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Daily Diary for Saturday 26th August

Daily Diary for Saturday 26th August

Hello Daily Diarists!

First of all, I need to apologise that I shan’t be around to comment on your menus for Saturday.

And in fact, I shan’t be posting my menus either - I am preparing this post in advance on Thursday evening, as my niece and her three year old toddler and five month old baby will be staying with me from Friday for the weekend, and I think I shall have my hands full!

So - welcome to anyone posting for the first time, this is what my typical daily diary might look like, just to give you an idea:

“Breakfast - boiled egg and toast and marmalade, 285 cals.

Lunch - cottage cheese with some salad and a yogurt, 307 cals

Dinner - chicken sweet and sour stir fry, 338cals.

Total so far 859 cals, leaves plenty for that cheeky glass of Sauvignon blanc and some more fruit, nectarine and peaches, love that summer fruit!”

Now tell us what have you planned to eat and drink on Saturday 26th August.

Tell us what your calorie intake should be and the total calories that each meal contains, what exercise you have planned and if you have a tip to share please do share it.

My tip for the day – you can only fail when you stop trying!

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Thank you for posting Trimmerteacher you certainly will have your hands full over the weekend, visitors and I presume, baby visiting ❤️ Have a lovely time 😊

I'm sure everyone will take the time to support and encourage each other in typical forum fashion 😊


Sounds like you have a wonderful weekend planned!

Today has been lovely, and busy. I took the kids to a farm, and I'm so tired now! I've just had a hot cross bun as it's a while before I'll have dinner, but I'm bang on budget so that's good.

Tomorrow's plan:

Breakfast - scrambled eggs with fried mushrooms and wilted spinach (with 2 tsp butter to cook the eggs and mushrooms), 300 cals.

Lunch - half a carton of spinach and celeriac soup from the depths of the freezer, with a cheese toastie, 600 cals.

Dinner - double potato and halloumi bake (a Nigella recipe that I've been cooking for about 15 years now I think!) with about half the oil she uses, and a green salad. 600 cals.

That will leave me with about 400-500, I'm leaning towards some good chocolate...


That's a good looking menu there diamondblock i regularly have spinach and mushrooms with eggs for breakfast but haven't had any for a while 😊

I'm also intrigued by the Nigella recipe, must look it up, 😊

Have a good day and a lovely weekend 😊


I just looked up that halloumi recipe (love that cheese) and I'll have to give that a go soon. Sounds yummy!


Me too.


Wow! That dinner sounds scrummy! Breakfast is my kind of food too.

Hope you have another good day tomorrow.


OOO that sounds lovely - what time are you serving each meal? Can I get there in time ?


Oh, you've just missed breakfast! Lunch will be around 1pm, dinner around 8pm ;-)


I do like nigella - must check my book for that recipe!


Ooo! I'd definitely book in to your restaurant, everything sounds delicious especially the halloumi bake.



Thanks all - that Nigella recipe is my go-to lazy comfort meal.


Must buy a Nigella book!


What a fun packed weekend Trimmerteacher !

I'm off to Ledbury tomorrow for a walk with my daughter and the dog. What we're really going for is shopping though 😉. Just prepping my picnic now.

B. Banana pancakes with kiwi

L. Chickpea salad with mozzarella and hummus. Apple

D. Carbonara and salad

Exercise. Chores and dog walk

Approx. 1650 (allowance 1600-2000)

Happy sunny Saturday 😎


Menu sounds tasty. I like the idea of pancakes for breakfast, definitely worth investigating for weekends when I've got a bit more time on my hands.


Sounds like a super day planned, and lovely food to go with it. Enjoy!


Sounds delicious. I'm feeling hungry just reading it!


Couldn't agree more with that quote Trimmerteacher. Since joining here 8 months ago, I've been trying to follow that ideal. I've realised how long I've been stuck in lots of little ruts, attitude to food and drink just being a couple of those ruts. Now, when I remember, I question each thing that I do, why I do it and if I'm not content, why I don't do something else. I ramble (nothing new :) )...

Today's munching went pretty much to plan, apart from a small bag of homemade marshmallows that wended their way into the house. I don't think they'll ruin my day.

B: Porridge, fruit, cinnamon & honey

L: Fried egg on toast with baked beans.

S: I like the idea of Trimmerteacher's s & s chicken so I've decided to do that with some rice, peas and runner beans.


