Tuesday Trimmers Weigh in - Tuesday 22nd August

Tuesday Trimmers Weigh in - Tuesday 22nd August

Tuesday Trimmers' Weigh in for August 22nd

Welcome to Tuesday Trimmers!

Please do not reply to this post until Tuesday 22nd August.

Pineapple27 here, co-ordinating the Tuesday Trimmers weigh-in post. It’s my first attempt at this, so please be gentle with me!

If todays results aren’t as positive as you’d have hoped, please don’t let that stall your efforts! The journey to your goal won’t always happen exactly as you might want it to, but enjoy the journey!

My weight gain happened over a number of years (40 to be precise!) and therefore I can’t expect overnight results. I have always thought of my weight loss as an education as I there is always something to learn or discover - whether it’s a new type of food, a new taste, a new recipe to try out or perhaps reading here on the forum about how others are successfully managing their weight loss and getting to know all of you out there a little better!

With the aim to support and encourage one another, we ask that everyone respond to at least one other member, ideally the person directly ahead of you on the thread. This is a bare minimum, though and we'd love to see everyone, with their pom poms, cheering as many people as they wish, on as many days as they like! Nobody complains about a bit of praise!

It would make things so much easier for us, if you could state your weight today, how much weight you've lost/gained/maintained this week and your goals/plans for the week ahead.

Other than that, feel free to share any details of your week that you like.

This is how you report today's weight:

Last week I weighed ????, this week I weigh ????, that's a loss/gain/maintain of ????

(Add a few words about your week and your aim for the following week)

Welcome all Newbies:

If you're joining this weigh-in group for the first time today – WELCOME!! Please introduce yourself and share your starting weight and your initial weight loss goals. Setting yourself mini-goals, leading to your ultimate weight loss goal, is particularly helpful. You could also make a note of your body measurements this might help you in the future if you find yourself getting despondent about your progress.

Sometimes loss shows as inches rather than pounds or kilograms.

If you’ve not already seen it, then take a moment to read the ‘Welcome Newbie’ pack, which is a Pinned post (situated on the right hand side of the homepage, or scroll right down to the bottom, if you're using a mobile).

Please only use this thread if you're weighing in on Tuesday, 22nd August 2017.

Here are last Tuesday’s stats (15th August):

Tuesday 15th August 2017

Total number weighing in - 15

Total number of replies - 104

Average number of replies - 6.93

Total amount of weight lost - 10.08lbs / 4.57kgs

Total amount of weight gained - 4.09lbs / 1.85kgs

Total number who maintained - 4

Newbies/Restarts - 2

Average weight lost - 0.46lbs / 0.20kgs

Number of members who did not disclose their weight - 0


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118 Replies

  • I will be missing tomorrow's weigh in Pineapple27 . Tomorrow is D-day for me, my daughter will be going into hospital at 7.00 for a caesarean and OH and I are going down to dog-sit until we get the call. Exciting stuff, I hope I can sleep! I have already had a large glass of wine, and the calorie counting has gone to pot a bit, but I shall be back down to earth Wednesday and back on the wagon.

    Hope the scales are kind to everyone else. 😊

  • Ohhh how exciting! Hope that everything goes well and look forward to hearing all about it!

  • Oh what fantastic news and such an exciting day🍼 I hope everything goes well for your daughter it's a worrying time just think in the next couple of hours you will have a beautiful grandson or daughter💗💙💗💙💗💙 Good luck for today 👍😊

  • Sounds like a exciting day ahead for you Trimmerteacher , hope everything goes well. Enjoy your dog sitting. :)

  • How exciting- let us all know xx

  • Congratulations Trimmerteacher! Hope everything goes to plan and you will swop your wine for champagne!!!

  • Hope all goes well- that is very exciting

  • So exciting! Fingers crossed for a smooth delivery - lots of joy in store! 💐

  • We are all waiting for the news TT. Hope all goes well.

  • Hi 12 stone 5lb today so have put one on 😣

  • Morning SueG85

    Don't be too hard on yourself with gaining 2lbs, just draw and line under it and get back on the wagon, you can do this. Why not join the Daily Diary for a few days to help you get back on track and for that extra bit of support.

  • It's summer - don't despair. Keep going, I think the introductory post says weight loss is not linear and it's so true. Deep breath and keep trying👍👍

  • Hi SueG85

    Please don't let this gain cause you too much angst! If you dwell too long on it, it will drag you down.

