trying not to give up

Hi everyone no suprise after losing 4kg in first 2 weeks 3rd week sees me gaining 2kg even though I have not consumed anymore calories & stayed on strict exercise regime I know all about the body going into starvation mode if you do not eat enough calories, for my age(67) BMI 27 NHS guidlines say I should be 44kg-60.3kg & consume between 1,389 - 1,785 per day, I try to stay under 1,300 I have tried increasing cals & put on weight I can't win, my measurements have gone down it's the scales I want to see a reduction on HELP!!!


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  • Just keep on as you are and the scales will catch up with you. Our weight fluctuates for no good reason sometimes.

    Changing a lifestyle is not the same as dieting, a lifestyle is for ever and it is in the long term the benefits are important.

    I have had many, many weeks when my weight has done as you describe but the forum has kept me going. I hope it does the same for you too.

  • Why not join the Daily Diary, kbed, so that we can see what you're eating on a daily basis. It may be that we'll be able to help you do some tweaking to your menus? :)

  • Wheres that

  • If you read the welcome message that Ceals gave you, you'll find directions to the Daily Diary and all other important areas of the forum, Gillyflour :)

  • Hi moreless

    I'm not very good at finding my way round here took me ages to find tues weigh in, my breakfast usually is muesli the lowest cal I can find & blueberries with natural low fat yoghurt & decaf black coffee, lunch is usually ww soup with 1 slice bread & ww fromage frais, dinner can be grilled bacon 1 fried egg or poached egg tinned tomatoes & 1 slice of bread or same breakfast everyday & same lunch, dinner thin sliced chicken with salad cherry tomatoes, cucumber boiled egg, 2 tbs light mayonnaise or maybe chicken dinner with veg no potatoes or chilli & rice with 2 popadoms small portion & if I do a chicken curry or spag bol thats small portions I don't drink milk or have any potatoes chipped boiled etc..I have battered chun ky haddock on fridays with peas no bread & count these calories in with my daily allowance on a sunday I have a roast dinner either chicken, turkey or pork with yorkshire puddings, that's the day i usually go over my calorie allowance( i've some key again forgot how to get out of it)

  • Are you using a phone, tablet, or computer, kbed?

    If you're using a phone, are you using the HU App?

    Always check that you're on the right page, by clicking on either home, or posts at the top of the page.

    Events can only be found on the home page.

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    If you're using a computer, these are all on the right of the page.

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    For italics (and removal of same), click on Ctrl and i, simultaneously.

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    Would it be rude of me to ask which age bracket you're in, as, when we get older, or if we've done a lot of yoyo dieting, our tolerance for carbohydrates can decrease and you may need to have a look at what you're eating, as well as how much.

    I would always avoid low-fat versions of any product, as we need fat in our diet and they often have sugar added, to make them palatable.

    See if the above instructions, help you find your way to the Daily Diary. The link can always be found in Events :)

  • sorry moreless I am using a laptop.

  • Hi moreless

    I am 67& 5ft & a bit, I lost 2 stone last year doing what I do now, I eat plenty of fruit & veg no potatoes of any kind, bread mostly 1 slice a day, I eat chicken, turkey or pork my daily treat is an un sweetened capuccino & 1 square of lindt dark chocolate. I think I know how to get to Daily Dairy what should I put on it?

  • Using a laptop is the easiest, thank goodness! :)

    Go to the DD and post what you've put above. Have a look at how others list their menus, to make it easier for people to read. Take note of what kind of meals that people are eating.

    Remember that carbohydrate isn't just potatoes and bread, but muesli, pasta, rice, batter, poppadoms, fruit is high in fructose (sugar) too.

    I'm sure that between us, we'll be able to tweak things to get your weight loss started again :)

  • I never ate enough calories before for years and put on weight loads. When I started here I upped my calories to the amounts within the NHS bmi calculator and I soon started losing weight and have now lost 2 1/2st. Your body may just need a few weeks to get itself used to the fact that you are eating the right amount of calories, bodies can alter to it in different ways. By not eating enough calories your body will think that you are starving it and turns what you do eat into body fat and this weighs more than eating the extra calories does so it stops you from losing weight and sometimes puts weight on instead. If when you first ate less calories than you were supposed to you lost weight to start with before your body realised you weren't eating enough it may need a few weeks to get used to the fact you are eating enough too. Good luck with your journey.

  • Thank you

    I know your right but I have in the past upped my calories to 1400 a day put weight on lost interest then back to square one, for the exercise I am doing daily 7 days a week surely that should get the weight off.

  • I am doing the same as you but contouring my carbs keeping to 50 grams of cabs per day. High protein, I am not calorie counting and have a lot more weight to loss.

    Try the low carbs

    Best of luck

  • Thank you can you let me know what I can have for 50 grams of carbs please.

  • Easiest way is to list the food you eat and alchol and check their carbs on the Web. Just type in how many carbs in xxx.

    Staple foods are the worst, spuds, rice,bread (I try and have only 1 slice of wholemeal a day)

    I have a high protein diet with lots of water, the carbs turn food into glucose which if not used up is converted to fat.

    I am loosing weight as I need a major operation with my bmi starting at over 50 it is now 45 and dropping.

    It take a bit getting used to the high protein diet as it seem wrong but it works, I do not restrict or count calories as in the past I have got down to 400 cals per day and not loosing weight as the body thinks your starving.

    With the high protein diet your body is happy and you feel full.

    Remember sweets biscuits and booze are all high in carbs.

    Best of luck

    My motivation is getting off the op table alive

  • Thank you I will look into this it seems very interesting, I have not drank any alcohol for a while & rarely touch biscuits, cakes etc only diary food I have is eggs, I don't drink milk or have spread on bread, don't eat sandwiches, I have had the odd baked potato very rare though, I eat a lot of salads with only light mayonnaise dressing or have meat (usually chicken or turkey) & veg, no sausages or beefburgers.

  • sorry meant to say good luck for whenever your operation will be.

  • Thanks

  • Yep that can happen especially when you're near your goal... it's happening to me too.

    If only weight came off evenly in proportion to the effort we put in!

    Anyway focus on nourishing your body with healthy food and being outside in the fresh air. Maybe change up your eating a bit too. And keep an eye on the bigger picture. You're doing great 💟

  • Thank you for your encouragement, I'm going to look into high protein & low carbs see what that throws up.

  • Great let us know if you find anything interesting. .

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