Kicking K's mini challenge entry (sporting events)

Kicking K's mini challenge entry (sporting events)

hey everyone! here goes my entry. ;)

on the first (black and white) picture you can see my brother and my friend (i was right behind, taking the picture) following a random dog we saw on the sreet. whit this picture i am aiming for the 500 point category as i wholeheartedly think this should not only be a sport but also a life goal! dog was friendly and beautiful. the owner was on the phone and didn't realise we were tagging behind for cca 500 meters :D

the second picture is one of my kayaking expeditions. i did about 3km's that day, but the next day i had quite an adventure on the same spot as the weather conditions have changed significantly :D

third picture is me trying wake- boarding. i have since mastered the skis but am still not able to stay on the surface with a board :)

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17 Replies

  • What great Photos tamara12 😊 Surfing? Skiing? Dog stalking? Is there no end to your talents? Lol 😂

  • hahah, who knows! :D

  • 😊😊😊

  • Wow, lots of action and sporty photos there, tamara12 :-) A great entry. :-)

  • Thanks :)

  • Super entry.👏

  • Thank you :)

  • Not sure whether I should be encouraging dog stalking or is this cheap version of pokemon go? style points for the wake board is nul points but will give you the points for all the pictures- 1200 (I don't think falling off wake boards or wake boards in general is an official sporting event)

  • yeah, i figured that none of these (except following your spirit animal which is not YET recognized) falls into a category of sporting event. But I decided to take a leap of faith :)

    as for dog stalking - the rules of the sport are clear: one should under no circumstances try to capture a dog after following her/him - no matter how cute the dog! :)

  • p.s.: how can you not give me points for falling?! look at that magnificent splash! 8.4/10 at least!

  • I agree with the rules though it would be less dangerous than pokemon go, but may get dog owners worried- I did say events that should be classed as a sport and weirder the better and doggie go (or stalking) is definitely thinking outside the box- though maybe an arrestable offence if you don't follow the rules!

  • If you get arrested you are disqualified automatically. That's the second rule. :)

  • have you posted your KMs for last week? I cannot find it if you are not sure where to post the KMs here's the link

  • no i didn't - will do that right now! thanks

  • Wow, great photos tamara12 :)

  • Brilliant, tamara! :)

  • Great entry, tamara12 . Lovely to see what you see while kayaking- it looks very calm and peaceful there. 😊

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