Monday Movers Weigh In - Monday 21st August

Monday Movers Weigh In - Monday 21st August

Monday 21st August

Welcome to our Monday weigh-in!

How's your week been, we want to hear all about it.

Here’s the Monday stats from last week!

Monday 14th August 2017

Total number weighing in - 27

Total number of replies - 162

Average number of replies - 6

Total amount of weight lost - 30.88lbs/14.04kg

Total amount of weight gained - 6.07lbs/2.76kg

Total number who maintained - 3

Newbies/Restarts - 3

Average weight lost - 1.24lbs/0.56kg

Number of members who did not disclose their weight - 0

Wow what fantastic stats, keep going team you're doing great stuff. It's lovely to see you responding to other people's posts the words of encouragement go a long way.

To help the Administrator when she does the stats, could you state your weight today, how much weight you've lost/gained/maintained this week and your goals for the week ahead.

Other than that, feel free to share any details of your week that you like.

A Little bit about me.

My weigh-in day is Friday, I'm helping out today.

I joined the forum in February this year and really enjoy reading all the posts.

Since February I've lost 1 stone. It's been a steady decline and that's really worked for me. Like most people I followed all kinds of weight loss programmes before joining this forum and none of them worked long term. But this seems to have worked and I love it.

My weight today is 10 stone 7lbs

My goal is 9stone 10lbs


If you're joining this weigh-in group for the first time today, then please introduce yourself and share your starting weight (if you feel comfortable doing so) and your initial weight loss goals. Setting yourself mini-goals, leading to your ultimate weight loss goal, is particularly helpful. You could also make a note of your body measurements. Sometimes the scales stick at a particular weight, but there can be body measurement changes which are very motivating. It’s not all about the scales after all – it’s how you feel in yourself.

If you’ve not already seen it, then take a moment to read the ‘Welcome Newbie’ pack, which is a Pinned post (situated on the right hand side of the homepage, or scroll right down to the bottom, if you're using a mobile).

Have a great weigh-in day and an even better week ahead.


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214 Replies

  • Good luck Team Monday!!

  • Thank you Anna61

  • Good Luck everyone. I look forward to reading your posts

  • Thank you SukiV and thank you for hosting the weigh in.

  • Morning all

    This week I weigh14st 4.4 which is a loss of 2lbs to take me back to my 1 stone loss. That sounds about right anyway as I normally check back on last week's weigh in but it kept saying that the post had been deleted!

    I have felt quite stressed this week with too much to do and the holidays fast running out. It doesn't help that DH can't drive or walk far so I am having to do everything. Oh well hopefully this week will be better and I will manage to get some stuff done that I need to do!

    Have a great weigh in everyone


  • Well done Juliejim, 2lbs is a fab weekly loss and well done for losing a stone. 👏👏👏

  • Well done!!!! 2lbs is fantastic!!!

  • Well done Juluejim that's a great loss and back to 1 stone loss. You're doing really well

  • Well done. 2lb loss is excellent x

  • Well done Juliejim. All the running around will hopefully pay off next week too!

  • Wow! You are doing so well. Wishing you another good week.

  • Well done Juliejim - I looked for last week's weigh in as well and couldn't find it. I hope next week is better for you. x

  • Morning everyone, hope you have all had a good week. My week has been busy with the kids, it's nice not having to rush around for the school run but in ways I am looking forward to them going back to school and getting some routine back. Plus I will be going back to college next month and I'm quite excited and nervous. ☺️

    My starting weight back in May was 15st 1.6

    My weight last week was 13st 3lbs

    And this week I am 13st 1.2

    I'm very pleased with that. I've lost 1.8lbs this week and since May I have lost over 2 stone. Goal for this week is get into the 12's 💪🏻

  • You're doing brilliantly sophiewlewis a nice steady weight loss

  • Wow you are doing so well sophielewis! Keep up that good work!!!

  • Wow Sophiewlewis that is amazing. Well done. I know what you mean about routine it really helps with keeping control of food.

    College as well. How exciting I'm sure you will have a fab time.

  • Great losses sophielewis! I'm sure you'll do it this week too. It's a great motivator to drop to the next level. Exciting times a head for you.

  • Well done fabulous achievement x

  • Wow. Congrats on the overall loss and your steady losses each week.

    Also good luck with college. I also can't wait for the schools to go back 🙉

  • That's so good sophiewlewis Great news about college

  • Well done sophiewlewis. Especially at this time of year! It will be good being back into the old routine. Good luck with your college course- you will love it. Have a good week.

  • That is such good news sophiewlewis! Well done .....2 stone already!

