99 percent is hard, 100 percent is easy

I can't now recall where i came across the phrase "99 percent is hard, 100 percent is easy" but somehow it lodged in my cranium - the idea that it's easier/simpler to say "never" than "rarely" - or "none" rather an a "a little bit" because never it's very clear and stark and invites no temptation, whereas the elastic parameters of "rarely" or "a little bit" are for some people (i.e. me!) asking for trouble. I have applied "never" to things my scales were quite clearly telling me I failed to consume in moderation - bread, sugar, pasta and alcohol - and the pounds are falling off quicker than I dared hope - 4 lbs in the last week. I'm sure there are many people who do not need to take such drastic action but it's really worked for me and I love that I'm not longer stressed and taunted by those of kind of diet dilemmas like "Shall I go for the healthiest desert? Or share a desert" when the answer is simply NO desert. Anyway, just thought I'd share this as someone who has tried to lose weight for years without significant progress. Hope everyone's having a great day! Ed :)


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10 Replies

  • You're a man after my own heart, Ed. I'm an all, or nothing kind of person. Little doesn't compute in my brain, it leads to a lot!! For that reason, its much easier to say 'no thanks' and mean it :)

    Well done for losing 4lb! The proof of the pudding, is obviously in the not eating! :)

  • Great to know I’m not alone moreless!! I really envy people who have the whole moderation thing sorted but if experience tells you you’re NOT one of those people then firm measures must be taken! :)

  • I couldn't agree more, Ed! :)

  • Very interesting Ed-Alexander. I always describe myself as a feast or famine type of girl, it's a similar principle.

  • I'm the exact opposite 😂 Tell me I can't ever have something and I immediately start to crave it!! And yes, I know I'm weird (although I prefer the term 'unconventional' lol 😂) funny how we are all different. 😊

    Glad you have found a system that works for you Ed-Alexander -and well done on your weight loss so far 😊

  • It is great how different people are. If I have a little then I want a lot!! And then I would have to count calories which would drive me mad.

  • Yes I'm like you Anna61 - If I'm not allowed to do something, then I just want to do it very very badly! So, a little of anything is my weight loss mantra. I don't say no to anything, but I'm quite good - and better now - at having one biscuit, or one square of chocolate, etc.

  • I totally agree, that's what I do unless I am on holiday in which case I go a bit wild. I don't eat bread, potato, rice or fizzy drinks. Good luck, keep going!

  • Your doing great!! Good advice.

  • The secret I think is understanding yourself clearly, so that you can choose an approach that suits your personality rather than fighting against it. Well done - sounds like you have it nailed!!

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