Maintainers Club Update - Sept

Maintainers Club Update - Sept

Hi there fellow Maintainers. Hope it is a bit brighter where you are. It is a miserable, wet, grey, chilly sunday here in north somerset.

How did we all do through August? I look forward to reading everyone's progress, both highs and lows!. 😊

My graph only covers 28days, i.e. from 5th August, but it does show my usual fluctuation through the month. This pattern now seems to be ongoing for me. Being retired we tend to eat away from home a lot so my healthy eating intentions do lapse rather often. But I've now learned the only way I can maintain is to cut back in between.

As a topic and "food for thought" , I am also linking below an article I saw about Body Image and the problem maintainers often have with how we see our new size... especially after the initial impact wears off. Some of us can probably relate to this , so feel free to comment if you wish.

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  • Hi elliebath maintaining looks as interesting as trying to lose it!

  • Well, " interesting " is one word to describe it .... 😁

  • Hi Ellie, thanks for hosting September's Maintainers' Club. Well done for maintaining - more or less - through August πŸ‘

    August has been good for me. I lost 1.7 kg, put a bit of it back on but am now 1.5 kg lighter than a month ago πŸ’ͺ i.e. 64.4 kg. There's still 2.4 kg that needs to go and I won't be able to do it in time for my HM in two weeks, but if I lose one kilo more before the race, I'll be content.

    Thanks for the link. It's really strange, isn't it, that it takes time to adjust mentally to being slim.

    A client of mine that I haven't seen in two years walked in the door this week and looked at me with disbelief in her eyes. "You look fantastic! You have lost so much weight", she said. I'm glad I remembered to thank her for the compliment πŸ€— Most importantly, my colleague who is going on and on about how skinny (too skinny) I have become, stood right next to us and heard the conversation πŸ™Œ

  • So pleased for you Iben to have lost 1.5kg , I know it was bothering you previously. How did you shake up things up?

  • I just went back to calorie counting. It's boring but it always works. I wish there was another way for me, but if I don't count calories, I gain... slowly but surely. I could perhaps maintain by counting calories 2 days per week to counteract the gaining...

  • Yes you could do that. Just keep within your WEEKLY calorie maintenance level. Eat as you please on 5 days and set yourself a lower limit on the other days. A bit like 5:2 but less severe.

  • Yes, I think that could work! I'll give it some thought. First, lose 1 kg; second, run half marathon; third, test new approach to maintaining πŸ˜€

  • I like the sound of this! I might try something like this too :)

  • I'm going to write about it shortly on this thread but that's exactly the position I find myself in. Not counting means poor decisions and inexorable weight gain. Two days of cal counting and I'm happy, content and managing.

    Interesting idea about splitting the week up into part counting days.

  • Anything that works Tiggerr ... after all the hard work of losing it's too easy to slip back into old bad habits. Not. Going. There! 😊

  • Wow! You have had a good month! Weight lost and a less than supportive colleague hearing that not everyone shares her negativity. You must be pleased as I know how low you were feeling at having put some weight on. I think going back to calorie counting is what you needed as it works for you. You can always try again later using the type of intermittent counting you suggested in one of your replies. All that matters is what suits you. There is no magic formula.πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  • Thank you wa2un7. It's true, there is no formula that fits all. I'm still new at this maintaining business, but I'll be a pro soon. πŸ’ͺ

  • Hi PippiRuns,

    Fantastic to hear you've had a good month, and lost 1.5kg - Congratulations! :-) Also, lovely to hear you had such a great compliment from your client - that is really good!

    Wishing you another excellent month ahead, and hope that you recuperate well from your horrible cold/flu. Relax and look after yourself and hopefully you'll be well again very soon.

    Take care,

    Zest :-)

  • well done Pippi :)

  • Great PippiRuns - We need that surprised comment from someone who hasn't see us for a while to remind us how well we're doing. After years of avoiding mirrors it's still a bit of a shock to realise that the healthy body I'm seeing is mine! Keep on track πŸ‘πŸ»

  • Hi elliebath , thanks for hosting and well done on keeping things under control through August. I can identify with the article, I still don't feel slim. I bumped into someone I knew today at a country fair and her reaction was - have you lost some more weight? You look really slim, slimmer than in your photos on FB - but it takes some believing doesn't it?! I've turned into a lady that lunches the last couple of months, basically because I couldn't stand it in the house after losing my dog. I've not been weighing, counting or logging into MFP, as you know, not been on here either, but I am happy, and quite surprised to say, my weight this morning was 9st 12lb that's only 3lb up on my lightest ever, and within my maintenance range. I must have learnt something about making the right choices then!