  • Well done Sophie - 2 stone is quite an achievement. It will feel so good to go under 13. x

  • Hi sophiewlewis

    Well done on losing 1.8lbs this week that is great going. I notice you still have a 7lbs badge but your overall loss sine May is 2 stone so I will update your badge to reflect this. You are doing fantastic. :)

  • Morning Team Monday,

    This is my first weigh in after week 1:

    Start weight 14st 9lbs

    Today 14st 4 lbs

    Loss this week 5 lbs

    Long term goal 11 st, short term 12 week goal is 13 st

    Feeling a sense of achievement after sticking under or within Personal calorie target (1680- 2160) for a full week

  • Great initial weight loss - well done!

  • Well done for completing week one and what an amazing loss of 5lbs 🎉 Keep going and I look forward to seeing how much you will have lost by next Monday.

  • Well done!!!! That's a great loss!! Keep in mind it slows down a bit after a don't lose hope!

  • Welcome to the Monday weigh in group Gettinghealthy50 that is a brilliant loss. You should be proud of yourself. I love the fact you have set both long term and short term goals.

  • Fab weight loss. Well done x

  • Fantastic result for your first week and a great start. Your calorie goal sounds spot on too. Good luck this week.

  • Wow you have done amazingly well.

  • Well done! Good luck for the week ahead.

  • Amazing Congratulations x

  • That's a good weight loss :-) Well done you. It's good to have short term and achievable goals - wishing you all the success in the world. x

  • I quite agree with the quote.

    Hello Monday!!! I hope for something better today. But I've been yo-yoing up and down all these are the results:

    Start weight: 80.2kg

    Last week: 70.3kg

    This week: 70.0kg That makes a loss of 300g. (I had gone down to 69.7kg snif...but we all know how the body likes to play around!)

    Good luck to you all!!

  • It's still on the downwards spiral Gobbolino - it'll probably be less again tomorrow lol!.

  • Haha I know, Juliejim!

  • We certainly do know lol however it's still a great result. Well done.

  • Well done for keeping it going in the right direction!

  • Well done. I know that feeling. At one point last week I'd lost 2lb but today it's only coming in at 1 lb ...

  • Don't you just hate it when the scales don't play fair! You'll be under the 70kg next week I'm sure 😨

  • Still going the right way Gobbolino

  • Well done Gobbolino. I weigh daily and there's always some variation. I'm sure that the overall trend will continue downwards. x

  • Weight 11 st 12 1/2 lbs . Down another 2lbs

  • Well done SandyH77 that's a great loss.

    If you could post words of encouragement for others it really helps to motivate the group.

    Keep going you're doing well.

  • That is great and sounds like you are achieving your goal rapidly!

  • Well done SandyH77 - how much is that altogether now?

  • Fantastic x

  • 2lb off Great start to the week , well done.

  • That's great SandyH77. It's a great feeling to drop down to the next level.

  • Well done

  • Well done :-) x

  • Good morning,

    Today I'm 12st3lbs

    Gain of 2lbs (been on holiday)

    Goal - reach 11st7lbs

    Long term aim - not sure yet as any weight loss seems a massive achievement at the moment

    Have a great week! Catch up soon.

  • That's not too bad a holiday gain - I'm sure it'll soon be gone again.

  • 2lb is ok for a holiday ...

    Start again today x

  • Hope you had a great holiday. I find that the holiday gain doesn't hang around for long. Have a great week and I'm sure it will disappear quickly.

  • 2lbs for a holiday gain is a massive achievement in my eyes. It's so tempting to go mad on everything or just let that extra bit of cake or the extra drink go in as your 'on holiday'. I know when I am trying to loose weight I normally have a massive gain on holiday lol..

    Well done, I hope you had an amazing holiday

  • As others have said I am sure it will come off again soon - well done for keeping it to 2lbs :-) Small goals are always a good thing. x

  • Hi I have just finished week 2. I stayed the same this week. Starting weight 11st 10lbs now 11st 6.8lbs same as week 1. I am not surprised had a busy week with grandchildren, picnics legoland. Want to really stay focused this week and lose 2lbs if I can. I exercise about 4 times a week as well The good news though I have lost an inch from my waist. My goal before I go on holiday in February is to get to 10st. Good look everyone with weigh in.

  • 1 inch lost - that's brilliant! Enjoy your grandchildren keeping you busy!

  • That exercise is great. Must really help and what I am striving for!

  • My local gym does aerobics for over 50s called lets get active. Started 2 years ago and then progressed to gym as well. Even though I still have weight to lose I am definitely fitter

  • Fab. At least you had a nice time and didn't gain any weight x

  • An inch off your waist is fantastic, your doing something right, keep up the good work.

  • Good luck this week. Having a holiday to aim for will help keep you on the straight and narrow especially when you're already seeing results!

  • I did not lose on my second week either. Keep going .

  • Inches is good :-) Good luck for next week x

  • Thank you

  • Holidays are difficult. Good luck this week!!

