Just an idea... And some frustrations!

Just an idea... And some frustrations!

Hi everyone, first of all I would like to share my idea with everyone. The bracelets you can see in the picture represent the kilograms I would have to loose to reach my ideal weight. Each bead is 1kg. Yes, I know... It's a lot of beads :/ each kg lost, I'll swap a bead to colourfull ones. Seems a little bit childish considering I'm 31y old but thought would be a good reminder to have on me all the time of how much weight I have to loose/have lost. Hopefully I'll be able to get rid of all the black beads :)

Now, just want to share my frustrations and ask your opinion.

Went to my GP today and mentioned seeing a dietitian to help me with my healthy eating. I have a lot of health issues and sometimes have digestive problems with some healthy ingredients so I thought would be a good idea to have assistance from a professional.

I was told it's virtually impossible to see a dietitian through NHS and was advised to be part of one of the slimming clubs. Maybe it's just me but I think this is absurd! Considering my health history, shouldn't I be entitled to professional advise? I understand the queues and that some people have priority over me...

What I find most frustrating is having a GP advise one of those groups.

Would they consider my health issues for my diet plan? Does paying to loose weight really help? If being healthy is a life long commitment, do they expect someone to attend for life?

My GP told me weighing in front of other people motivates you to loose weight. Really? I think I would feel ashamed, embarassed, not motivated... Maybe is a culture thing (I was born and raised in a southern European country).

Do you guys have any experience with those groups? Does it work? Would like your opinion on this...


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23 Replies

  • I love your bracelet idea, definitely not too childish for me.

    Slimming clubs are interesting. However, they exist to make money. Many people on here attend a slimming club and are part of the forum. You have to decide what to do for you, none of us here are medically qualified. Do some of your own research about healthy eating so that you are informed, you possibly already are, I didn't wish to imply otherwise.

    Have a look in the recipes topic here you will find loads of brilliant food and pop over to the Daily diary thread to see what others are having and get some inspiration, or share yours with everyone else.

    Good luck with your journey.

  • Hello Change4myself.

    I can understand your frustration but I feel you will be better off taking part on this forum! You will find support on here day & night & 7days a week. The NHS plan is great to follow and the encouragement from all of the friends you will make here is priceless!😍 Although no one is medically trained there is a huge amount of life experience to draw on. This is just my experience but have a good look around!

    Now my next paragraph is a message I shared the other day with a super friend I have made here. This was the first time I had told anyone.

    "I admit that when I used to go to slimming clubs I would take over the counter "water" tablets just so I could register a weight loss. Never admitted that before! What a stupid thing to do but at the time it made sense. Of course I couldn't keep it up & didn't learn how to control my eating. Which is why I joined here 2 months ago at my heaviest weight ever (14st 4lb). Now 1 stone plus lost & I don't think I've felt this well for years. Eating so well & in control thanks to this wonderful forum & the lovely people who support us. We are a great team!"

    I'm off to bed now (long work hours for the next few days)!

    Good luck to you for this week. 👍

  • the NHS eating well gives guidance on the combination of foods and if you go on t he British Dietetics Association (put BDA in the search engine and it will come up) and there are food sheets which you can downloads on various aspects which you may find useful bda.uk.com/foodfacts/home

  • I have attend various slimming clubs and I never felt comfortable. I agree with Ceals they exist to make money. This forum is free of charge and there are a lot of people here that willingly share their knowledge and experience. The forum is here 7 days a week, what slimming club do you know that offers that much support?

    I wish you luck on your journey.

    Edit - by the way I love your bracelet idea :)

  • great idea with the bracelett! love it! :D i had a similar idea but it has a major flaw- i have recently bought eight rings (cheap ones- they came in the package) and had tought that with every kg i lose i would put one on. i am currentlh wearing two, but the problem is - if i realy lose 8 kg as my first goal is, they would probably not fit anymore :D maybe i should trh it other way around. :)

    i have no consolance to offer regarding your frustration as i dont know your medical care sistem.. hope you manage to find a solution suitable for you!

  • Hi, I was thinking about my experiences with slimming clubs this morning and it occurred to me that the fact we weigh in front of everyone doesn't actually promote health, it just slightly shifts our terribly damaging habits of comparing ourselves to others. For me, years of looking at others and thinking I'm not as slim or active or strong or attractive just added to and complicated the mess of food issues I acquired, and slimming clubs continue this, in public. Even the most supportive and well-meaning leader will still celebrate the best 'losers' - but actually when lasting change is in progress, much of what we achieve is in the heart and mind, and isn't measured on the scales.