    The good news is, I now have a new furry friend and so walking will definitely be on the agenda!

    Hope everyone has a great September.

  • Great to have you back, Caz. You seem to be managing beautifully. I'm sure you and your new fur baby will soon be clocking up the miles as I know how you enjoy walking.πŸ€—

  • Goodness Caz, just 3 lbs is amazing, that's true maintenance ...especially as you haven't been monitoring things. Feel proud indeed.

  • It's so good to have you back Caz28 😊 And I'm delighted for you with your new fur Baby ❀️

    Very well done on maintaining πŸ˜ŠπŸŽ‰πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ that's fantastic news after all you've been through, so you are obviously sticking with all the good habits you learnt 😊

    I hope you will stick around and catch up with all the new things happening on here, lots of exercise challenges, photo opportunities, general chat thread (What's Happening) and a Daily Diary for meal planning 😊

    Welcome back 😊

  • Welcome back, lovely, lunching lady 😁 I'm impressed that you've been able to maintain through all that heartache πŸ’” So good to hear that a new doggie will be forcing you to go for those long walks again.

  • Hi Caz28,

    It's lovely to see you again, and how great that you've maintained so well - you are doing brilliantly, and I know you've had some tough times recently after losing your dog.

    Really good that you have a new furry friend, and you can enjoy lots of walking together.

    Hope you have a lovely month ahead.

    Zest :-)

  • Great to hear you are healing Caz :) And that maintaining has been going well for you even if you took your eye off the ball a bit. Enjoy your healthy lunches and your new furry friend :)

  • Sounds like you're managing really well.

    Sorry to hear about the loss of your dog, I know how painful that is. Yet you've maintained a good control over your eating habits.

    I'm sure your new friend will be a great asset.

  • That's great that you can maintain without calorie counting! Well done. I'm v sorry to hear about your dog. Hope your new friend is settling in nicely and keeping you busy :)

  • Great stuff Caz28 . A wee furry friend will give you a new enthusiasm for walking. Just got a wee pup myself and I now know just how full my life is! πŸΆπŸ’•

  • Thank you for hosting, elliebath. You seem to have found your formula for successful maintenance. This hasn't been one of my better months. I haven't been able to weigh since mid week as Ive been away from home but at that point I was sitting at the top of my maintenance range. I think I have become a bit complacent and as a result careless. Consequently my report card will have to carry the comment, " must try harder".😞. That said I have been more aware while I've been away so I'll see what the scales say when I get home.

  • Dont worry, I know how it feels at the top of our range, rather than lower. You would think that having been so much heavier in the past, we'd be happy with any weight in our range, but instead we feel a bit of a failure.. It really is quite illogical but i think we all get it, I certainly do.

  • Yes I feel the same wa2un7 elliebath , it is illogical really, but suppose we are always aware of the oh too easy creep upwards.

  • You are doing really well wa2un7 i think many of us gain whilst on holiday, you will soon knock it off again 😊 All that walking in St Andrews will help!

  • πŸ˜‚"Must try harder" - I think we all get that comment once in a while. But surely we are high achievers here in our club! You have done very well, then relaxed a little and gained a bit, but you'll lose it all again in no time.

    I recognise the complacency thing... I think that's probably why I gain too if I'm not counting calories

  • Hi wa2un7,

    It's often tough when you're away from home, but it sounds like you've been 'more aware' - so hopefully the scales will be friendlier to you than you anticipate when you get back home. I hope that you enjoy your week, and I think you're doing brilliantly - because you're still within your Maintenance Range - and that is a SUCCESS for sure! :-)

    Hope you have a great month.

    Zest :-)

  • You're maintaining an awareness (no pun intended) and forewarned is forearmed.

  • Good afternoon elliebath and thank you for hosting the Maintainers Club 😊

    I'm Maintaining well, eat carefully through the week and relax a little at weekends, but i have bounced up slightly after a weekend away (67.2kg) so a little higher than I'd like. On the other hand, my fitness continues to improve and my waist measurement is down 2cm 😊

    Im trying to eat properly without counting calories so watch this space! We go away in 3 weeks and I would like to NOT GAIN whilst I'm away . . .

    Interesting article. I still automatically reach for larger sizes when I'm shopping, and get a shock when I see a photo of myself. Yet I've been this weight for a full year!! I wonder when I will truly believe this is me?

