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How have I gained so much! Help!


So after reading to gain a pound of fat you have to eat 3,500 calories in addition to your daily allowance how have I gained so much weight? Have I really been eating 5000 calories when I haven't been counting the calories?! I have been very ill for the past year so haven't been so active but I'm so shocked!

Also iv been doing the diet for 2 1/2 weeks it is my time of month at the moment but I haven't seen a single movement in the scales apart from going up but I hope that's jus because of my period weight. I'm so down with it I honestly think well the scales aren't really moving what's the point in carrying on. I'm not exercising this week because of bad cramps I suffer pretty badly to the point that I'm bed bound. But I'm still being careful and because I'm craving chocolate I'm making sure I save the calories for a bit.

I'm gutted :( how have I gained so much weight and why won't it go away again. Iv never had this much trouble trying to loose weight before.

Help :(

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YellowRose554st 7lbs

Hi sophie_and94

Try not to be too hard on yourself over a 1lb gain as you say it the TOTM for you and your weight can go up during that time. No need to be so down as that pound will soon come off. Just remember to track all the calories you eat and keep an eye on your portion sizes and you will start to see the scales going down.

If your not exercising and eating chocolate then that will not help. Please try to lift your mood as it is only a number on the scales and can be turned around with a little exercise and staying on track. :)

Don't get discouraged sophie_and94, keep watching your plate and with time your body will adjust. Weight gain comes in various forms, like when we eat too much carby food, our bodies retain more water hence the weight gain. At times the food we eat does not look calorific but once you start calorie counting you realize how some foodstuff are just highly calorific. As you say its that time of the month, most ladies are usually kinda bloated and add some weight too during that period but it goes immediately after.

Don't focus much on the scale as you start, just be keen on the plate. Eat healthy nourishing and satiating meals. As you have been ill for a while, its possible that your metabolism is affected somehow. Work out your daily calorie range and work with the middle range for starters, if still hungry increase a little bit till you are well adjusted.

You could cool off the chocolate craving by having a ripe banana, it works for me. Also read on the deficiencies that cause cravings in our body (what food cravings signify). Your doctor could guide you more in this area.

Start by taking small steps to change your lifestyle so that you don't get overwhelmed. Keep logging here to read posts by other members and you will surely get motivated and pick some tips to incorporate into your lifestyle. All the very best!

Ceals3 stone
in reply to matets

Excellent advice matets I really don't have any more to add.

DD70051st 7lbs

Hi Sophie, you are being far too hard on yourself. How do know you the 1lb gain is actual fat? It could be down to any number of things, like time of the month - I can put on anything up to 7lbs when it is my time of the month :-( I have endometriosis and I found chocolate and sugary items made my symptoms worse even though I had bad cravings for them. Once I got through the withdrawal symptoms of sugar I found my symptoms improved though they didn't disappear all together (they were easily managed). I found turmeric also helped wonders!

Apparently our bodies change every 7 years so what worked for you before may not work for you again. I know I certainly can not function like I did when I was in my twenties, as much as I would love to!

You are only two weeks in so continue with the plan and see what happens at the end of 12 weeks. Take it one day at a time and take it easy on yourself.

Good Luck x


There is no point in carrying on with a diet you are unhappy with.

MelhallRestart June 2019

Don't give up. This is a new day and a start to losing weight for good.

Please don't feel discouraged, this will pass and i think you are being a bit hard on yourself, the 1lb you gained you can lose again. We are all here for you, don't give up, you can do this :)

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