Sounds like a good plan.

I agree with your ramble, it is so easy to get stuck in lots of little ruts and sometimes we need someone or something to jolt us out of it - better still if we can do it for ourselves!


Back in January I made a note of a few inspirational quotes. This one by chance is top of the list.

Only the wisest and the stupidest of men never change - Confucius

I can be really slow at times so it took me a while to fully appreciate it.


I love quotes like that and use them a lot for various things. I think it is stunning how profound a few words can be.


Thanks for posting and looking after us TT, especially when you won't be around to enjoy the replies.

Have a fab time with your niece and the babes, I am sure you will.

Today I didn't get my lunch or my evening meal. Had a corned beef sandwich on gluten free bread for lunch, just didn't manage any dinner (grandchildren to look after) but will have berries and cream before I go to bed. Will try to do better tomorrow!

The plan is:

B: 2 slices gluten free bread with macademia nut butter. 284 cals

L: 2 egg omelette, 14 g butter, 50g Aged Feta, 100g spinach and an avocado. 692 cals

D: Fish Chowder made with coconut milk. 661 cals

Total: 1637 with range of 1593-2048.

Tip: if the plans can't be executed do your best with what you can do.


I bought an avocado today Ceals, will make a smoothie tomorrow I think for breakfast. Also have some feta cheese, not had it before, so I'm thinking of a filo pastry style pizza with feta and asparagus and maybe a little chorizo, will feta go with chorizo?


Sounds fab Lucigret feta and asparagus will be wonderful together. Impressed about the avocado - enjoy!


Oooh that sounds good!


will tell you how it turns out, need to work out the calories first lol.


The pizza idea sounds so good!


What time is the pizza, feta asparagus and choritzo? - It sounds delicious

Oh Cracker, sorry to disappoint, went to Winchester for afternoon so didn't do it. Will maybe make for lunch tomorrow. Having Chicken Masssla tonight with cauliflower rice,


Mmm fish chowder sound good.


Sounds lovely Trimmerteacher :) What time will I need to be there?


Hi trimmerteacher, thanks for hosting. My plan for today changed; no breakfast but a nice brunch instead.

Tomorrow my lovely sister is down for a girlie weekend. There will be some pimms!

Brunch - 2 scrambled eggs with almond milk, 3 slices thick bacon, mushrooms, russet Apple (my fav) - 15 carbs - 438 cals

D - large salmon fillet, coleslaw , salad 14 carb, 564 cals

S - 2 glasses pimms with diet lemonade, macadamia nuts, skimmed milk 24 carbs 550 cals

Total 1552

BMI cals - 1400-1800. Try to stay around 1500 cals/ 50 gm carbs

Ex - lots of walking around shops!

Tip - have the best today that you can. Be happy with your choices and no regrets at the end of the day.


Brunch sounds delicious and filling too. Just what you need before a walk around the shops.

Have a great weekend and enjoy the Pimms.


Thank you!

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Thanks for hosting Trimmerteacher. Hope you have a lovely time with your visitors this weekend.

Tomorrow's menu is

B - 40g Porridge with Full fat Greek yoghurt and mashed banana 394 cals

L - Lentil Dhal with mango chutney and yoghurt. 427 cals

D - Spanish style chicken bake and carrot and sultana cake. Both from Hairy Dieters 609 cal

S - Mixed nuts and an apple 282 cals

Exercise - Walking and housework

That's 12 calories over my 1,700 quota.

Tip - Same as yours really TT "Fail to Prepare, Prepare to fail."

Have a good weekend everyone.


Your meals sound delicious Morgancando . 👍

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I've just looked up the carrot cake recipe. That is on my list to make this weekend - although it is a toss up with crustless pumpkin pie.

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Hi. I will try this again. Went grocery shopping finally.

Bteakfast-always hard. A banana and grapes

Lunch tuna and triscuits and celery.

Dinner chicken with onions, tomatoes, red peppers and potatoes in tomato chili sauce

Snacks - fruit and nuts

Lots of water and Vigorous swimming with my family.


Glad you managed a grocery shop Melhall and what a lovely menu 😊

Have a good weekend

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Good morning Im not posting a meal plan for over the weekend as I have visitors with a family christening tomorrow I have weigh in on Monday so I will be trying my best ! I have saved 1000 cals over the week so I have a few in hand I hope you all have a wonderful weekend


Enjoy your weekend!