    Have a good month everybody😊


  • Thanks @Anna61

    "Bouncing up" , as you say, at weekends is very common for me too. ( as I'm sure tomorrow's scales will show) .

    Fingers crossed we both drop down again by next weekend.

  • You are doing so well. I wish I could be as disciplined as you but I'm a bit hit and miss.

  • You are doing great, Anna. Fitness is much more important than weight. I'm looking forward to hearing more about how you manage to maintain without calorie counting. Good luck

  • Hi Anna61,

    Great to hear you're Maintaining well, and that you also relax and enjoy the weekends - it sounds like you're achieving an excellent balance. Really great that your waist measurement is down 2cm - that is great! :-)

    I know you're off on holiday soon, so something to look forward to - and hope you have a wonderful month.

    Zest :-)

  • Ooh it's going well Anna, 2cm off your waist, you seem to still be making progress during maintenance. Hope you're really feeling the benefit of staying at this healthy weight for a year now :)

  • Fitness up and measurements down and all without calorie counting. That's really good going.

    Good luck on the holiday.

  • Only one week in not counting Tiggerr but so far so good 😊

    Thank you

  • All the best Anna.

  • well done Anna :)

  • Well done maintainers!!! Keep it up.

    We are looking up to you for hope and inspiration.

  • Thanks @Melhall , we'll try not to disappoint you!😁

  • I know you won't. I'll be in your club someday. 😊

  • Of course you will!

  • Fantastic Melhall - looking forward to seeing you here with us in the Maintenance Club. :-)

  • Thanks Melhall.

    I'm thinking that one thing to take away from everyone's postings is that you can't really take your foot of the gas when you reach maintenance.

    I know in my case I fooled myself into a false sense of security and now I'm having to go through a bit of a rethink.

    BTW, you're doing really well. Keep it up.

  • Thank you. So are you. I guess it really does have to be forever.

  • I've said almost from day one that it's a lifestyle change but those words can become just that...'words', if you say them too much without remembering those original feelings.

  • Hi everyone, good to hear your updates. I weighed in this morning at 9st 8 which is 2lbs out of my maintain range (9st3 - 9st6). I was fairly steady at 9st5 for most of August but have been eating too much sugar the last few weeks and had gotten lazy about exercise. Shouldn't take long to lose again, as long as I focus my mind and don't let a little gain creep up into a big one! Off to Nice for a long weekend on Thursday so here is to a healthy week before then....have fish and potatoes baking in the oven as we speak now. Have a great September everyone.

  • Ooooh Nice sounds fab 😊😊 but French Food sounds even better . . . 😳

    Have a good week and and great weekend 😊

  • This always seems to happen to me too, the week just before a holiday !!! But I usually find cutting the carbs, sugar and alcohol for a few days does the trick. Bon voyage 😊

  • Hi food_lover,

    You are very close to your Maintenance range, and I feel sure you'll be back in there very very soon - you've done so well to keep steady at 9 stone 5 pounds for most of August - that is brilliant! :-)

    Hope you enjoy your long weekend - and I hope you enjoyed your Fish and potatoes. Mmmm, sounds lovely. :-)

    Have a great month!

    Zest :-)

  • I'm sure a few days of healthy eating and lots of water will counter-balance that little gain Food-Lover. Sounds like things are going well overall :)

  • Oooh Nice. I've never been there. Enjoy! You've got the right attitude- don't let those two pounds stick to you!

  • Good luck with the refocusing and have a great time in Nice.

    Ps. You can do organised canyon running in the mountains just outside of Nice. A great form of exercise, with refreshing cold water and exhilarating waterfall jumps :)

  • Hello Ellibath thanks for hosting this month- I am new to maintaining only been doing it since June/July, I think I have worked out my daily allowance to maintain though last week I helped myself to 200g bag of winegums and 90g packet of crisps and only put on a lb so maybe I am still not eating enough, but since I am on holiday for 5 days with my sister and her family but will do a lot of walking, wine and eating will be on the cards, though I will try and be good. I am still at my lower maintenance range (54-56kg) and will weigh myself on Thursday the day after I get home to see what the damage is- hopefully not too much but to be honest I am not bothered too much if I do since I am enjoying my time with my family. Then I will keep myself on the current calories for a week and see what happens with my weight then see if I have judged it right.