  • Considering it's the holiday period, weight losses recorded here are remarkable. I know that we are probably rushing hither and yon but there are also more hours spent travelling (and sitting) and temptation to try new foods - with me, it was selkirk bannock. So to lose anything at all is huge achievement, I think. Sadly, I can only report a gain. At the beginning of my travels (31.07.17) I weighed 12st 10lb. Now I weigh 12st 12lb again. I have revised my interim goal to 11stone 8lb but the NHS advise, I am clinically obese and need to lose about 4st to get into the middle of a healthy range for my height. (5'3"") This seems impossible at the moment but I'll keep trying. Well done to everyone else.

  • You will get there and I found this site very encouraging. I too am obese and under docs orders though I have far more to lose than you. I found knowing that everyone has good and bad weeks helpful!!!

  • Just keep at it. I'm only dropping a lb a week now and feel disheartened but every little helps. Just make very small changes and keep at it and you will get there slowly xXx

  • I'm sure you'll soon lose it again. I'm 5'4 and weigh 14st 4 so I've got a long way to go before I'm classed as healthy too!

  • Well I think a little gain of 2lbs is an achievement when you're on holiday. We need to remember that enjoying your hard earned holiday is important and not to feel guilty or disappointed for a little gain if you've had a good break from the daily grind! (I'm off to New York on Wednesday and expect to gain while I'm there as I'm not going to think about dieting!)

    Don't think about 4st, think about the next 2 or 3 lbs. Small steps! I think you're doing brilliantly, you're still here, you haven't given up and you'll soon be less than you were before that bannock tempted you from the straight and narrow...

  • The holiday weight usually disappears quickly once you get back into the routine. Try not to put so much pressure on yourself. Why not aim for the top end of the bmi range and see how you feel once you get there? I've been doing this since February with my husband piggybacking but he has lost more than double what I have. It's been slow and steady for me but I'm now lighter than I've been in ten years and have about 7lbs to go before I'm happy. Once you've been doing it for a few weeks it is second nature and the results will keep you going. Good luck this week.

  • Hurrah 11st 13lbs I started at 12st 9ibs 4 weeks ago and Im delighted ! Thanks to all your support and encouragement I really feel I can reach my goal of 10st 10ibs or near Ive got a family christening weekend coming and a wedding the following weekend I haven't needed to buy new as I can now fit comfortably in a couple of dresses I wore 2 years ago !! Hope you all have good weigh ins I got stuck for a week and normally I would have given in but with all of us giving each other support if I can do it anyone can Good luck and one for all all for one my musketeer dieters

  • Well done x

  • Ooooh that's brilliant! And I couldn't agree more about the support on this forum.

    Unfortunately you're going to have to go shopping and spend some money when you're down to your goal and nothing is small enough - tough job, someone's got to do it!!

  • Brilliant Milliemay1 and that's great to fit into your smaller dresses.

  • Fantastic! It's such a great feeling to drop to the next level. Have a great week!

  • Well done that is a great result in 4 weeks, its a great feeling when you can fit into something that you have'nt been able to wear for while. Keep it up.

  • Well done Milliemay1. You are right about the support on this wonderful forum. It's kept me going when I've been tempted to stray! Great for you to be in the 11's now. Have another great week.

  • Well done :-) It's so good to get back into clothes you've previously "grown out of". I have these in a range of sizes lol x

  • Back from two weeks away so I skipped last week.

    Weight two weeks ago 93.8kg

    Weight today 89.1kg

    Loss 4.7kg

    Goal is to achieve overweight rather than obese BMI and to be able to run 5k

    Pretty happy to have kept losing whilst on holiday and still had a good time! Mind you as we go walking I do tend to lose on hols. Now figuring out how to maintain losses when sitting at my desk 9 hours a day 😀😀

  • Well done you are on your way x

  • Wow that's fantastic. Try and get out for a walk at lunchtime (make yourself take a break if you don't already). Even if you only manage a 15 minute walk it helps you to focus on what you're doing and I find I eat more sensibly than I do if I'm just sitting at the desk...

  • Great loss Annafrances - you'll have to keep walking around at work!

  • That's an amazing loss considering you were on holiday. Hope you have a great week.

  • Annafrances, what a wonderful holiday result. You are an inspiration to me. I got down to below my minigoal weight of 65k back on 19/6/ 17 and I have been pussyfooting around since then. Back to get back to it , I reckon.

    Nearly 5 k in 2 weeks is wonderful. Keep on kepeping on.



  • Thanks so much. 65k is definitely where I would like to be so congratulations!

  • Well done on losing on holiday :-) Can you factor some walking into your working day? I try and go out at lunch time to get some steps in. x

  • Yes started well with early morning run which helped!

  • Morning!!! Just starting week 2. Loved week 1 didn't feel hungry at all and am really happy. Starting weight 130.7 this morning = 127.8 🙌 initial goal is 120 at the end of the 12 weeks so doing a happy dance this morning! In a workshop with work this week so being surrounded by pastries is going to be hard!!!

  • You are well on your way ...

    Well done x

  • And remember the happy dance is using up those calories - keep doing it!

