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Thursday Night Fever

Thursday Night Fever

Morning All,

For those of you who have read my previous posts, you will know that I am now on week 2 of the weight loss program with the intention of losing around 3 stone (4lbs gone so far). Last week I decided that I need to change the atmosphere within my garage/workshop area to assist in making my daily exercise routine a more pleasurable experience, so I decided that lighting was part of the issue as the normal florescent tube lighting made the space a harsh environment, as mentioned in previous posts I put up some LED ribbon lighting and a set of three "Sound to Light" disco lights above the area where I exercise in an attempt to change the atmosphere within the garage, and I'm happy that I have managed achieved this.

Last Night I decided that I would look around for a mix of music to play and came across this on youtube, Car Music Mix 2017 🔥 Best Electro Bass Boosted & Bounce Music 🔥 Best Remix of Popular Songs 2017

it sounded good and has a good bass line which was easy to keep in time with, I cleared the space, switched on the lights, turned up the tunes and went for it with step exercise for a total of 45 minutes, Anna61 said yesterday that I should dust off my Flares, well I did; I put Tony Manero (John Travolta in Saturday Night fever) to shame with moves I thought had long left my body, and for that moment in time I was a legend in my own lifetime!!!!.well in my garage :-) Only joking..

Seriously I have to say that the lighting change made all the difference to the ambiance of the space, but what did finish of the experience was I had some 'Joss sticks' (Vanilla scent) that were lying around, so I lit one and when I was exercising that gentle aroma scented the space and again enhanced the work out area, so it finished off what I had intended to achieve. I was asked by Ann61 if I could post a photo of what I have done, to do that I need to post several photo's as there is no video facility on this forum, so I will have to post them individually as I can only post one at a time so please bare with me as I load upload them to this thread, Here goes with the first one, I have put a small description on each one, but they do not show the full effect as a video would.