Night mare

After 60 days of discipline diet and cardio , I feel vulnerable after eating creamy cheese larger burger earlier, it make me feel regret because I work so hard in gym and in diet also and not eating junk food from 60 days and almost lost 7 kg ,I know its worst progress in 2 months so far but I can see a slightly change in my belly fat not completely but after eating burger today ,I feel I just begin again where I start from 2 months earlier, need some motivation and encouragements will be appreciate from u people's😢


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8 Replies

  • Hey Saad619, for what it's worth I've just posted something similar. A little slip isn't going to change everything as much as your guilt is telling you. Put it behind you and carry on with where you were before the burger.

    I'm doing a 'do-over' after a lot more than one burger. We can all soldier on, regardless of the troughs (large or small). You'll be fine :)

  • I hope

  • :)

  • Everyone falls of the wagon- 2 days ago I ate a bag of wine gums which was meant for my long car journey tomorrow, and today I was suppose to have baked crisps but the local shop didn't have any so I bought (and ate) a large pack of walkers crisps. Tomorrow I will try and refocus- but since I am away on holiday for 5 days that maybe problematic but I will be hill walking every day which should boost me exercise levels- hopefully that will counteract my diet!

  • I don't think one burger in 60 days is too much to worry about. You just need to remember how da you feel at the moment after eating it and resolve to not put yourself in that situation again.

    Draw a line in the sand and walk over it to a new day tomorrow.

  • Thanks alot

  • You can do it!! You've done so well so far. Don't give up!!!

  • Well done for all that effort over the last 60 days!! Dont be hard on yourself because of one burger! A lifestyle change has got to be sustainable and enjoyable - because it's for life! So don't beat youself up, be kind to yourself and just carry on being healthy.

    I applaud you for your determination!

    Go for it and keep smiling! 😊

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