Happy Tuesday!

Good morning!

It's another lovely morning so getting up to cycle and then start my water regime of 2 litres a day . I have to say, now I'm on my 5th day I haven't noticed any massive differences, except I feel fuller so I'm less hungry which is a bonus, but one thing I have noticed is I have been finding it even harder to sleep, whether that's anything to do with the water I don't know yet , but worth mentioning!

Yesterday was a fairly sedentary day all round, I cycled twice, morning and evening, breakfast was light and main meal was steamed , and fruit for snacks , but weight remains the same, so nothing ground shaking there either!

Since I am now my n possession of a card that allows me to go swimming free ( there are some benefits to being over 60)! I shall start swimming, but trying to get hubby to come too is like trying to get our cat to walk backwards! But, to his credit he drank 2 litres of water with me yesterday, which is a huge achievement!!

Today I have a drawing to finish so I must get on, but wishing everyone a fine day!

Be safe whatever you're doing!


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7 Replies

  • I so admire people who can draw, such a skill. Enjoy your cycling.

  • I'm mainly self taught but I've always drawn, it's very cathartic!

  • Huge admiration - straight lines assisted by a ruler are my limit!

  • That sounds like a very busy day Eva54 😊

    Do you track you calories or are just you trying to eat healthily? I highly recommend the Daily Diary for meal ideas, it's important to eat enough or you won't lose weight 😊

    Best wishes


  • I want to track my calories but having problems with finding the right app? Daily Diary? Where is that?

    Thanks for your response by the way!!

    Have a good Wednesday

  • Loved reading your post nice energy, sleep patterns improve with excursive so I'm sure you will get through it.

  • Thank you fifth of July!!

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