People near me.

According to the people near me part of this site, one of you is only 19 miles from me.

Has anyone ever met another member from the forum? (not that I want to)


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35 Replies

  • No, I haven't Jimatom but it will be interesting to see if anyone has 😊

  • Yes, interesting indeed. :)

  • Are you asking in general, or just on the Weight Loss NHS group, Jimatom?

  • Just on here.

  • Not me Jimtom.

  • How did you find that out?

  • Thanks, I've got about 40 within 20 miles!

  • lol crazy! :D

  • I have a few within 50 miles.

  • You must live in the middle of nowhere or be surrounded by very healthy people!

  • Not in the middle of nowhere, but maybe I am the only unhealthy person around here lol

  • Lol

  • There are 10 people within 10 miles of me & 1 person just 2 miles from me. Who knows, I could have been next to that person in a queue or sat next to them on the bus...crazy.

  • Yes you could see some of them every day.

  • I've met a couple of people through this site, one of whom got in touch because she used the people near me function, exactly as you describe. So there are two people on here who can officially confirm that I'm not an axe murderer :)

  • Is two enough? ;)

  • Maybe someone else should make sure! ;)

  • Any volunteers???? ;)

  • If you don't want people to see your location you can take the blob out of that option on your profile so then you won't show in the list.

  • ok thank you for that. :)

  • I have someone only 1 mile from me. Spooky.

  • Very spooky. ☺

  • I have 10 people within 10 miles of me :)

  • You could have a party! 😀

  • Yeah, it might be fun lol


  • Go on then 😂

  • Maybe not lol ;)

  • Good idea lol 😁 😉

  • A very healthy party I hope!

  • Healthy party, whats that then?

  • Hmmm! Maybe not then!

  • A Tupperware party maybe lol

  • Now I am laughing! Have been to plenty of them over the years and I suspect that is not what you had in mind! Played some curious games as I remember!

  • I only went to one and it was in 1976 or something when I was a child.

    No its not what I had in mind. ;)

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