  • Great start - well done!

  • Good morning all

    Well done for your efforts this week. Hope you are all pleased with your results. Well done to those who have lost weight, keep it up! And keep at it to those who haven't managed to drop any weight this week, don't worry about it just don't give up! Mine is coming off very slowly but I'm plodding on.

    The last two weeks I've weighed myself daily just to see what happens and through the week I steadily lose weigh but on Monday, probably after the weekend, I seem to gain some weight back on. This week I'm going to work really hard at not eating more at the weekend (but it is a bank holiday so that might be difficult). I want to hit the 1 stone goal ...

    Love to you all ❤️❤️❤️

    Denise 🌺

    Starting weight (03/07/2017): 164.4 lbs (waist 35")

    Last week's weight (14/08/2017) : 153.2 (10st 13lbs)

    Today's weight (21/08/2017) : 152 (10st 12lbs)

    This week weight lost: 1 lb

    Total weight lost: 12.4 lb

  • That's fantastic! Slow and steady is the way to go to keep it off! I always worry about the weekends too. Keep at it and I'm sure you'll hit your goal!! Xx

  • You are doing so well ! Sometimes it's hard keeping going but this forum is a huge help isn't it? When I'm tempted to stray I log on here until the cravings go! Have a good week. 👍

  • Hi Indigo_bella. Same as you I weigh daily with gradual loss during the week and a bit of a gain on a Monday. That's why I decided to weigh in on a Monday - it's worse case scenario! Well done for your progress so far :-) x

  • After last week's maintain, I've just weighed myself and shocked to find I've not only lost I've also hit the 18's (something I didn't expect till next week or the week after). It's probably all the packing boxes were doing for moving house in a few weeks.

    So thrilled to say,

    Last week - 19st 2lb

    This week - 18st 13lb

    Loss this week - 3lb

    I'm so chuffed I could explode!!


    Good luck everyone

  • Oh well done!

    How lovely to get that surprise when you stepped up this morning. It's amazing what you can achieve by being absorbed in something - moving house will do that for you!!

  • Fantastic result. Well done you!!!

  • Fantastic That's brilliant xxx

  • well done, I was really pleased when I hit the 18's too, felt like an achievement and it really is. Well done you x

  • Wonderful news,

    Keep it up.


  • Wow! Well done MrsEmilyWoodMalloy. You are doing so well. What a great result. There's no feeling like it - better than any food could taste! Have another great week.

  • Oh well done you :-) It's always so good to drop into the next stone down. Hope your move goes ok.

  • Its such a good feeling going down into the stone below I went from 12 into 11 today and Im like you feeling good Im going to make sure I can get back into the 10 stones plus something I haven't seen for 3 years or more! Im confident I can do this with the help and support on here

  • Morning all. My start weight was 17stone 2lb

    Weight last week 16 5lb

    Weigh in today 16 7lb

    So a gain of 2lb this week.

    Overall loss 9lb.

    I'm ok with it considering I know where I went wrong this week. I became too complacent and haven't bothered trying even in the slightest. Back to it this week 100 percent!

  • Sometimes it's good to have a week off as it shows that what you're doing really does make the difference! Good luck for this week!

  • At least you know how it happened. Good luck for next week. x

  • Hi Nikib12

    Well done with losing 9lbs overall,. I will change your newbie badge for a 7lb one to celebrate your achievement so far.

    Knowing where you went wrong with your 2lb gain is half the battle to correcting it. Hope you have a good week,

  • Morning all. I last weighed in on 3rd July and guess what? I'm STILL 10st 13lbs

    Despite this very boring non weight loss I'm quite happy, since I've had three weeks holiday - narrow boating followed by camping - so it feels like a loss, since I've managed to maintain! I also ran for over an hour non stop yesterday for the first time in all my 52 years and 11 months.

    I had hoped to get to my first target of 10st 5lbs before heading to New York on Wednesday - just the 8lbs in the next two days then? Maybe not! So I've reassessed and am thinking revised target of 10st by Christmas...

    (Expecting to add some in NY as I'm definitely NOT counting whilst I'm there!)

  • Well done on the running I need to get back on the c25k!

  • I graduated C25K in March...I'd never run before so keep being completely amazed! The best thing about it is that I've stopped stressing over the bits of my body I don't like because it can now DO stuff I never dreamed it could do! It works (sweats, turns puce) and gets me out there in the open air! I have a hashtag #embracethebeetroot . It doesn't mean I love running, but I do love having run!

  • Big congrats for not gaining :-) well done x

  • Great way to start the week. I'm Patricia and starting my journey at 13stone 3lb. Aiming to loose 2lb as a start to go towards my target of 11stone.

    Recently purchased a fitbit which is encouraging me to walk a lot more and reach 10,000 steps a day.

    Good luck everyone and hope we see less of each other next week

  • Hi Patricia, welcome. With such a great way of thinking, you'll do it! And 10,000 steps a day will make a huge difference too. I love my Fitbit (my husband says I'm obsessed!) have you thought about couch to 5k?

