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Weight loss too quickly?

Hi, everyone. So, I started my healthy lifestyle on Sunday, weighed myself Monday morning and again today. I lost 3 kg (6.6 pounds) in 3 days.

Not sure if I should be happy or worried :/

I've been following the 12 week NHS diet and been having my daily calories as advised... And i know you loose weight quickly at the beginning if you have a lot to loose. But seems too much too fast :/

Should I be worried?

I've booked an appointment with a nutricionist to check what I've been eating and if ok...

Keep strong out there!! You're not allow on your battles :)

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Hi Change4myself

A lot of what you have lost in the last few days will be water and your weight loss will settle down after the first few weeks. Your right to get it checked if your worried but It is normal to lose large amounts in the frist week or two. :)


I would get it checked out aswell but as YellowRose55 has said it could be water.

i think you have done absolutely fantastic though, to lose 6.6 pounds in that short space of time.

Well done!!! :)


Hi Change4myself wow that is a loss, hopefully it's just water and your weight will start to lose at a 1 or 2lb a week shortly - I think you are wise to get checked out as at least it will put your mind at rest :)

Hope you let us know how the appointment goes :)


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