    I have looked at the article and it is interesting- I didn't really consider that when I looked in a mirror and though I felt I had lost cms on various parts of the body I regretted not measuring myself at the start of my weight loss journey to have an objective confirmation of the losses. Though being able ot wear clothes that I hadn't been able to wear for years helped. I suppose its the disbelief that you have been successful, especially if you have had problems before

  • Hi RG07,

    Great that you are in the Maintainer's Club - like elliebath says, a Very Warm Welcome, and Congratulations for being at your lower maintenance range. I hope you have a lovely time on your holiday, and that you have an excellent month.

    Zest :-)

  • Have you still got any of the clothes that you wore before you lost the weight? I was able to retrospectively measure my starting hip measurement from a pair of jeans that were very tight at the start. Maybe tops where the sleeves were tight, worn belt holes etc too... I definitely find it helpful to know my before and after measurements - it feels more real than my weight, which I still struggle to be satisfied with...

  • I know- its just with nhs plan the focus is on waist measurement- I should have thought of it since when I joined the weight loss group at the gym we had to measure several parts of the body. Do you still change your body shape when you are maintaining?

  • Yes it changes a lot, in fact that's what I'd like to happen to me... Some people continue to lose inches from their waist while remaining at a steady goal weight. I'm hoping for slimmer hips and legs through maintaining my running etc. - I realise this may not really be possible though!

    Some disconcerting weight fluctuations can happen while maintaining, sometimes I think measurements give a steadier picture. Which is why I've been monitoring 5 body measurements since Feb this year, half inch fluctuations are much less alarming than half stone ones!

  • thanks when I get home I'll start my measurements

  • Welcome RG07 great to see you here.

    Wine gums plus crisps and still in your lower MR (made up acronym :) ), can't be bad.

    Totally agree also, that we have to take time to relax and enjoy.

  • I know but I need to make sure that I don't get complacent and think that gives me permission to consistently fall off the wagon!

  • I agree and that's where I've gone completely wrong lately and why I'm having to be drastic to turn it all around.

  • Welcome RG07 , many congratulations on your weightloss. Maintenance is a different sort of challenge and a case of trial and error, as we all discover. Generally after months of calorie counting many maintainers seek another method but with varying success, as you will see from our past and present posts!

    As well as the monthly Maintainers update, feel free to follow us as individuals also , if you'd like to, as we often make general posts as well, in order to encourage others who are just starting out on their journey.

  • Hi Ellie and everyone,

    Thanks for hosting this month's Club, Ellie, and it's really interesting to see your graph - showing how weight can naturally fluctuate a little within a month - and also shows how you are managing to cope with eating out on a regular basis - I think you're doing really well - and the article you've shared is interesting too.

    I had a comment last week when I met a friend for a meal out - and she said "How come you're looking 'extra tall' today?" - then she appraised my outfit and said "You're wearing 'skinny jeans'!!!' and later she said 'You look 'so skinny' - so I had quite a few comments about my weight - and I have to say, I still don't recognise myself as being slim - I still think of myself as larger - and indeed when I was looking up the weight of the 6 foot 2 inch tennis player (Maria Sharapova) this morning, as I saw her on the news, and found out it said she's 59 kilos - I thought - 'How can that be?'

    Anyway, I digress - my update is here - and I apologise for the fact I'm always so wordy - I find it hard to summarise anything...

    Last month's Maintainer's club, I weighed on 30th July 2017 and I was 13 stone 10 pounds (84.2kg), my measurements were 41-34-41 and my 'new BMI' was 24.23. (For those of you who don't know me, I am 6 feet 1 inch tall, so I use the 'new BMI' as it's better for taller people).

    Today (4th September 2017) I weigh 13 stone 8.5 pounds (86.59kg), my measurements are 40-33-40 and my 'new BMI' is 24.04.

    So, I've lost 1.5 pound (0.68kg) and I've lost 1 inch from my chest, waist and hips.

    My Maintenance window is 13 stone to 13 stone 7 pounds, so I am hoping to get back within that 'window' by next month - which means I need to lose at least 1.5 pounds.

    Wishing everyone an excellent month ahead.

    Zest :-)

  • Thats fantastic Zest I have no doubt you'll be well within your maintenance window in next to no time. Most importantly as well as kilos you're still achieving inch loss, so it's "win win " .

