Stuck On You

Stuck On You

Stuck on you

I've got this feeling down

Deep in my soul

That I just can't lose

Well I really do hope I lose it! This week’s song is stuck on you, because I have been stuck on 189 pounds now for four weeks now. I know better to stay where you are than to gain weight, but …

And I also have some confessions …

• Last weekend I had my parents and sister staying over so we went dining out once or twice

• This last week I peaked a couple of times over my calorific in-take, which I know is a personal thing and is an artificial deadline, but still!

• I also have a weakness with sweets and over the last couple of weeks I have suffered the cravings of caving into my inner desires … that is a sweet or two. It was a bag of fudge on Friday, just one, then one more, then another …

And so the story goes on. So my self inflicted weaknesses and situations mean my song for this week is …

Stuck on you

I've got this feeling down

Deep in my soul

That I just can't lose

Guess, I'm on my way

Needed a friend

And the way I feel now I guess

I'll be with you till the end

Guess I'm on my way

Mighty glad you stayed

I'm stuck on you

Been a fool too long I guess

It's time for me to come on home

Guess I'm on my way …

Well Lionel Richie, let us sing ourselves off into the night.

Good luck the rest of you.


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1 Reply

  • Good choice of song, although you could post anything from Lionel and I'd follow it. Seen him twice live at the O2 and loved every note!! As for sweets, I blame the weather, when the season should be warm and sunny but isn't, I always feel a bit let down and turn to sweet stuff !

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