    I know two things: I went to a slimming club in our small town, and now many of the women I knew in that setting won't look me in the eye. They would happily be friendly if I was a stranger, but because I 'knew them when,' even if I tell them how fabulous they look, they act like I'm some sort of nutcase stalker crazy woman.

    Also, my mother was a WW leader. She lost 8.5 stone and then realised her kids were all at school, so she got a job with them. Her whole identity was wrapped up in her weight loss group, and it did nothing to feed her or grow her. This was 20 years ago, but the pressure the others put on her to 'maintain goal weight appearance' wasn't supportive or encouraging, just nasty and underhand.

    Those of us who need to shed pounds haven't just had a bit too much cake. In almost every case there are hurts there. It's too personal to expose under the harsh light of neighbours' stares. That's why they pretend not to know me. Too much is wrapped up in the memory of where they were.

    The only expectation here is to encourage. I wandered onto one of the other forums and there are virtually no comments. It was sad and lonely. This is uplifting and inclusive and has made all the difference for me.

    Your GP's opinion is still an opinion. Have a good look round the healthy eating advice here. Eat real food. Enjoy life. Make sure you exercise. And count the 'wins' that are off the scale, as well as the ones you can measure in numbers.

    And I love your bracelet. I may trailblaze you on that one!

    Good luck in your journey x

  • Wow this sums up my thoughts so much. Thank you. It's so not just about too much cake it's so much more complex. This group is so good!!!

  • Great reply.

  • Amazing reply!! And even though I have no experience with slimming clubs, what you said is exactly what I imagine about them... Like you said, weight loss is so complex and is about so many things in our lives. Exposing it in public with neighbours doesn't seem right. Not saying I wouldn't like to be neighbour of everyone in the forum :) but at least here you share what you're able at that time...

  • Good idea!! Take a picture each time your bracelet changes. It will be an inspiration!

  • That is a brilliant idea with the bracelet, and certainly not childish!

    I belonged to SW and WW a few years ago. With WW i lost over 2 stone in 3 and a half months, which of course, i lost way to quick, and the gained it back quickly aswell. SW i couldn't get on with. I did that when one week you had a red week and the next a green. I lasted about 2 weeks there, and never wanted to stand up and tell everyone what sort of week i had.

    Since joining this forum i have lost my weight slowly but at least i know i will not gain it so quick. I love being here, the people are so supportive and friendly and no one has to pay to come here, whereas SW and WW you do.

    Only you can decide what you would like to do, i am just giving you my experience with these groups. Some people get on with them and some don't.

    Have a good week Change4myself :)

  • I would never use a Slimming Club; They are expensive as well as embarrassing; also I am not fond of targeted groups for anything. Considering the NHS is supposed to take care of our health for our whole lifetimes and that is what our taxes are for, to take certain services off the list is insulting our intelligence and harming our health.

    Not everybody (especially a disabled person) can afford to go to Slimming clubs and gyms, especially those of us no longer able to drive themselves.

    Basically, I'm an antisocial old bat! ;)

  • An antisocial old bat wouldnt post on the forum :)

  • I like people at a distance!

  • The thing is, you can exercise and diet at home, you don't need a gym or a slimming club to do it. ☺

    Oh and you are not anti social if you are on here are you. 😂

  • I rarely leave the house as I can't go out alone because I don't have the strength to push my wheelchair. I do excercise at home, wrist and ankle weights, small dumbells and a combined cross trainer/ excercise bike.

    Unfortunately The crodd trainer is now hidden behind packing cases, as I am moving soon to an adapted bungalow. I say I'm antisocial as I don't play nicely!

  • Play nicely, you mean you are usually grumpy? 😀

  • Since becoming disabled, I'm angry at the circumstances which have robbed me of my mobility and formerly active life. Many people, although they mean well, touch raw nerves with questions and suggestions. For instance , whilst in my GP's waiting room a young lady suggested a certain Juice cure. I struggled to remain polite.

    Many people don't realise how angry I am as I joke a lot. When I'm out with my rollator, my usual comment is Excuse me , Wide load coming through! However, The wheelchair is now my main transport, and I can't propel myself as I have very little strength in my arms. So, grumpy is a major understatement!

  • Double grumpy then.

    Can't you get a motorised wheel chair.

  • I have some money coming soon, but I am too old to be able to get a Motability powerchair, so I will have to find the money myself, hopefully after my move to an adapted bungalow; unfortunately 250 miles away from my current home, which is no longer suitable for me. All reasons to be grumpy! ;)

  • I wonder what level of grump you can get too, I'd say it could be pretty high. 😀

    Ate those chairs expensive?

  • Several thousand, unfortunately.

  • Not good.

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