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Newbie 🙈

Hi all 🤗 I joined last year I think (rubbish memory!) But never really got of the ground 😳....

Im 39 unfit, overweight and have some long term health conditions which are holding me back 😖....BUT I really want and need to kick some butt this time and make some real progress 😊

Just reading through some of the posts on here ...they are so motivating and uplifting I'd really like to be apart of your club please 😆

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Welcome and you have made the right move to join. There is no time like the present, Clear out all the unhealthy foods from the fridge and larder and get out your walking shoes.

Best wishes

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Thank you 😊

I plan to do exactly that!..... today i go and buy a new pair of (motivational) trainers 😆 to jump start a new walking routine! I'm going to calorie count and eat healthy and hope for the best! X


Hi and welcome, cazzy :)

We'd be delighted for you to join our Newbie Club and here's the link


Let's kick some butt together!! :)

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Hi cazzy77 and welcome back. If you click on your name at the top of this thread next to where it say HealthUlocked then click on profile you will fined all the posts you've ever sent since you first joined last year.

Very best of luck.


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