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Creating new habits

Yesterday I felt tired all day and soo hungry, but not true hunger ( in the past I would have lots of these days). It was a day where I constantly ate. I added up all the calories which came in at just under 3500 😱 yes it's more than I needed and any other day like that it would be double the calories, but instead of eating complete crap I consciously choose foods that had some nutritional value......(except the 5 bags of crisp 😋) I realise trying to change the bad habits I've created my mind resists, but creating new healthy habits makes me feel positive. So for every bad habit I've created I will no longer try to change the bad habit, instead I will create a new habit that makes me feel good about myself!

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Eating certain foods can actually make you hungrier later, Emma. When you eat certain foods that contain a lot of sugar and carbohydrates, which get broken down into sugar, this sugar gets dumped quite quickly into your bloodstream.”

As a result of this massive intake of carbs, your blood sugar will skyrocket. Your body will then release insulin to help get this sugar inside your cells. Once your blood sugar spikes, it suddenly goes back down to normal, but because it was so ramped up, it can often drop lower than it’s supposed to. These foods that make your blood sugar spike rapidly act as an appetite stimulant.

This hunger that you feel, is very real, but can be avoided, by avoiding certain foods :)

It's great to concentrate on creating good habits, as eating the right foods, will make your journey so much easier :)

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Tiredness can make us hungry so that may have been a cause. However, if the over-eating is a habit, that will be difficult to change, but not impossible.

Changing habits takes time signinemma43 about 21 days they say (https://healthunlocked.com/nhsweightloss/posts/private/135120702/17-habits)

Have you joined the Daily Diary yet? I find if I plan my meals and make them public I am much more likely to stick to plan. It's also very helpful for us to see the kind of foods you are eating and any tweaks that may help 😊

Best wishes



Hi ! I know how you feel I've been through there for the past 2 years ! I used to overeat because of the stress or because I felt lonely.

I was not even hungry and then hated myself for that!

I'm glad that you're making small changes, keep going ! It's true that It makes yourself feel positive :)



Thank you all for your support and positive words of wisdom. At this point in time I'm not ready to do the daily diary yet, but at some point I might. I agree that there are certain foods that cause my sugars to spike and will be more mindful in the future (I sort of know my trigger foods 😣).


Good for you for doing better. We wont be perfect at first but some improvements are better than nothing. You keep going. We'll be there for you.


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