    The best way to deal with a gain is to make sure you plan to make the coming week a better week :)

    I hope we can celebrate a loss and wave our pom poms for you next Tuesday!

  • Next week you can do it, I put on too, these things happen. Good luck in your week ahead.

  • It's in the past and it's summertime too many temptations, hope you see a loss next week and have a lovely week ahead.😊👍

  • Good morning Pineapple, I am so frustrated I can't seem to get below my 16.2 that I achieved a few weeks ago.

    August 15th weighed. 16.3

    August 22nd weight. 16.4

    So Annoyed 😒

    Hope everybody else weighs less today!

  • Morning Hennypenny1

    I can feel your frustration and can understand how you are feeling at the moment. Are you tracking all your food and keeping an eye on your portion sizes? Some times it is the little things we do that make all the difference. Why not join the Daily Diary for a week for extra support to get to your target of 16st 2lbs.

  • During my own weight loss journey, I found that crossing from one stone bracket to the next always very frustrating! It's almost as if you're hovering tantalisingly close - but just can't make that last few pounds vanish!

    Try doing something a little different this week? Do you vary what you eat at all, or do you have some firm favourites?

    Do you tend to eat more calories over the course of a weekend? I know that is one of my issues.

    Help me to assist you by sharing with me what a typical weekday lunch consists of?

  • I really feel for you Hennypenny1 - so frustrating- I've been in that boat so long I've had to tell myself that I'm doing a good job "maintaining" - makes STS sound more positive!

    One thing that might help - in addition to other good thoughts from others - try upping your water consumption to help keep hydrated and in flushing out metabolic waste products? Maybe you are already good at this, but I'm not, and have to remind myself frequently to drink more water!

    Hope the coming week is better for you 😃

  • Good advice. Drinking more water really helps me with my weight loss - plus helps to keep you feeling full between meals. A glass of water is better than any snack!

  • Thanks Dietbunny for your encouragement. I do drink water but perhaps I could increase the amount.

  • I'm in the same boat as you Hennypenny, but hey we Will get there.

  • Hi don't despair I've been there so many times and taking a break at the moment from becoming scale obsessed lol. Why not try missing a weeks weigh in so you relax a little, keeping on track of course 👍

  • I could miss a week but I weigh every other day as I need to loose a lot for two operations in the future, one possibly in October. Thanks for your kind words.

  • Good morning! Well, the scales are going downward again- 11.13.8 this week. 12.0.2 last week. It's only fractional but it's a start! Upped the exercise, had a wobble with booze and chips due to a festie and a stroll on the beach but it could have been a lot worse! Aiming for a 2 pound weight loss this week as calendar is clear- I hope everyone has a good week too 😀

  • Hi Jaybron10 Isn't that typical! There's poor old Hennypenny1 trying to drop down to the next stone bracket and you've succeeded! Well done!

    I think I work that out as a 0.4lb loss? You must have similar scales to me as mine give me this kind of reading (going up in 0.2's)

  • Hennypenny1- it will happen! Maybe a small push and s big drop wil he in the cards next week:-)

  • Thanks pineapple My scales are very unforgiving!

  • Well done Jaybron, any loss is a good loss.

  • Yay!!! Tipping into the 11's well done you😊👍

  • Hi everyone- I'm in Devon with creaky internet so may not be able to participate much today, but here's hoping!

    I can't weigh this morning so will cheat slightly by giving yesterday's weight (my scales at home though) 12st 1lb, which I'm very pleased about as my weight has been all over the place in the last week- hit a spike of 12st 7lb only five days ago, 2 lb off overnight and then back to 12st 2lb by Saturday!! What is that all about? Salt intake/water retention?

    Anyway, I feel back in the zone at last so hopefully will finally break into the 11s by next week or the one after. Have a great week everyone 😊

  • Hi Dietbunny - hope the weather is ok down there? Here it's overcast but quite warm (Reading, Berkshire).

    Weight can fluctuate massively. I'm only little :D but my weight fluctuates 2-3lb in a week up and down. I weigh myself every morning making a mental note of where I am in the grand scheme of things.

    I don't let any slight upwards flutter bother me too much - my official weigh in is Friday morning, and that is the time I log my weight.

