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Night out

So last night me and my other half went out for tea and drinks it was lovely i decided to treat myself and have a little naughty pudding and to my shock horror when it arrived it was litteraly half a chocolate fudge cake of course it would have been rude not to have ate it all 🤔 and with the drinks I was worried on the impact it would have on the scales but to my delight it had none at all note to self once in a while it's ok to relax and have a bad diet day just make sure you get right back there again in the morning oh and drink water before bed when you drink it helps a hangover 🤣 happy Wednesday everyone xx

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It's always best to get straight back on the wagon after a splurge, leigh, but the impact of our diet isn't always reflected on the scales, immediately. If you went over your calorie allowance yesterday, then you can make up for it over the rest of the week :)


Yes! Don't punish yourself, life is for living and healthy eating is all about balance and learning to not feel guilty for enjoying 'bad food'. Glad you had a lovely evening.


I agree with moreless that the impact on the scales can sometimes take a day or two to show up. But I find a minor one or two day / night 'cheat' occassionally isn't a disaster if you get back on track again right away afterwards. I had a weekend away last weekend (for a big family event) and had 'normal' but not super-fatty food (trying to pick healthier options from menus) plus also had a fair bit of wine. Was up 0.5 kg afterwards, but got straight back on track on Monday (stuck to diet and double exercise) and am now below what I was before the 'cheat'.

An occassional break can help you stick to the plan in the long run by not feeling 'left out' of big events, as long as it is short and you get back to the diet plan quickly and strictly to 'make up' for the lapse. Maybe the odd cheat day might even stop your metabolism going into 'starvation mode' and thereby plateauing the weight loss ?


You'll be fine. Just keep going!! You're doing great!


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