  • Thanks so much, elliebath :-)

  • Ooh that's a great result Zest! Congrats on the inch loss and getting so much closer to your maintaining window. Re your conundrum with the tall tennis player (how? just how is she so small AND so tall!!?) - I don't think it helps at all to compare to other people. We all come in different shapes and sizes, different genetics, bone structures, etc. I'm 8 inches shorter than my partner and 2 stone heavier. We both lead healthy lifestyles, have healthy blood pressure, good nutrition etc. We're just completely different builds, and we each naturally settle at opposite ends of the BMI scale. We joke that I was built for farming and he was built for philosophy, but who knows where our genetics really come from. The important thing is to be our best possible selves :)

  • Hi Ruth_canal_runner,

    I know - you're right - it's not a good idea to compare between ourselves - we are all completely different builds - but I still find it fascinating to 'compare' within the media figures we see - I know I shouldn't do it, but I can't help myself sometimes. :-)

    Zest :-)

  • I think it would drive me mad! I don't feel I can relate to public figures' published weights etc. Who knows if they are really giving their true weights etc anyway. We know the photos showing their slim silhouettes are often airbrushed so I would take the various stats with a pinch of salt too. The good thing about this site is I feel I can believe the figures people share on here, I'm really grateful for that in fact. But I appreciate there are lots of other 5'4" people for me to share notes with on here, but maybe fewer 6'1" people! I love the compliment your friend gave though - "extra tall" - maybe you're finally becoming comfortable dressing and standing tall, getting used to your long slim figure :)

  • If you do, find sources that give more realistic numbers. According to she weighs 79.4 and that makes so much more sense. She looks strong and normal. If she weighed 59 kg, she would look sick and very skinny!

  • Thanks PippiRuns - that is definitely a much more realistic number. :-)

  • Nice comments from your friend. And good to hear that your weight is almost back to the window.

  • Like Ellie says, those lost inches speak volumes. Congrats on your downward trend across the board.

  • well done Zest :) and I like your wordy posts!!

  • Hello all maintainers, great to be in this club! Thanks for hosting elliebath

    My weight has gone up and down by a couple of kg during the month, up a bit after weekends, down during the week like others, a balancing act. Staying around 57-58kg.

    I've been trying to eat bigger main meals and less snacks, I count calories approximately. Eating some home grown veg has been a bonus this month, much more to come I hope. I quite like the daily diary, thinking about my meals for the day tends to mean I have better ones.

    Have been trying on mother of the bride outfits for a spring wedding, a bit early but enjoyable without the extra weight. The body image link is interesting; I hardly recognise myself in the mirror, especially with the huge hat they all try to sell me as well. Not decided which outfit yet, but fun looking.

    I do moderate exercise, dog walking, a bit of swimming, gardening, sailing, glad to be able to do any of that actually even if nothing too strenuous.

    Enjoy the rest of September everyone.

  • Sounds like steady maintenance to me Sailsalot, you def seem to have this under control. And how exciting to have a child's wedding to plan for !! Enjoy trying all the lovely outfits and keep us posted on your choice.... we girls do love a good wedding! 😁

  • Thank you elliebath , I wish weight wasn't such an issue really, but life enhancing to be smaller, it's worth the extra effort with meals, although not so difficult with practice.

    Yes the wedding is another reason if ever I needed one to keep to healthier food. Will keep you posted on the shopping :)

  • I know exactly what you mean. I wish it wasn't an issue for me either. Sometimes I wonder what used to fill my thoughts in my 'previous life' . I'm sure my hubby thinks I'm a bit 'obsessed' even now, but that's because I tend to "tut " a bit when I find chocolate wrappers in his car πŸ˜†

  • Hi Sailsalot,

    Fantastic to hear you're maintaining at between 57 to 58kg. Lovely that you've enjoyed some home grown veg in your meals - definitely a bonus!

    Exciting that you're trying on those Mother of the Bride outfits and a Spring Wedding is something lovely to look forward to. I am sure you will look and feel great. Interesting that you're finding it hard to recognise yourself in the mirror, but hopefully you'll enjoy that process of searching for the right outfit.

    Your activities sound varied and enjoyable.

    Wishing you an excellent September.

    Zest :-)

  • Thank you Zest , you are doing very well yourself, skinny jeans eh? :) I enjoy reading how everyone is managing the maintenance, all in our own ways, whatever works!

  • Hi sailsalot, great to hear that you are maintaining so well. Gives me hope that I'll learn πŸ˜ƒ Keep at it πŸ™Œ

  • Well done on the maintenance Sailsalot

    I think that removing that tendency to snack is a great goal to aspire to and seems to make a lot of sense to me.