    I am usually back up again from that by the end of the weekend (weekends tend to be when I go slightly over on my calories) but I can usually claw it back before my next "official" weigh in!

  • Thank you for those encouraging words Pineapple27. I went "off the grid" completely for a couple of weeks, but feel I'm back now, and ready to put in the effort again. Given that we are on a long term trajectory, I guess it's only natural that we need a break every now and then from being so careful/controlling 😃

  • At some point, I'll share my weight loss graph with you - it's been quite a bumpy journey lasting over 5 years!

  • Now that's what I call commitment to the long haul! Well done you 👏👏👏!

  • Hello Tuesday weighers... can I join you?

    I'm a long-term yo-yo-er and am at the beginning (I hope!) of another downward turn. I would love to think I can make it a more permanent one and hope that this forum might help.

    Today I weigh 17 stone 2 lb.

    I was on holiday the week before last and weighed in at 17 stone 6 when I got back (a week ago), so I don't know whether it is cheating to start with that weight (since I didn't actually log it) and I was post-holiday bloated.

    It doesn't really matter as I obviously have a very long way to go. I'm doing the C25K programme (hence name and pic) and get a huge boost from that forum. That's the reason I've lost so much in a week.

    I'm nervous of calorie counting having avoided it until this point! I've lost 3-4 stone three times before (Slimming world, Rosemary Connelly/my own fitness regime then WW the last time) so I'm not new to losing, but have never managed to maintain.

    Here we go again!

    First goal is to get below 17 stone.

    Second goal is half a stone

    Third goal is a stone

    Ultimate goal is healthy BMI (~6 stone)

  • Hi unlikelyrunner - of course we can squeeze over and make a space for you!

    Better that you started your weight loss journey before your holiday as it will have been at the back of your mind whilst you were away, and I am certain it helped you modify your food choices once or twice?

    The first weigh in after time away can be slightly nerve wracking, but as long as you are able to get straight back to it, then you'll soon be moving in a downwards direction again!

    Well done on the exercise/running!

  • Hello unlkelirunner, I'm new here too but I wish you the best for your weightloss, it's going to take time but the rewards are worth it :)

  • Hi Vsuy what lovely posts and pictures you've been sharing on the forum! They really set me up for the day! A real tonic... :D

  • Thank you so much and I hope you have a good day!

  • Welcome to the Tuesday Trimmers unlikelyrunner

    We will use 17st 6lbs as your starting weight for the stats if that is ok with you. So that means you have already lost 4lbs and over half way to your first weight loss badge, that is brilliant, well done you.

  • Fab - thanks yellowrose!

  • Hi and welcome to the Tuesday Trimmers hope you have a fab first week😊👍

  • Hello,

    I've been posting a bit lately but never in a weigh-in. I prefer putting my thoughts down than my weight even if my thoughts are somehow more personal. But really you probably all don't care what I deem personal or not so onto business.

    I've been thinking of starting a weightloss journey for a while and on July, 3rd I did the first step, I went running. Every since, I've run 5K every single day, in the rain, cold and wind which means that today I ran my 255th kilometers!

    After starting running, I download an app to reduce my servings and count my calories on July, 13th. And I've let go since.

    So I started at 74,5 kgs with a BMI of 27,2% making me overweight. Last week, I weigh in on August, 15th at 68 kgs so a weightloss of 6.5kgs or 14lbs. This morning, the scales showed 67,1kgs so 0.9kg loss or 2lbs ! Which put my BMI at , in the heathly range.

    Nonetheless, I still have extra kilos and unnecessary fat that I'd like to shed. I've started this weightloss because I couldn't stand looking at myself in the mirror and was digusted with my body, today I feel like that starting to change. So I'm not just here to reach a certain weight but to learn to love myself. Thus, the scales are not the most thing, the mirror is! And I'm definitely not giving up until my reflection and I make up :)

    I wish you all an amazing day, and to lose some of that weight! And no matter what, even if you haven't lost weight in a while, even if you've taken some back do NOT give up, because that's the only way to lose !

  • Well done on running 255km that's a real achievement and for getting your him into the healthy range keep up the good work

  • Thank you :)

  • Welcome to the Tuesday Trimmers Vsuy

    You have done fantastic in losing 6.5kgs so far and to celebrate your loss so far I will change your newbie badge for a 5kg one, as the next badge up is 10kgs. Well done for getting into the Healthy BMI range. :)

    I can understand what your saying and I agree it not always about the number on the scales but it about how we feel about ourselves too. Keep up the good work.

