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Weigh day!

Hi - really pleased lost 1.5 kg this week. 4.3 kg total since starting 1st August. First time I have stuck to a diet in 5 years. I am going to iI

taly next May so feeling really confident that I will reach my goal by then.

Just wondering, those who have lost over 3 stone especially people in their late 50's- do you find you look older? I am just thinking of that saying 'face or figure' - just curious!

Thanks for your support so far - it has really helped and inspired me.


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Well done, necklace girl, that's a massive loss! :)

Have you considered joining the Monday weigh-in and sharing the ups and downs of your journey, with all the other Monday Mass Movers? :)

I'm 60 and have lost 7st. I don't think I look older and I certainly feel younger! :)


Thanks may join weigh in although usually I am rushing out to work on Monday morning.

That is very reassuring and welll done 7 stone - what a fantastic achievement - I can imagine how young you are feeling!!


As long as you have time to weigh yourself in the morning, you can log your weight after work. The weigh-in stays open until 10pm :)

Thank you, but if I can do it, so can you :)


there is a weigh in for every day in the week but you just weigh in once a week on the same day so you can weigh in on your day off if you want. Congratulations on the weight loss so far


Well I am 70 and have lost 11kg since 29 June. My face is thinner but my husband says I don't look older and I have only had compliments as to how well I am looking. I had my hair cut shorter to frame my face which I think is a more youthful look than my previous hair style

Anyway looks aside I am healthier and more energetic

So well done on a great start and keep at it

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Thanks so much for your reply and well done you, that is an amazing weight loss. Yes I will keep going, looks aside it is my health that counts!


I agree with the others 😊 I look and feel 10 years younger

The only minor note of caution is you seem to be losing weight quite fast, this could just be a rapid loss which we often get at the start of our journeys but if you continue losing over 1kg a week maybe consider eating a little more to slow things down? Perhaps check the Daily Diary to see what others are eating 😊

Best wishes



Thank you Anna - will do. I have really cut down on my cards which does result in a speedier weight loss as I did want to kick start things a little. I will introduce a little at a time till I get to 1-2 lb per week. Thank you for mentioning it though and keeping an eye on things!

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