  • Apologies for replying late. Ellie I can definitely relate to having difficulties seeing myself as 'slim' especially as my slim figure isn't a conventional sort of slim. For example I went jeans shopping this week, and came home with a very nice pair of size 8 dark grey jeans. But the process involved trying on several 12s that didn't go over my hips, and I couldn't bear to go up to 14s, I hate all this trying on and going from shop to shop to find something that fits. But I'm getting better at consoling myself that it's not me - it's these shops and the fact my waist to hip ratio just isn't catered for in most shops.

    This month things have stayed on an even keel weight-wise. I can report a 0.25lb gain to 10st 5.75lbs which is just a tiny smudge under the magic 25 BMI. My waist stays at 27", my hips have returned to 40", chest, arms and thighs stay pretty much the same too. I've had another low exercise month but my eating has been healthy and I'm managing the drinking etc too. Next month I hope to keep the healthy eating on track and get my running and cycling back to where I was in June. And to enjoy my new grey jeans :)

  • That's an excellent month Ruth, keeping to your weight and fitting into a size 8 , that's definitely something to be celebrated IMO !!

    We can probably kiss goodbye to our UK summer now, it will be jeans-not-shorts weather from now on i expect :)


  • There's a bit of shorts weather left for running still - the only time I wear shorts anyway! Just need to get back out there. I do prefer winter clothes even if I don't like the greyness and all the rain. I'm in the market for new boots next. My jeans shopping day was also partly spent trying on boots. But, alongside my jeans difficulties, I've found out I'm an annoying in between size for boots too. Most boots are for 15" calves or slimmer. Mine are 15.25" and that 0.25 is oh so significant :( - so I looked at Evans, Simply Be, various online larger calf-size boots retailers, but it was so depressing. I object to being at a healthy weight and not being able to buy boots from the usual places. I swear boots have got smaller. Unless my calves have got bigger 😣 But maybe when more winter stock comes in I'll have more to choose from :)

  • They're not cheap, but the shoe shop "Duo" do their boots in several calf fittings .

  • Thank you - I just looked - oh my Β£275! I also found that Fly give calf as well as shoe size, and they're half the price, so I may try there. And I may also see if it's possible to just reduce my calves by that crucial 0.25"... :)

  • Great to read your update Ruth_canal_runner, and you're doing brilliantly at staying within your Maintaining window - that smudge under the magic 25 BMI - that is excellent. Glad you managed to find some nice jeans - although sorry you had to search for them - I have noticed how much the different shops seem to vary for sizes and also even within the same shop, there are great variations. I haven't measured my arms or thighs - I think I'll stick with the three measurements I am currently doing. I wish I'd measured when I was at my largest, so I could know the differences.

    Great that you're managing to stick with Healthy eating and managing the drinking too. Good luck with your goals for this coming month. Hope you enjoy your new grey jeans. I bet you look great in them. :-)

    Zest :-)

  • Jeans have always been very difficult for me to buy. I've read various online articles which try to compare different stores in terms of the waist to hip differences in their jeans sizing. The norm seems to be 8" or 10", whereas my difference is 13! But I comfort myself that if Marilyn Monroe went shopping for jeans she'd have the same issues as me :) I love wearing jeans so my only choice is to persevere, plus I often buy 2 of things when I find something that really works, there are ways and means :)

  • Congratulations on maintaining even without exercising much. Well done Ruth! I have a friend with the same hip waist ratio as you, well not exactly the same, but same problem when shopping for jeans. She wears dresses and skirts all the time. I only just bought my first skirt and feel much more comfortable in my skinny jeans.

  • I wear a lot of A-line skirts, which are good for my shape, and also jeans under short dresses/tunic tops. The 'relaxed skinny' style seems to suit me okay. My main original motivation for losing the extra weight was to fit back into my jeans :) I bet your slim figure looks great in skinny jeans, and there's a whole world of skirts styles to explore too. I think trying new styles and finding out what works is an important part of the maintaining process :)

  • Sounds like you've done well this month ruth :)

  • Thanks Lina. Things have stayed on an even keel overall. But the big thing I need to do this month is get my running routine back, and hopefully halt this gradual northward drift on the scales :)

  • Thank you elliebath for hosting this and a large hallooo to one and all.

    Very interesting article. Firstly, I'd like to say that after a couple of months, I'm actually happy with what I see in the mirror. Very happy (minus the couple of kgs I've stuck on recently).

    However, when I first got there/here, I took a photo and paired it with one from about 18 months before. I was going to post it here but I was so shocked at this gaunt individual that I only figured people would think I'd gone too far. I'm actually at the top end of my bmi. This was coupled with the fact that my nearest and dearest all gave me grief (some still do).