  • Thank you for the encouragement

  • Hi Vsuy

    Congrats on your weight loss to date and for your determination to go out running in all weathers! Very impressive!

    I'm sure you'll be happier each week with the reflection of the healthy person staring back at you!

    Well done! 😀

  • I really hope so, thanks and good luck to you

  • That's great - the running will release the endorphins, and they will help to improve how you feel about yourself.

    I think whatever you are happy to share on the boards with others is great - not everyone will want to share their weight loss - I tend to forget as I log my weight on another forum on a Friday... maybe I need to start!

  • Thank you for the encouragement and understanding. It's not that I don't want to share my weight, it's more that writing thoughts down and knowing that some people (myself included) felt better (even for a minute) because of it, is more appealing!

  • Wow well done on your running great persistence there, so glad you feel the benefits of a healthier you, hope you have a good week 😊👍

  • Hi Pineapple27

    You're doing a sterling job on here! 😀

    My weight is as follows:

    Weight last week: 15st 6lbs

    Weight today: 15st 5lbs

    Weight loss today: -1lb

    Weight loss to date: -7lbs

    I am pleased to have hit the 7lb mark, but now it's time to focus on the 14lb one! ☺

    This week I have kept within my calorie range, but no consistency ... either right at the bottom or right at the top throughout the week. Next week's plan is to settle on a daily 'fixed amount' and see what difference (if any) this makes.

    I have also invested in a cookbook by the Hairy Bikers, as I have read so many good reviews of their recipes.

    Good luck with your weigh in everyone! 😀

  • Hey Needtodosomething another pound off that's great, that will be you getting your 7lb badge well done.

  • You're very kind Dipper ... many thanks for your words of encouragement. 😀

  • Well done Needtodosomething with losing 1lb and hitting your 7lbs traget. I shall change your newbie badge for a nice shiny 7lbs one. :)

  • Thank you YellowRose55 ... much appreciated. 😀

  • Well done needtodosomething

  • Trying out new recipes and cooking from scratch is something that I never seem to tire of! I'm going to post some dishes I've prepared today later - my own "healthier' version of a cauliflower cheese with crispy breadcrumb topping, and I've also made a lasagna using butternut squash lasagne sheets in place of pasta! Have yet to work out the calories, but pretty sure they'll be low!

  • Aw well done 👍 and your new badge suits you here's to the next one👍😊

  • Ah well I got up and weighed myself today and I wasn't surprised at the outcome.

    Last week I weighed 15st 9lb, which was a pound off my three stone target, today I weigh..........

    Drum roll

    15st 12lb I won't tell you what I said when I stood on the scales because I would be banned from the forum. I'm not upset and I'm not surprised. I have had more contact with my ex this week and it hasn't been stressful or upsetting it has actually been really nice, supportive and civilised but emotionally it has obviously had an impact. He was also my best friend before we were in a relationship so I think that is why on the surface it has been ok but going by my weight gain and my desire for chocolate, that may I add I don't even like the taste of now, it has obviously had an impact.

    So what do I do now? Do I cut all links completely because I want to be thinner and fitter or do I give myself a good talking to and look at ways of managing my emotions. I think I know the answer.

  • Hi. Ah... very tough and I think you should be kind to yourself and gently get back to the things that gave you the earlier success in losing nearly 3 stone.

    A really great achievement and you are still close to getting to your 3 stone -like today's post from pineapple27 says it takes time, and that's the frustration Isn't it.

    Stick with it 🌹

  • Thanks Roset16 there will be blips and I am prepared that is what life is about.

  • Hi Dipper

    I can be so frustrating to be so close to that 3st mark and keep missing it. You will get there just keep going.

    I'm the same when ever my ex husband is around and it can be hard to stay off emotional eating when they are about. Glad you know the answer to your question! :)

  • Thanks YellowRose he has been such a big part of my life and I need to get a grip and overcome emotional eating. That is my goal.

  • Hi Dipper

    My advice would not be to cut all ties forever, but I certainly would for the time being.

    It's great that you can have pleasant dialogue with your ex, but what is the real cost to you?

