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Hints and tips greatly received πŸ˜‰

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Hey people.

I would love to hear from you guys what success you've had in shedding the pounds.

I know everyone is different and different things work according to the individual body but I've really not found anything that works for me and am willing to give anything a go (desperate Dan over here)

Looking forward to hearing your success stories πŸ‘ have a great weekend guys xx

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Hi Bandicoot, welcome back :)

I found that going low carb worked best for me, but, as you say, different things work for different people.

As it's been 7 months since you touched base, how about a fresh start and throwing yourself into forum life, which we've always found to be a positive and successful move? :)

I'd like to invite you to join our Newbie Club, which we hope will be a good place for you to connect with members, who are also just starting out. If you just post a few words to introduce yourself and respond to others there, you'll soon break the ice. Here's the link


Onwards and downwards! :)

Hey! Yeah I had joined the thyroid group as so many people said it sounded like my symptoms could be pointing towards this.

Just had results back today and my bloods are more than satisfactory so I'm baffled.

Have kept up healthy lifestyle (18 months now) and exercising 5 days a week now at a toning and inch loss place (started this 6 weeks ago) and sadly gained a stone since February 😭😭😭 and uped 1 dress size πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜” just thought I'd pop back on here and ask for some helpful advice. I'm open to anything trust me.

It is getting me down xx

lucigretAdministrator in reply to bandicoot1987

When I thought my thyroid was play up and they found it was all ok I asked what else it could be that was causing me to feel the way I was and didn't get any answers until a couple of months later I collapsed at the counter in the Town Hall of all places. Anyway, to cut a long story short my Doctor discovered that I was lacking in vitamin D big time. I have been on Vit D pills ever since and have never been as bad. I can't say it has got rid of all of the symptoms but it has helped hugely.

Active_43Healthy BMI

A calorie controlled balanced diet and exercise every day. Simples πŸ‘Œ


I have lost nearly 2 stone following the NHS 12 week weight loss plan- calorie counting and increased my exercise- have a pedometer for my steps and do a mix of aerobic & strength exercises

bandicoot1987 in reply to RG07

I might do the 12 week doofer...that's probably the only think I've not checked out y be fair - which is a bit daft. I'll have a look now XπŸ‘

bandicoot1987 in reply to RG07

How do you stand with calorie counting if you literally make everything you eat from scratch? That must be so difficult?

Breakfast and dinner is fine as I weigh my cereal and add each component of a sandwich together but what if I'm making home made curry or something ? 🌻 x

RG07Maintainer in reply to bandicoot1987

I batch cook food since I have my main meal mid day even when I am at work. I divide them into 4 and freeze, I then defrost what I am going to have and add cooked rice, pasta or couscous and reheat at work. So I just have to work out the calories the first time then I keep a record of the calories. I plan my food for a week


Have you got a fitbit? I've had mine for 2 days and I am so pleased. I know its really going to help me keep an eye on my food intake and make sure I am doing enough exercise. I was definitely eating too much and was not doing enough daily activity. Its fab.

bandicoot1987 in reply to Madflo

I don't no! Are they good are they? I have a pedometer and a food diary lol xx

I have lost 2.5 stones over the past 2 years. There were ups and downs, but I am now back in the green for my BMI and I no longer have a fatty liver according to my blood tests.

I took up walking, in 2015 I just decided that I needed to get out and do something, but I had no money so I put on my trainers and went for walks.

I also decided to go back to basics, so I reduced the amount of refined sugar I consumed. It was a lot at the time because I was eating a lot of chocolate, sweets and cakes.

I cut out almost all of the processed foods I was eating and went back to cook meals. I'd get a whole chicken and roast it. I would have roast chicken for dinner and then I'd use the left over chicken to make a casserole or a curry or some other dish. I'd freeze what I wasn't going to eat the next evening. I then used to bones and skin to make a chicken stock which I used to make soup. I'd freezer the soup I wasn't going to eat in the next couple of days.

So I was having healthy soup for lunch or dinner and I ensured that my shopping was mainly meat, poultry, fish and fruit & veg. I would buy frozen fruit and veg as these were cheaper and kept for longer.

I've had blips where I'd pig out on chocolate, but then I would regret it because I'd feel awful afterwards.

I also would get my chocolate fix by using cacao powder and adding some powder to yoghurt or make a chocolate smoothie.

I also found not eating bread and pasta as much helped.

Oh and drinking lots of water and ensuring I was getting at least 10 glasses of water a day kept me full longer.

This is what worked for me.

Good luck, don't get upset if you are only loosing a small amount and if you have a gain just check what you have been eating that week, then rather than trying to loose more the next week just stick to your plan.

Take care and good luck.


Definately get one if you can. Its so good. It tracks your steps, your exercise, calories used/your energy expenditure, sleep, you input your calories, it lets you know if you've eaten more than you've expended. It does a lot. I got the charge2 it was Β£120 which I know is a lot but I think it's the best thing I've bought!

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