    I think, like the article suggests, that part of it was down to the relative rapidity (18kg in 5 months or about 20% of my starting weight).

    Anyway, that aside, I've found this last month quite traumatic. I've tried to not cal count but my decision making was worsening almost daily. Large tubs of sweets, crisps, sugar/butter/cocoa powder mix (large amounts) and then trying to compensate the next day. My compensation days were getting further apart.

    Yesterday, I went back to my cal counting sheet and all is serene. It's so strange... I now feel like I've had a nice hot bath at the end of a hard day and that I'm curled up on the sofa, under a cosy blanket, watching a great film (maybe a bit overkill but hopefully you'll get the point). I feel safe and relaxed and it all seems straight forward.

    I weighed in yesterday at 74.6kg which is 1.6kg over my upper maintenance so my goal initially is to get to below 73.0 and eventually to land between 69-71 which is the lower half of my MR.

    Wishing you all a great month.

  • Hi Tiggerr,

    Really glad that you're finding things better since you returned to calorie counting - sounds like it works for you. Good to describe things as 'serene' - a much nicer feeling overall. Long may that continue for you.

    You're close to your Maintenance window, so wishing you success in getting there - hope you have a really good month ahead.

    Zest :-)

  • Thanks Zest, appreciated.

  • Hi Tiggerr. If you're at the high end of you healthy BMI, I'm pretty sure you don't look gaunt, but of course people will react to you losing 18 kg in five months. I lost 14 kg in six month and some people were constantly telling me to stop. Now the same people have gotten used to the new me, and new people that I meet don't think of me as gaunt. Just healthy and slim.

    I'm sorry things turned so chaotic when you stopped counting calories and glad that you were able to get things under control by starting again.

    I'm still struggling with the same issues. It's not the same things I eat too many of, but it's basically the same problem. I haven't figured out the solution for me yet.

  • You're right about the not really being gaunt but at the time it was a shock for me so I do understand why others were quite worried. They didn't have control of the situation like I did and may have thought I'd lost the plot.

    Strange how difficult it is to maintain. I can cal count in my head and for a while I was doing fine. I just can't understand, yet, why I started eating so many unhealthy things.

    2 days of cal counting and I've come in short of my lower range for losing weight, without any problem. From now on I'll make sure that I at least reach my minimum.

    Good luck with finding your solution. At least you're moving in the right direction again.

  • It is strange! But I think we all experienced that we have had to find our feet once again as maintainers, so quite common at the same time..

  • From my experience , I think that when weight creeps back on, the only answer is to return to calorie counting. I use "myfitnesspal " (which I used originally so I have meals saved on it ) but any method that is reliable is ok

  • Looks like that's the case for a few of us Ellie. I'm determined to eventually not cal count but at least I didn't let my stubbornness turn into a complete fail.

    I've got my 'super dooper' spreadsheet that I wrote. I even learnt to add and write excel macros so that it's got clickable buttons. It's also got all my regular recipes built into it and an ability to tweak them on the fly.

  • Hi everyone, sorry for being late to the maintaining party!

    I emphatically did *not* have a good August weight-wise. I had quite a lot of social events like a wedding, hen party etc. that exposed me to a lot of food and alcohol and I proved powerless to resist it. I think I experienced a sugar addiction phase for the first time in a while - consuming too much, having a sugar crash, feeling moody and then just grabbing even more. I had some bingey-type behaviour which is a shame but I have been through the emotional wringer and I'm trying not be too cross with myself about it.

    The upshot is that I went up to 11st10 last week, half a stone more than my ideal weight, and gained an inch on my waist. I've lost 3lbs already so hopefully this will be an easy reversal of fortune. Though as I am fuelling myself for my half marathon, it might not be quite so quick, but that's ok.

    I realised that I constantly focused on low-calorie foods that don't satisfy me, and don't give me enough energy for running. But because they were low calorie it gave me leeway to have unhealthy snacks, justifying it with my hunger.

    So this week I've been trying to reverse the trend by having larger, healthier meals and fewer, more filling snacks. It seems to be working so far! :) Here's to a brighter September!

  • We've probably all had spells like that, but the good thing is that you've analysed what happened and are now finding new types of fuel to help you stay on track. 3 lbs down only 4 to go . Easy peasy!

  • hope so! :) thank you

  • That's my view too LinaLamont 😊 I always feel dissatisfied after low calorie 'diet' food πŸ˜• Somehow having 3 substantial meals with 'proper food' suits me better psychologically.