    You're doing so well ... I'd give myself a huge pat on the back ... and don't let anyone (no matter how pleasant they are), derail me from my goal.

    Good luck Dipper, whatever you decide to do.

  • Great reply Needtodosomething :D

  • Thanks Needtodosomething, I need to get over this emotional eating. I was miserable when we had no contact as we are such good pals. I just have to deal with it and you know what I will.

  • You can get through this Dipper.

    Stay strong. x

  • Relationships with exs can be hard. I've only got the one (ex husband) and as we have a daughter together, we still have lots of contact as she moves through university. He's been an ex for 9 years now and I remarried 4 years ago. Me getting remarried seem to improve our relationship, as I think he was genuinely happy for me.

    I still help him with his business paperwork (he's dyslexic) and he still delivers compost when we need it, as well as watering the garden and feeding our cat whilst we are on holiday. It's good, as our contact is over routine things rather than talking about feelings. He's also got Aspergers (I suspect, though never diagnosed) so that suits him well, as he's unable to display or express thoughts, emotions, etc. - kind of why the relationship didn't work out, but I was with him for over 15 years... so think we did ok and we have our beautiful daughter as a result of that.

    Eventually your life will move on past this stage.... and the contact with your ex will come to a natural conclusion! No point in worrying about how that will happen!

  • Wise words Pineapple, time will be good for us. We get on so well. I also get on with my previous ex, I don't think you can spend years with someone and then just switch it off and if you can salvage some kind of friendship that suits both parties then that is even better. You are living proof that things can be pleasant in the end.

  • Sorry I can't give any advice on ex's my husband drives me into the chocolate bar when I know I shouldn't lol but I think it's great if you can remain good friends, just go with the flow maybe start a new activity etc to take your mind off the chocolate, have a low cal hot chocolate drink instead. Hope you manage to regain your momentum and start edging towards that 3st badge again.

  • Thanks Itsbab I plan to start all over again tomorrow and plan my week. I am just back from my Tai Chi class and feel fantastic. I will do this I have every confidence.

  • It doesn't matter Dipper that's not much and I know you'll lose it it's probably just a bit of water weight, stick in there and good luck

  • Thanks Sjm you are such an inspiration with your weight loss. I do retain fluid and that can be a major factor with my weight loss. I will hopefully get a better result next week.

  • My weight now 14st down from 14,8 thanks for everyone's support.Im of to the gym for another couple of hours 😃

  • Wow Sjm that is fantastic, you should be so proud of your weight loss.

  • Thanks Dipper I'll be happy when I get it all of and I'm at a healthy weight thanks so much for supporting me and well done on getting the 2 stone of that's amazing

  • Brilliant. Good luck for next week. Love the sound of going to the gym for a couple of hours... enjoy.

  • Thanks roset and congratulations on getting a healthy bmi that's amazing and also my goal.

  • Your doing fantastic Sjm2121 and well done for losing 8lbs so far. I will not include you in today's stats as you weigh in on a Saturday. :)

  • Thank you yellow rose and thanks for the support

  • A couple of hours in the gym there's dedication for you👍 Well done on the 8lbs loss a fantastic achievement keep on loosing you're on a roll😊👍

  • Thanks it'sbab I'm working hard and forcing myself to do it, just so sick of being the way I am so determined to change it this time.Thank you so much for the support and it's amazing you've lost 4 stone congratulations

  • Thankyou but I must admit I am struggling at the moment need to become more focused maybe I should pluck up the courage to visit a gym never been in one in my life lol ( well since school anyway)

  • Exercise isn't necessary for weight loss. I concentrated on losing my first two stone through diet alone.... the exercise can wait! :)

  • I agree with the opening statement.

    I have lost half a pound this week going from 11stone 6 to 11stone 5.5lbs. Fair enough--- at least it's a loss.

    Have a good week Tuesday Trimmers.

  • Well done in losing half a pound this week.

  • Thank you. My body is not keen on losing weight some weeks but I keep trying. 6 and a half pounds to go to my goal weight.

  • Hi Roset16 and well done on your loss. Any loss is one more step of your journey and the finishing line is becoming one step closer!

  • 👍well done every little helps as Tesco says. Hope you have a good week 😊

  • Well done roset

  • Congratulations sometimes it's just hard to shift it so be proud of any loss I certainly am.

