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Feeling a bit down hearted


When I started dieting on 29 June I just aimed to lose weight with no particular end weight in mind. The nurse did not suggest a particular goal when she told me I was diabetic just to avoid carbs have only 1 piece of fruit a day and lose weight.

I was feeling quite please with my efforts having lost 10 kg and gone from size 16 to size 14 over the last 6/7 weeks and I realise I need to carry on losing.

Tonight I finally found how to check my BMI on this site and was shocked to see I need to lose another 15 kg to be in the middle of the healthy range.

it seems such a lot more to lose. It's not that I am finding it hard to stick to my 800 cals a day ( I have 10 days left to do of the 8 week blood sugar diet) then I will move to 5/2 diet but it just seems such a large amount left to lose that I can't quite believe I will ever get there.

I know there are a lot of you out there who have reached target and any tips on how to keep going will be gratefully received. I am off on hols for a week and really anxious I will put on weight without scales and eating out all the time

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Ceals3 stone

Keep on keeping on is the best advice, although not convinced you should stay with 800 cals per day for ever. See where you are at the end of your 8 weeks then re-assess your situation.

The BMI chart is only there to provide a very approximate idea of height : weight ratio. Especially for those of us who are very short, there can be a massive difference between the top and the bottom of the "healthy" range.

For example, apparently for my height (4ft 9") the lower end of the range is just 6st 4lbs or 40.8kg! The higher end of the healthy range is 8st 2lb or 52.2kg!

A lot will depend on your physical build. I will never, ever be a size 6/8 or even 10! I am a size 16 at present and would ideally like to be a size 14. I have about 14lbs to lose (6.3kg) which I think would take me to a size 14. I am quite curvaceous and happy with my curves (as is my husband).

I think you need to arrive at a weight that YOU are happy with, and of course everything else in terms of being able to enjoy "good" health - so a satisfactory blood pressure, good blood sugar levels, not getting out of breath on exertion, etc.

I too have done the Blood Sugar Diet - my tip about holiday eating is stick to the principles of the Blood Sugar Diet (no potatoes, rice, pasta, bread, etc), limit the amount of alcohol as far as you are able to, don't eat dessert and ice-cream every single day... and enjoy yourself! You can get back to your weight loss on your return.


B.M.I doesn't take into consideration your muscle and bone density so it isn't accurate.


I was also advised to lose weight for medical reasons, and advised that 10% was enough to make a considerable difference. I carried on and have lost more, but am still not at a healthy BMI, nor is it likely as I have never in my adult life been that weight.

You have done amazingly well pcrw and must have made significant improvements to your health. 😊That has to be applauded 👏🎉😊

Try not to stress about the number but enjoy feeling fitter and healthier and have a lovely holiday, you have worked hard for it! (But don't go mad!)

Best wishes


pcrwMaintainer in reply to IndigoBlue61

Thanks Anna you've made me feel better

IndigoBlue61Administrator in reply to pcrw

That's good 😊😊😊

Wow 10kg over 6/7 weeks. That's an achievement to be proud of. I wish I had that determination :)

How would you have felt if you had checked the BMI at the beginning with the extra 10kg? A lost cause? Too hard to do? No way! You've just proven that you can do it.

Don't look so far ahead. Concentrate on smaller targets.

pcrwMaintainer in reply to kiwikyd-nz

You are right as I had no particular target I just was pleased to lose weight

Hi there pcrw what a fantastic achievement, you should be very proud. I wouldn't get too hung up on a particular goal weight. If I have understood your post your goal is good health and I'm sure you have made massive improvement already. I would be tempted to use your holiday as the transition between the blood sugar diet and 5:2. Just remember to enjoy yourself, but also to limit the carbs, sugar and booze. When I am out I find it fairly easy to eat a nice steak with extra veg or salad and no chips and to swap 'full fat' beer for light lager or gin and slimline tonic. Another thing to watch is breakfast, avoid cereals, baked beans and bread, but have some bacon and egg. Once you have the habits, which you clearly do, you will succeed. Good luck. James


Thanks James for your help

You will get there pcrw.


Hi please don't feel down,we all have ups and downs believe you me .

Great support on here ,that will help you.


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