Finally finished university!

After a long, long slog this summer I am finally done :) weight loss was put on hold for a while as I had to do a lot of sitting down and a few all nighters which meant mostly ready-meals, followed by a wedding in Scotland this weekend (think cake, takeaways and 7 hour car journeys!).

However I weighed myself this morning and am seriously shocked that I have only gained a pound since going AWOL - the amount of cheese and cake I have eaten is astronomical!! It was so nice to go out for lunch today and not worry about wasting time, I had a chicken salad and red thai curry soup which was heavenly and very nutritious.

Hope everyone is having a good day, so excited to get back on track and get back on here more often. x

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11 Replies

  • Lovely to hear from you. It must be a relief to have graduated and also exciting to start out on a career path so a great time to give time to yourself. Best wishes for success all round

  • thank you so much pcrw - it's such a relief! the thought of finding a career now is both scary and exciting. hope you are well :)

  • Well done for graduating! Will you be getting job now? It's great you didn't put on too much weight, you obviously didn't overeat! Look forward to seeing you more often.

  • thank you EllaMidlands! yes, I will begin job hunting in about three weeks. I'm still surprised I gained so little but I'm not complaining :)

  • Hi hudson95

    Well done on fishing Uni, you can now have a rest. You have done brilliant to only gain a pound while you have been AWOL. :)

    Good luck with being back on track and have a good week.

  • hello again YellowRose55! thank you so much :) I definitely feel like I've earned a little break but I shall definitely be back on here and behaving from now on!

  • Hi hudson95 it's lovely to hear from you. Well done on graduating!!! :)

    You have done brilliant to have only gained a pound.

    Have a great week :)

  • hi blackbeauty99!! :) so glad to be back, I hope you are doing well. Thank you, have a lovely week too :)

  • Hi hudson95,

    Congratulations on finishing Uni, that is great! :-) I hope you enjoyed that Wedding in Scotland on the weekend too. Long car journeys though...

    Fantastic that your gain is so miniscule! That Red Thai curry soup sounds really delicious.

    Hope you have a great week, and welcome back. :-)

    Zest :-)

  • Thank you Zest :) yes gosh I am so relieved it's over! The wedding was lovely, we all stayed in a huuuuge stately home which was great fun.

    The soup was so good! It's from Pret if you ever fancy giving it a try :)

    I hope you have a great week too and thank you for your kind words :)

  • so lovely to be back and recieve so many supportive and kind comments! x

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