  • I can't deny I'm in good shock over loosing this week. Last week I was 62.7kg today I'm 62.1kg so a .6kg lost and taking me back to my lowest weight yet. I haven't been especially good but hockey training and yoga must have done the trick. I needed to loose this week but couldn't get my head around all the socialising I'd agreed to. So pizza Tues with the Nct girls, Friday out for a meal and wine, sat BBQ, sun BBQ and roast. So you can understand my surprise at loosing but just goes to show that exercise really does make a difference. Either that or my scales are broken. I'm not going to be weighing in next week as I'm on holiday. As I don't fast when I'm on holiday I'm very unlikely not to gain so another couple of weeks of damage limitation. It's a shame as I'm only .2kg off my healthy bmi but I know hockey in September will help me loose it again so I'm just going to enjoy a week off.

  • That's a good way to start the day with a 600g loss and being at your lowest weight, well done you. :)

  • Thanks good way to start my holiday off, really thought it was going to be a 3rd gain in a month.

  • Wow, well done jonuts2000 !! I found part of the cause for my being overweight was too much socialising! It's difficult, especially over the summer with BBQ's, etc. Good job you fit in the exercise! Imagine what next weeks weigh in could be if you avoid the pizza and wine!

    No need to excuse the roast dinner, we have one most weekends. Just have lots of veg, a small amount of meat and no Yorkshire pud!

  • Thanks, socialising is always a killer for me but I did manage to only drink on one of those days so that must have helped too.

  • Crickey you've done well to loose after all that socialising 👍 I so hope you can get that .2 off to get to your healthy BMI soooo close😊

  • Thanks, worse case I'll loose it in September when I'll have hockey training & games, swimming and yoga each week so should be able to shift more.

  • Hats off to you with all that exercise👍

  • Hi all well back to it after a few weeks off, last time I weighed myself I was 17lb and todays weight is 17lb exactly so happy with that :-)

  • I think you mean 17st miche0405 and not pounds! Well done for maintaining since the 1st August. :)

  • Ha ha yeah I mean stone lol x

  • Glad in wasn't 17lb! Otherwise I think my cat might weigh more than you!

  • OMG you did make me laugh I had visions of a 3 month old baby sat typing on the forum lol. So STS no bad thing, good luck for next week maybe you will see the 16's👍😊

  • Ha ha I laughed myself when I realised I put lbs, wishful thinking eh lol x

  • Congratulations on your maintain, would be a worry if you were 17lbs.

  • Hi everyone. This is my first weigh in and I'm so glad it's anonymous as I'd be so embarrassed to say this out loud!

    My starting weight is 15st 13lbs.

    There, I've said it. My goal is to get back down to 12 stone which still sounds heavy but I'm 5' 10" and I felt confident last time I was at that weight. So that's the best part of 4 stone to lose.

    I'd be over the moon if I could lose a steady 1lb a week as it would take about a year to get to my target weight.

    Nice to meet you all,

    Helen xx

  • Welcome to Tuesday Trimmers HelenSchmelen Just remember it's only a number and the last time you will see it. :)

    Good luck with reaching your goal of 12st. Try to break it up into 7lb target it will seem a lot more manageable to get there.

    Have a great first week.

  • Yay you said it and it's only a number that will be decreasing over the weeks, welcome to the Tuesday Trimmers and I hope you have a productive week👍😊

  • Great that you've given yourself a year to do this. There's nothing like setting an unrealistic goal to send you off the rails. It took me 2.5 years to lose 4.5 stone.

  • 10 st 4.5 lb today gain of 1/2 lb. aim to lose 1lb this week. Realise I have to get back on track. Looking forward to the scales going the right this week

  • Half a pound is only a small gain which will soon disappear once your back on track prawncess .

    Hope this week goes better for you. :)

  • Starting 12 week plan again today after a heavy 2 months (!) fall off the wagon.

    Today: 83.6kg; gain of 0.9kg since last weigh-in on 21st July. It's funny I spent the first 14 days of my vacation following all the tips from this lovely board, swapping poached eggs for fried etc. Then I couldn't face it anymore when I got home again! Never mind that is in the past so I'm going to restart fresh. Good luck everyone!

  • Hi Sarah73uk

    Good luck with your restart and getting back on track. You can do this! :)

  • Thanks Pineapple27 for hosting today weigh in.

    This weigh in is now closed.

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