    Well done on reversing the gain, and good luck with the marathon 😊


  • thank you lovely Anna :)

  • I think you have come to the right conclusion about the low calorie foods. It is incredibly important - especially when training for a long run - to eat proper food and make sure you get enough calories and enough of the nutrients your body needs. If not, you'll be craving stuff and snacking away.

    Well done for reversing the mistakes you made - you are doing great! When is that HM again?

  • Thank you :) I've been watching my macros like a hawk! This week I've been making a packed lunch for the first time in ages to make sure I get the good stuff. I really do feel a difference and I'm much less inclined to snack - also, saving lots of money from not buying a sandwich every day :)

    My HM is on Sun 1st Oct! So just over three weeks to go! I feel ready to do it now.

  • Hi LinaLamont,

    I hope you enjoyed the celebrations (Hen Party, Wedding etc) in August. Whilst you gained some weight, you're already getting some of it off, and Congratulations on losing 3 pounds already. Brilliant! :-)

    You've made some excellent points about the quality of foods - and paying attention to macros is what I also try to do as well. That's why I still put my calorie information into my Fitbit - so I can see the breakdown of the nutrients and pay attention to things like my fibre intake (trying to keep it up), my sugar intake (trying to keep it down) etc.

    Good luck with getting the balance right for your exercise needs - and hope you have a really great month.

    Zest :-)

  • Dear elliebath , this is my application to join the maintainer's club this month. The lovely Moreless has already updated my badge in anticipation. Thank you for sharing your graph. I find it very reassuring, as I suspect I am already higher up my maintenance range than I was on Sunday 3rd Sep, when I was right in the middle at 10st. I have given myself a range of 9st 12lbs to 10st 2lbs, though I think I could go down to 9st 10lbs and be happy there too.

    For this month, I shall be happy to maintain at around the 10st mark. As others have suggested, I think I may also have a few days calorie counting to make sure bad habits don't creep in and my weight doesn't creep back up. It would be so easy for that to happen.

    I hope to be a more active member next month! I feel like a newbie this month. 😊

  • Hello Brea. Sorry for my delay in response but Im travelling and not always online. Welcome to the Maintainers club, its not exclusive , anyone who is close to reaching or maintaining their ideal weight is welcome. On the first sunday of each month we take turns to post a Maintainers Update, its a chance to share our latest progress or a related topic. Well done on reaching your target weight range, and by all means make a general post if you have questions or something to share.

  • Hi Brea,

    So excited to see you here in the Maintainer's Club - a very warm Welcome!!! :-) Congratulations on getting to Maintain - I think that's a wonderful transition, and I hope you'll enjoy it. I can see you are an Event Host currently, but will look forward to seeing your shiny new Maintainer's Badge very soon! :-)

    Wishing you success with your Maintenance goals and hope you have a really great month. We're already nearly half way through, I know that 1st October will be here before we know it...

    Zest :-)

  • Hi there peeps, I thought I'd try maintaining for a while and see how I get on, not sure what I'm supposed to be doing in this group though. :D

  • Hi MadmellyGT

    The Maintainers Club is open to newcomers, it is not exclusive, it was set up by a few of us who have (more or less) reached a healthy weight and are now maintaining.

    Over the year, several new maintainers have joined in our monthly forum. On the first sunday of each month we take turns to post a Maintainers Update, where we share our latest progress or a related topic. As well as trying to stay at our own healthy weight ( not always easy) we also try to help others who are getting close to their target but may be unsure how to tackle a long term maintenance plan.

    There is no golden rule or method to maintenance. A lot of it is trial and error, keeping to a similar pattern of eating and exercise as we did for weight loss. One thing is true, we can never return fully to our bad old eating habits, but most of us find that we can still indulge occasionally ( eg holidays or special occasions) without doing any permanent damage!

  • Thank you. :D

  • Yay, MadmellyGT,

    You made it over here, and a Very Warm Welcome to the Maintainer's Club. Hope you enjoy being part of it.

    Zest :-)

  • Thank you Zest. Yup, I made it here. So as I understand it, I want to be posting in the october maintenance group on the 1st Sunday. :D

  • Yes indeed, the next one is 1st October, and I am the host of that one. :-) The post is always 'Pinned' so that you can find it easily in the Pinned posts area. I'll look forward to catching up with you, and finding out how you're doing - and good luck! :-)

  • Thank you. :D

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