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Curve balls

Tonight my plans fell apart. We had a meeting planned for early evening so held our evening meal back. However, we were kept waiting and waiting for over two hours by which time I could not be bothered to cook. My husband had something from the chip shop which I resisted but I had no contingency plan so i have picked on at bits and pieces. Not good. So.... I have learned I need to have an emergency plan for when life throws you a curve ball. I am going to buy/make some meals to keep in the freezer ready to zap in the microwave when things don't go to plan. Day 3 has not gone well but I have learned so I am not going to count it as a disaster.

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What a great attitude, Eileen. Good for you! :)

I'm a great believer in freezing meals, for those last minute changes of plan :)

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not very nice of your husband to go to the chippy but congratulations on resistant the temptation to nick some of his chips- I am not sure I could have done- unless he covered them in brown sauce which I hate!!

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Haha. It doesn't sound very supportive does it! But in his defence - he is - he is my rock. Good idea for the sauce - I'll remember that one in future ;).


Well done Eileen for your restraint and for not letting a curve ball ruin everything. Home made frozen meals are brilliant for times like this.

Good luck :)


Well done for not giving in and getting something from the chip shop, good for you :)

Freezing your own made food is such a good idea and saves time.

Have a good week :)


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