  • Thank you so much for your words of support and encouragement. It's such a powerful tool on this very important engagement site. Well it's certainly something to think about. Noticed details for beginners sessions at a running club watch this space.

    Have a great week

  • High five!

    Starting weight 10st 6lb

    Weight last week 10st 6lb

    Weight this week 10st 4lb

    That's a 2lb loss at last!

    And I managed a night out on Saturday.

    I have been a bit hungry, so might up my calories a bit this week....

    D xx

  • Thats a great loss especially when you have had a night out, double well done.

  • Good morning everyone. Hope the scales are kind to you this morning. I've had a good week of being careful but not managed to lose as much as I'd hoped.

    My starting weight in Feb was 12st 5lbs

    Last week I was 10st 13.8 and today I am 10st 13.4lbs. Less than half a pound off but at least it's a loss. I've a heavy week coming up with three nights out eating and drinking so although I'm really looking forward to it, I'm already dreading next week's weigh in 😖 I will do my best to make sensible choices but may need to wire my jaws shut🤣

  • Enjoy your night outs! Lucky you to have them planned. Just try and make sensible choices, eat small portions, a couple less d inks maybe?

    Have some light calorie days before and after, do a bit more exercise......

  • Thanks Dozzle. That's the plan but can I do it?? I'll give it my best shot 🤐

  • Yes, easier said than done! Especially after a couple of drinks....🍹

  • Enjoy your week Mission17 If the social events prove difficult you will deal with it afterwards

  • Good Morning Everyone.

    Start weight 11stone 5.5

    Last week 11stone 2.5

    This week 11stone 1

    Losing 1.5 this week very pleased.

    Hope everyone lost this week, if not good luck for next monday.

  • Well done and best of luck for next week x

  • Hi,

    I'm new, thus all you get a start weight and my first goal.

    Also I am trying to pick rewards for myself. Things I kinda want, but aren't necessary for life and just that tad too high on the price tag to have ever made any impulse purchases, yet not high enough to ruin me ;)

    My ultimate goals' reward is a tattoo and the nice part about it is - it's not tagged to a specific weight, but to when I feel confident with myself.

    Start Weight: 102.7 kg [16st 2lbs]

    First goal: 97.7 kg [15st 5lbs]

    First Reward: Paint Chest with Oils/Acrylic paint. It's been years since I painted and now that my degree is almost finished I may find time for it again :)

    Good luck this week to everyone!


  • Welcome secular, you've made the first step which is fantastic. Have a great week. Onwards and downwards ☺

  • I like the idea of tagging a reward not to a number of the scales but to how you feel. I might steal that idea lol.

  • Such a good idea! Roll on tattoo day :-) x

  • Good Morning SukiV. Thanking you for hosting today's weigh-in. I like the quote as it is particularly poignant for me as I am a "grazer" and have to continuously watch what I am eating. I did not post last week but my previous weight was 12st 3lb and this week I am 12st.5lb, a gain of 2lbs. I am glad that it is only 2lbs. I have had a minor ankle injury for the last 10 days which has led to a more sedentary lifestyle. I have not been able to do any work in the gym or any distance walking. I have tried to control my weight by going to the lower end of my calorie level.

    Good Luck to all "movers" and I wish you all better success than I had in the downward battle.

  • Hi Bighi, sorry to hear you have hurt your ankle and hope you are well on the way to recovery. This is only a blip, you know once you start exercising again you will loose weight. It might be worth checking on the nhs site, what calories you need to consume to loose weight whilst you are not so active, you might be surprised. Have a good week.

  • Bighi we all experience weeks like this. You did well for it to be a small gain and one I'm sure you will manage once you're back on your feet. Sorry to hear about your ankle injury not being able to move around much does make a big difference.

    Glad you liked the quote it's a good reminder that it's about changing your life not a quick fix. That's definitely how I feel.

  • I'm very happy. Last week 11 st 9. This week 11 st 6 a three lb loss !! Although I'm going on holiday today and it's my birthday week so as I've been losing weight since Jan I may have a treat or two but hope I can at least minimise any weight gain!! Have a great week everyone.

  • Congratulations..

    Damage limitation is always key on holiday and its your birthday. Have a lovely birthday don't miss out on everything and you can just draw a line under it when you get home.. Have an amazing time and Happy birthday x

  • Great loss ☺ Hope you have a fantastic holiday and enjoy your birthday celebrations. Happy Birthday 🎉🎉 x

  • Sarahbailey101 you are on a roll. 3lbs is amazing well done.

  • Happy birthday to you and have a lovely holiday. :-) Good luck with the damage limitation! x

  • 😢😢😢😢😢

    I didn't get a chance to weigh in last week.

    2 weeks ago I weighed 21st 11lb.