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Have a lovely weekend Keene Milliemay1

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Thanks for hosting Trimmerteacher , you certainly are busy!

We had a great day on the boat yesterday, lovely sunshine/sunset. Lamb steaks were turned into a one pot wonder as less washing up but still tasty , with a couple of glasses of wine ,what a view we had! Day 2 of mini hol and hoping to sail to Swanage today after our eggs and bacon,tomatoes. 350

L: Stilton and avocado salad 400

D: To be decided. Either something from limited supplies onboard or a meal in Swanage if we can 'park' near enough.

Hope everyone enjoys the bank holiday. Good weather's always a bonus 😎


Sounds like a perfect BH weekend Sailsalot 😊


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Breakfast toast, ginger oatcakes 250kcal

Lunch toast, sardines, apple and blackberry crumble 570kcals

Dinner cod baked in tomatoes, potatoes, 300kcals

Snacks tangerine 40kcals

Red wine 2 glasses 280kcals

Total 1340kcals

Range 1377 -1700

Calories left for banana snack, or oatcakes.

Exercise short dog walk, strength and stretch at home.


Nice varied menu Dozzle could you sneak in a few more veggies or salad? A good way to bump up the quantity without the calories 😊

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Late again!! Had a lazy morning, just watched the recording of last nights Celebrity Masterchef and it's inspired tonight dinner!!

First thing after short dog walk - banana and coffee 100 cals

Brunch - black pudding, poached egg and tomatoes on granary toast. 1/2 slice toast with butter and marmalade. 700 cals

Dinner tonight - Kofte meatballs with flat bread and assorted salad/dips, cucumber, tomoaties, yogurt, onion and tomato salsa. 600 cals

Wee cheeky Tonic and splash of gin (or 2!) 200 cals

With milk in drinks I'm coming in about 1500, wilthin range of 1300-1500.

Exercise, short dog walk in the rain (done) hosework and hopefully some yoga

Tip : eat enough and eat what you enjoy, food is pleasure 😊

Onwards and downwards

Enjoy the BH weekend!



Ps found this recipe on an Australian website and it looks like there are lots of good recipes


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Hi everyone,

Hope you're all enjoying your weekend?

Seeing as it's been suggested by my GP surgery that I don't lose too much weight too quickly as my heart rate has been a bit low lately, I decided to check out my recommended calorie intake on the NHS site. I may be making my life unnecessarily complicated but I'm going to try counting calories for a while in addition to following the Slimming World plan. So for today...

Breakfast - sugar-free Alpen and milk - 175 calories

Lunch - 2 slimming world sausages, potato, carrot and swede mash, with peas and sweet corn - 340 calories

Dinner - going out with friends to an Italian restaurant so not sure yet. I've checked out the online menu and quite like the look of Risotto Luigi, my NHS calorie range is currently 1628-2094. I've eaten 515 calories so far, so I have plenty of calories to play with this evening. I never eat a starter or a pudding and I don't drink so while I'm determined to resist the lure of the pizzas and anything with chips, I'm still going to enjoy my evening.


I hope you have a lovely evening with friends :)

Wishing you all the best with the calorie counting and slimming world - personally I would just do one, but wishing you luck trying to do the two :)


I've been losing weight successfully with Slimming World, I've lost 2 stone 2.5 pounds in 12 weeks, trouble is my heart rate has been dropping with my weight, my resting heart rate at the start was 72, now it's in the low 50's and it's been making me light headed at times.

I'm planning on sticking with the SW plan but thought it might be an idea to get a feel for how many calories I'm eating for a few weeks, just because my GP surgery suggested slowing down my weight loss a little. If I have an idea of my calorie count, it should make it easier to fine tune things so I don't keel over! 😂


WOW that is a massive loss in 12 weeks no wonder your heart rate is dropping as well

Personally (this is my own thoughts and I am NOT medically trained or anyway near enough knowledgeable) I would try and maintain for a few weeks to let your heart rate catch up - I suggest you follow what ever your GP has instructed you to do :)

Wishing you all the best on your journey :)


Thanks, yes that's my plan. I'm hoping a greater calorie awareness will help me maintain or at least reduce the weight loss to about a pound a week for a while. Making haste a little slower is frustrating but sensible... still not going to eat pizza tonight though! 😂👍


Thank you Trimmerteacher for hosting today's Daily Diary.

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