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Hi everyone, I'm looking for some tips and advice about how to work out around work commitments. I'm usually at work from about 8am until 6.30pm (including the commute). I'm not a morning person - so getting up earlier has proved almost impossible for me. By the time I get home and have something to eat its 7.30pm. Gym is a no-go at this point as I find I cant even be bothered to get changed, let alone have a workout! I have no motovation and usually jusy end up eating more.

What would you suggest?

Any tips/advice greatly appreciated!


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17 Replies

  • Go walking or workout at home.

    If you want a good workout that you can do at home, look into Kettlebells.

  • Hi Jax17 My situation is like yours on my Wednesday, leave home at 6:30 and get home around 5:30-6pm depending on traffic.

    I read this as working out how to keep eating healthy, I take brekkie and lunch with me each day and have meals ready to microwave when I get home. I tend to batch cook and freeze.. Last week I went to a local cafe, I asked if they would do a healthy omelette for me as I was calorie counting and they were very helpful.. I told them what I wanted in it and it was lovley. I will be going back next week.

    I walk my dog when I get home, but once I've eaten lunch there is no lunchtime left as I get 1/2 hour! I hope you find a helpful suggestion that can help provide a workable answer for you.. We are all different.

  • Thats a long day!!

    You raise a good point there - I usually buy my lunch and its usually the same thing each day. A cheese and pesto panini from Costa coffee, with a brownie...a grand total of 700 calories!! I only found out yesterday when I was looking at what changes I could make to my diet - I'm probably going to end up with some kind of heart issues if I carry on. So, I went on the hunt for an app (I love a good app!) and I found the easy meals app. Very helpful...and makes healthy food look good. I'm going to give it a go for a while and see how I go.

    I think find time and motivation for exercise will be my biggest issue...and with the long nights starting soon, I'm apprehensive about how successful I'll be 😓

  • I wear a Pedometer- not all singing, but it keeps my steps and give the calorie value, that helps me be motivated to walk more.

    I also use myfitnesspal app to count my calories.. It has a good database to check not just food but resturant menu items too...

  • I have a pedometer on my phone- but it tells me I've only done 100 steps when I've walked a mile to the shops! I was considering buying a fitbit, but I dont think I can justify paying so much for a gorified pedometer! I have an old one somewhere - the type you can clip onto trousers...good idea actually. Thanks!

    Just need to find it now...

  • Hi Jax 17 ,

    Do you have any stairs at work .if so they would be good to do in your break time .

    Or a walk away from the work setting would be good.


  • I have an office job - I take the stairs to my office, then before I know it, its 6pm and I'm running around trying to finish everything off. I dont have any time to be active at work unfortunately.

  • I also have an office job and yours sounds like mine - what I do is use the loo's on the floor below and lunchtime get out for a 15 - 20 min walk - then I eat my lunch whilst at my desk if I can't take an hour :)

  • I can't afford a gym so I use you tube they have loads of workouts. If you choose high intensity workouts you can make a lot of difference with just 20 mins every other day. I use pop sugar fitness workouts 😀

  • Could I suggest that when it comes to your diet, to try to drink only water, as it decreases bloating around the stomach area. Also as you have said to eat healthier foods, mostly fruit, vegetables and meat. If you keep on this good diet then you will find your sugar cravings will begin to drop. I found this as a result to myself. I have stopped eating junk food completely and I feel so amazing and healthy by doing so ! I also feel motivated because I can't wait to have lost a couple stone that I accidentally gained within the past year.

    I hope it goes well for you and I'm sorry I couldn't suggest anything physically. Try to remember we aren't professionals and we only give advice. If you need medical advice I suggest you go see your GP. Good luck ! 😊

  • Thats great!! I'm really glad its worked out for you. My biggest obstacle is certainly sugar. I crave it like mad. I just see something sweet and it kicks off. I've resolved to drink only water for now, and only eat sweet stuff at the weekend. Hopefully this will trigger a weight reduction, which will motivate me to lose more.

  • If you can, over the weekend start telling yourself 'no' to junk food. At the end of each day you will be so happy and proud that you did, trust me. I used to have the same problem with sugar. I feel so much happier and healthier without having it. I even found my jogging was easier with healthier eating.

    If you can every weekend go for a small jog, don't push yourself as this will be bad. Also don't compare yourself to other joggers, as they could have been doing it longer and have a better stamina. 🙂

    If you can't jog maybe burn your fat into muscle. But again, don't push yourself too much as this can be extremely dangerous if you do.

  • Sounds very hectic ,

    I start work early and have been trying to excercise before work as when I come home it's difficult to get motivated,and it's a harder workout.

    Good luck


  • How do you commute? After a couple of minutes warm-up, it only takes 10 minutes of jogging at a heart rate averaging over 150 beats per minute to stimulate a training effect. You only need to do this at least once every four days to improve your heart and lung function; could you do one at the weekend and one in the week on the way home?

    Similarly, strength training to maintain only takes a minute for each exercise to tone your major muscle areas.

    Enjoying your lifestyle is key to keeping it up. Exercise is vital to improving and maintaining physical functions, and can be good for mental health too, but it can't undo a bad diet.

  • I drive to work - I considered other means of transport that would require some walking, but it adds on an hour to my day, so I'm not so keen about that.

    I'm going to start walking every day. I've decided the best thing is to just start. So 7.30pm every day, a brisk walk for at least 20 mins to start with. Diet wise, I'm planning on taking some food with me to work so I dont buy anything. And I'm going to buy some fruit today for when I get the munchies at work, so I dont reach for the biscuits.

    Its all coming together now 😁

  • The good news is that you don't have to exercise to lose weight. If you only eat the calories within your personal range as detailed on the NHS BMI checker then you will lose weight. Once you start to lose weight this may prompt you to speed up the process by doing some exercise too. Doesn't have to be too drastic, walking is great and makes you feel good.

    It's important for your health that you don't waste any of your allotted calories on junk food and unhealthy snacks. Drink lots of water and lots of salads, fresh veg and fruit and lean protein. You will be amazed at how good this will make you feel. Knock out the Costa coffee and have fruit/herbal tea instead. Pukka do a mint and liquorice one which has a sweet taste to help with the sugar cravings. Good luck with your goals. EJ

  • Are you saying no protein or only high fat protein? Too much vitamin A is also not good for you.

    I would have said that aiming for a well balanced diet with a mix of veg, fruit, pulses, meat and fish (with oil and without) is a more important message than worrying about the effects on the body of each thing at this early stage of the weight loss/healthy eating process.


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