Today I'm back on track

Ok, today I managed to eat sensibly. Woke up really late so no breakfast but lunch was salmon fillet in the oven with baby potatoes (dessert plate) and dinner was the same but turkey fillet instead with roast mushrooms and the potatoes. I'm so proud of myself today, I'm making up for the other day so at the end of the week my calorie count hopefully will be within my weekly limit.


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9 Replies

  • Well done! The fish will be particularly good for you. To give you more variety you could maybe have veg instead of potato for your second meal. Don't want you to get bored!

  • Absolutely agree Ella. Just didn't happen to have any at that point. Groceries came today, so stocked up on veg, white meat and fish. 🤗

  • Well done, you are doing great!!! :)

  • Thanks blackbeauty!

  • Hi MishaKat,

    Sounds very nice ,I'm sure you will be within your calorie limit.


  • Thanks Gary! I was well within the limit for 2 days so I've made up for the slip. That's how I'm trying to think: if I slip up then I have to make up for it within 7 days, so that every 7 days I'm within the average daily count. 🤗

  • Hi MishaKat,

    Don't worry if you have a blip,we all do.

    Glad to hear your back on track .


  • Great for you to be back on track. .. and see how good it feels to be back in control 💚💛💜

  • Thank you so much Valerie! 💕

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