. When I come home I won't have anything there to eat. I could suggest healthier but I know she picked it because it is cheap and my daughter loves it. Any ideas? Help!!! My weight has already plateaued for over a month.

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  • Melhall it is a dilemma when she has offered to take you and your daughters out. Would your mother in law not agree to you all having a buffet in the house and then you could make it much healthier and you could go to the supermarket and make healthier choices. If that is not possible you can only really go for damage limitation and go along to the buffet and fill up mainly on salad but have some pizza too.

  • It would be less expensive to eat there and I dont want her to spend much on us. I could fill up on salad as you said but I sure would like to eat like I used to for once. It will only cause me to gain and I will be sad I know. I will do my best. Thanks for your ideas.

  • These things are tough 😕 I love pizza!! I try to make one visit to the food bar, take two or three slices of pizza and then loads of salad 😊 Eat slowly and enjoy yourself.

  • Can you order the toppings separately, Melhall? You could have cheese, ham, vegetables, other meats, etc, but leave the base and have it with salad instead.

  • Good advice from everyone. I would take the top off and just eat that. I would leave the base alone, all that carbs can be proper bloating. Enjoy yourself and then go easy tomorrow. 🤞

  • Never thought of that. Thanks.

  • genius idea

  • Good idea.

  • No need to have a salad (unless it's more interesting than it sounds). If the restaurant doesn't post the cals, look up online what the generic cals are for the food you would like to eat and then portion control whilst you're there. Easy :)

    I know it's not really easy but when I've done it, there's a certain feeling of empowerment when you look around and you can see that other people are eating 'unhealthy' amounts and you're not.

  • Especially when you look at the people eating great plate fulls who really shouldn't be!! You will feel great!

  • as well as loading up on salad could you get a gluten free base instead of the normal? you never know, in the weird world of nutrient science a couple slices of pizza may kick start another weight loss. not sure if that is even helpful to you. try and enjoy the meal without stressing too much, you can only do your best with what is available to you.

  • Thank you for your help.

  • Well, I'm here. I only had a salad, half of cheese slice, two bread sticks. Not bad, I guess. I'm stuffed. Can't eat like that anymore. Thanks everyone.

  • Well done! And next time you won't worry about it, you'll know you can handle it.

  • Good luck with whatever you decide to do .

    The danger is as you say your starving ,so even more tempting .

    Hope it goes ok Melhall.


  • Thank you. I did better than I though I would.

  • Sometimes when we are dealing with lots or we are stressed then what is due to happen seems like it's going to a hundred times worse.

    Then more often than not it never pans out that way .

    Upwards and onwards .

    Glad you did better than anticipated.


  • Thank you. I appreciate that.

  • That's what we are hear for .


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