Just wondering, anyone started monitoring their calorie intake and realized they are not actually getting their daily required amount? I'm wondering that now my extra calories don't exist of glasses of wine, that my body is storing fat??? I'm not getting 1400 calories a woman should have.

what are your opinions on this or am I talking rubbish. In a way I'm thinking maybe I need to be eating more ( good) food?


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12 Replies

  • Think you have got it in one sweetpea161_98.

    Eat nutritious healthy food, including good fats and you might be surprised that you are less likely to be hungry and probably start to lose weight.

    If we don'r eat enough the body can resort to thinking we are about to starve and store fat for a rainy day as it were.

    Enjoy experimenting.

  • We have many members that struggle to increase their calorie input and I advise that you log onto the Daily Diary for good ideas.

    Have you put your details into the BMI calculator, because you may need more than 1400 calories, which is just a generic number.

    Eating too little can be almost as harmful as eating too much, so I suggest increasing your consumption of natural fats, which will increase calories, without adding bulk.

  • Just done it, it says 1450-1865 BMi is 27.1 and says overweight

  • There you go then, I certainly wouldn't want to be eating less than 1600 and would try for higher than that, if possible.

    Don't forget, as you get lighter, your allowance gets lower, so if you start too low, you've got nowhere to go!

  • Hi I had no problems filling the 1400 though I did include a glass a wine or a packet of crisps as a treat now and then when I had spare calories. Now I am maintaining I have had to increase my calories and I did find that problematic- I found initially I was filling the extra calories with crisps- which is my weakness, but after a week of doing this I decided it was not the right way of going about it, so I have had to find alternatives which are healthy such as fruit pots which several portions of fruit which have the same calories as a packet of crisps and a lot healthier!

    I did not reduce my calories whilst I was loosing weight and kept to the 1400 mainly but I occasionally went over but as long as it was below the upper range initially provided by the BMI calculator.

  • I can eat all kinds of fruit till its coming out of my ears, I get bored of food easily, but not fruit. I'm thinking may be things like breakfast oats with yoghurt? and I'm going to try some of th recipes off this site.

  • Have you tried overnight oats.fruit in bottom them natural yogert.oats more fruit andyogert top with oats.put in fridge overnight its so filling.40 grams of oats with fruit and yogert about 260 cals.fills you up for ages x

  • That's what I'm going to try x

  • If you are not getting sufficient calories to meet your BR, then yes, you need to be eating more good food.

  • Overnight oats are yum 😋

  • If you don't have the appetite for more food, then some easy ways to increase your calories and protein are: eggs , full fat greek yoghurt or cream, a spoonful of nut butter ( peanut or other) or if in a hurry a protein whey shake ( I buy chocolate flavour). But if poss, avoid making up your calories with carbs. You can use any of the above on their own or add into recipes ...easy peesy 😊

  • Good advice, thank you😀

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