    This week I weighed 22st 1lb 😢🙈😢

    Really hoping this is water retention from walking around Warwick castle all weekend and the 1000 stair trek up and down the towers.

    I am gutted and even more motivated now to work towards a good loss next week.

    Sorry to up the group's numbers 😕

    Good luck to everyone this week.

  • Hi missamz, I really feel for you, however look at it this way, a 4 pound gain over 2 weeks is a small gain. You are obviously exercising with walking and stair climbing. It could be water retention our bodies are funny things sometimes. Good to hear you are motivated for the week ahead. Go girl! Its not always easy as life gets in the way but if you can make time to weigh in once a week it will really help. Have a great week ☺

  • Yeah, I completely agree. I was so mad at myself for not making time to weigh in last week, as I really need that to keep on track mentally.

    Any who I have drawn a massive bold line under the past and we are focussing on the week ahead. X

  • Great attitude, the week ahead is what matters. X

  • Don't you worry about numbers missamz. I love your determination 'gutted but motivated'. You will be back on track in no time.

  • Thank you, lol I have ignored the chrisps all morning.. Lol defo I good start for me

  • Good Morning everyone ☺Last week I weighed 14 stone 11.5 pounds, this week 14 stone 9 pounds, a loss of 2.5 pounds ☺ Which puts me 1 pound off 4.5 stone and 8 pounds off 5 stone! I also had the best surprise ever yesterday, my son dil and gd gave me a bike, its great and means more exercise ☺ Have a great week everyone.

  • Purplerosie you are fab. That is amazing. Such an inspiration well done you.

  • Thank you SukiV, I can hardly believe it myself! Have a great week x

  • Well done, Purple rosie, you are doing great.



  • Wow that is a wonderful weight loss! Enjoy your bike x

  • Thank you, I'm loving my bike x

  • Hi SukiV and the rest of you Monday Movers. Amazing results so far the Monday Movers. Well done everyone! And if the results weren’t that amazing for you then let us keep going to make them amazing!

    I didn’t record what I was eating though I did weigh the majority of what I ate. I have to say I did miss not recording the calories and felt slightly disorientated for a few days. So I will definitely be recording everything that I eat and I have the daily journal prepared and sitting beside the fridge.

    For a couple of days last week I had moments of extreme anxiety and desperately wanted to binge however this did not happen as I did not want to experience the “hangover” feeling. I am too old for hangovers!

    Tomorrow I am starting the 12-week plan properly and I will take my measurements again. It will be interesting to compare them with the measurements I took back in May.

    So for this week’s weigh-in.

    Start weight: 17st 2lbs (27/05/2017)

    Last Week: 16st 10lb (14/08/2017)

    This Week: 16st 9 ½ lbs (21/08/2017)

    Week's loss: ½ lb (total weight loss 6 ½ lbs)

    Happy enough with the half a pound off, it could have been worse, a lot worse! My target this week is to get to that ½ stone mark, that is more than achievable. I will keep referring to week 1 of the 12-week plan and to log in here at least once a day to get the inspiration from you guys.

    Have a great week everyone x

  • Thats the way to go DD7005, draw a line under the past and look forward starting with a half pound loss ☺ Its always good to keep an eye on your measurements, it feels so good seeing them go down. Have a great week x

  • You will do it. We're all cheering you on. Well done on the 0.5 lb. keep it up (or down should I say lol)

  • Well done DD7005. You did so well not giving in to those binge feelings. I'm the same when I have my anxiety problems. I log on here when I feel anxious and find it such an inspiration. Everyone is so kind & supportive. I'm trying to learn that food doesn't make me feel "better"! Good luck with your target for next week.

  • Morning everyone,

    I'm restarting my weight loss journey today. Just got back from holiday and I'm determined to get back on it so I'm starting the NHS 12 week programme from scratch.

    Here goes...

    Weight today: 10st 0.7lbs / 63.8kg

    Goal weight: 8st

    My mini-goal is to lose 10lbs before I go back to uni.

    This weeks goal is just to get back on plan and start losing weight so as long as the number is less I'll be happy.

    Have a great weigh in x

  • Great plan well done for getting back on it. Good luck

  • My weight has been up and down for past month .today it is up 15.10. Been 15.3 last week don't know what am doing wrong, just seem stuck. Have been really constipated which is usually not a problem with my health issues. Eatingredients loads of freshis fruit and veg so don't know what to do. Oh weLloyd have appointment with dietician in October. Ttfn

  • Have you checked that your eating enough? My calorie target is 1640, you can check using the BMI calculator and my fitness pal is a really good tracker. Also, make sure you are drinking plenty of water💞

  • to start sorry about predictive text issues with new phone,still trying to get used to it. I love cooking from scratch and cant work out how to work out calories from homemade. its easy when out and calories are printed. I think my average intake is 1400, and I do tend to do fruit by the hand full is one portion as directed by my diabetes nurse, I don't have huge hands. and am not actually hungry. I have started drinking water, bottled with fruity flavours. my medical issues involve several toilet trips so at first this was bliss not so good now. but will keep going at least haven't regained any yet

  • When cooking from scratch, write down calorie information or you can get it on line with the help of apps like my fitness pal, you can write it all down and total the calories, then divide by how many portions you get out of it... it's long winded but more accurate.

    You may find you need to increase your calories, there are interesting articles about how we need to nourish our bodies not starve them in order to lose weight. I know it sounds counter productive but it does work.

    I don't have the links, but will try and find them for you


  • really sorry, I couldn't find the articles, but I'm sure if you ask Admin they will be able to find it for you, it really helped me to understand about eating more.

    Here is the like to the BMI checker

    Will give you a better idea of your calorie range you should be eating


  • I'm at work today so just thought I'd check in in-between meetings and what can I say other than WOW well done everyone some great comments and words of encouragement. Thank you

  • Hello everyone .. considering I only really started on thursday I did alright

    1lb off but 2 inches so that is a possitive thing I am thinking ..

    I walked 83228 steps and was active for 483 mins .. which was GREAT .. here is to a proper full week :)

    *edit* sorry forgot to add

    My starting weight is 15st 3

    My goal weight is 11st (well that is the first goal .. ideally I would like to be 9 and a half or 10)

    I want to be 13st after the first 12 weeks ..

  • Good morning everyone Feeling a bit despondent Starting weight 14 st 6 Last week 14 st 2lbs This week 14st 2lbs Seem to be at a standstill

  • lis56beth I think it's fairly common for a large first week loss then nothing the following week. You might find it useful to keep a chart of your weight loss most of us have blips along the way but the overall trend is down :) Hopefully, the scales will move for you next week...

  • I hope so Mochta and thankyou

  • Ok, so after getting so close to my stone, holiday damage plus time of the month results in a 5lb gain 😱

    I know why, lots of French bread, croissants, red wine and cheese!!

    Back on track this week, with some new meal ideas and a plan for future food prep, just gonna be kind this week as completely exhausted.

    Have a great week everyone 💞💞

  • French bread croissants and wine sound wonderful :-) I am sure it will come off quickly now you are back on track. x

  • Good week as kept on track with the diet and exercise. In fact perhaps want over the top because walked 17000 - 18000 steps some days as well as 30 min swim. By Saturday I was exhausted and so limited myself to just over 10,000. Results good on the scales as last week 72KG and this week 71KG.

    Really pleased I have been given an initial assessment next Saturday on the NHS diabetes prevention programme which I have been waiting for. Great timing as I will have all the information I need to keep me on track for my trip to Transylvania at the beginning of September

  • pcrw a whole kilo gone in a week that is an amazing result. Hope you didn't wear yourself out too much, I think exercise needs to be manageable and enjoyable for it to be sustainable. Transylvania sounds interesting I know absolutely nothing about the country I'm ashamed to say maybe you can enlighten me after your trip. Hope you have another good week but without the exhaustion :)

  • Thanks for hosting SukiV I'm a maintainer who's strayed off the path...

    Last week 150lbs to day 149.6 - loss .4 of a pound. Hoping to be 148 point something next week ;) I'm still running 5K 3 times a week plus I've started a wall squat challenge - today I held for 1min 30 secs tomorrow it moves up to 1min 40secs and so on until I reach 5mins!! I've added in bicep curls with 5K hand weights in an effort to take my mind off the nipping legs not sure if it's working but at least my arms are getting a bit of a workout. So exercise not too bad at the moment what with my little routines and gardening duties. Focussing on drinking more water this week and cutting down on empty alcohol calories. Hope the scales have been kind to everyone :)

  • Hi Mochta well done with your .4 loss. I guess you were already a maintainer when I joined so I didn't observe all your progress, but I can say you're a great example to those of us still working on it: sticking with the forum, keeping your eye on things, and staying active. Here's to next week!

  • Well done Mochta! Downwards is good and with your good exercise you will be back at your target soon!

  • Hi Mochta. Good to see that you are still on track. And well done with all that exercise - 5 minutes of squatting sounds very challenging!

    I managed to lose a bit too - I am down to 64.2 kg - that is 1.7 kg less than when I rebooted 2 weeks ago. I am still aiming for 62 kg and I WILL get there again - aiming for another three weeks.

  • Hi everyone! I'm a newbie today's my first day joining the group and on the NHS 12 week plan.

    Loving all of the kind messages and support from everyone here. Well done for everyone on their focus and weight loss.

    Just jumped on the scales, current weight 11.6, 2 stone to lose to get to the upper end of my bmi, starting with an interim goal of 10st.

    Fingers crossed for a successful first week!

  • Hi JaneHoboken welcome to the forum. You'll get lots of support here and new information which can help you make and keeping making good decisions. Looking forward to hearing about your first successful week!

  • Welcome JaneHoboken, you have come to the right place! This forum is so friendly and helpful! Good luck and any questions just ask!

  • Welcome JaneHoboken. This is a wonderful forum. Everyone is so helpful & supportive. So many great ideas for meals too! Have a good week. 👍

  • Hi JaneHoboken - you've come to the right place! Good luck for your first week x

  • Hi, So this is my first week weighing in here. I lost 1.3kgs this week, making my weight loss 17kgs since the end of May. I have a busy week coming up with a birthday party and a spa night so could be a tricky one for me.

    Good luck to every one else

  • Hi lollies that's a great loss for this week, and your achievement since the end of May. That's amazing progress! You sound like you know what to do, to be able to face the birthday party and spa night. Hope the scales are kind to you at the end, as a reward for sticking to it!

  • Hello lollies, you have done brilliantly in your first week. Well done! Keep up the good work, it is tough, but so worthwhile!

  • lost 1lbs relieved no weight on after a social weekend :)

  • Well done Stefan24 that's a brilliant result after your weekend.

  • Thanks 🙏 I'm happy hopefully next week is easier 😀👍

  • Well done Stefan24 for your weight loss. Good luck for next week :-)

  • Thanks 🙏 good luck for you as well 😉

  • Hi there. Back from another holiday. Think I last weighed in 2 weeks ago. I'm 10st 13lbs today. I think that's up 2lbs on my last weigh in. Anyway I've had my fun and am ready to get back on course. Kids are back at school so back into a routine again which will hopefully help. Have a good week everyone ☺

  • That's the attitude. Get back in there. Rooting for you.



  • Thanks geniii. Here's to a good week!

  • 2lbs is not bad for a holiday. Good luck with getting back on track

  • Thanks pinkhairedgirl

  • Thank you Anna 61 and SukiV for hosting this weigh in and all the encouragement and goodwill that is generated thereby. Looking forward to redaing about others results.



  • Good afternoon all.

    Thanks to all the contributors for raising my spirits and helping me relocate my backbone.

    I have been pussyfooting around 65k since June 19th when I first reached that minigoal, but relapsed to 66k last week..

    I am pleased to report that I am nearly back down to 65k again - 65.2 on second and third weighing. [ for some reading the first one is always 0.1 lighter.] - a loss of 0.8 this week.

    My start weigh was 73.0 k so thats a total change [ ups and downs] of 7.8k since January this year.

    I am going to try to lose slowly, surely and steadily from now on.

    I have signed up to a small informal slimming class at the Salvation Army down the road from hereto help keep me on the straight and narrow. And I have the autumn diggin on the allotment to help me burn some calories.

    Wish me luck,


  • Good luck to you geniii and well done for your weight loss this week. I look forward to you post next Monday :-)

  • Hello everyone.

    My weight last week was 13st 4lb

    My weight this week is 13st 2lb

    A loss of 2lb this week & 1st 2lb lost in total since June

    I haven't lost weight like this for years. I'm actually enjoying my proper meals now that I'm planning them. It's been a long time since I've cooked from scratch! Thanks for all your support 😍

  • Well done Muntjacky ! A really good result. It is nice to cook from scratch and you know what is in it! I have enjoyed eating some very new things. Keep up the good work!

  • Well done Muntjacky - it does feel good doesn't it! Good luck for next week x

  • Well I wrote a post on here a few hours ago and I think I must have forgotten to submit it!

    Last week I weighed 9st 13.5lbs

    This week I weighed 9st 12.8lbs.

    A loss of 0.7lbs.

    I will reach my target of 9st 12lbs or below, when I have lost 0.8lbs more!

    Looking forward to that!

  • Well done Mimirossi - so close to target :-) Good luck for next week. x

  • Thank you!

  • You have done so well Mimirossi. I hope you have a brilliant week & next Monday we will all celebrate with you! 🌟

  • Hi all - well done for all the losses this week. For me, it's been a strange week but mostly I have still managed to eat healthily. (Strange that an NHS Coronary Care Unit doesn't provide healthy lunches!)

    So last week I weighed- 14-8 (I think - I couldn't find last week's post) and today I weighed 14-6, a loss of 2lbs which I am very happy with.

    Next goal is to go under 14.........

  • Well done pinkhairedgirl, on your 2lb loss even though you sound like you had a very stressful week. Keep up the good work and I am sure you will be under 12 st soon!

  • Well done pinkhairedgirl. It sounds like you've been making all the right choices this week. I hope you have a great week ahead. We've got to just keep sticking at it!

  • Hi moreless, I was wondering why my badge is saying newbie, when it is usually 2 stone? Is it a technical hitch?

  • All sorted, Mimirossi :)

  • Thanks very much moreless, that was quick! You are very efficient!

  • I just happened to be in the right place, at the right time :)

  • Thank you SukiV for hosting today's weigh in, you did a brilliant job. :)

    This weigh in is now closed!

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