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Ketosis: 3 week update - 11lbs weightloss

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I weighed myself today and I'm 13 stone.

I'm just so happy and proud of myself. My motivation was slacking and I did go over 20 grams of carbs on more than one occasion. But weighing myself and seeing this 11 lbs weightloss since 31st July. Has really motivated me and this is the most committed and driven, I've been in my life!

I'm excited to get in Club 12 Stone! And cannot wait for what the future brings.

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ClazRestart Dec 2019

well done for sticking with it and 11lbs in 3wks is amazing..... fingers crossed you will see the 12's soon x


WOW 11lbs in 3 weeks is fast :) Be prepared to slow down or even maintain for a week or so - don't forget to take your measurements too :)

Wishing you all the best on your journey - Hopefully you and I will get in the 12's next week :)


That's brilliant StephGetsSlim. I would practise purposefully maintaining for a couple of weeks each month to prevent reaching a plateau, and to get used to maintaining when you reach the weight you want to stay with.

Well done!

gman1961Working at it

Hi Steph,

Great loss,well done .


denvajade2019 October

What's your daily eating plan please?

As I'm working night shifts. I'll eat two massive meals; Yesterday I ate variety of cheese platter with pepperami, bacon, eggs and avocado. I was close to my daily fat intake so had coconut oil in my coffee and snacked on Hartley sugar free jelly pots, dairylea triangless, 85% chocolate and pepperami.

You can look at/follow MyfitnessPal; fitnessblackbarbie123

Are you limiting calories as well as limiting carbs?

I found following the Blood Sugar Diet principle she (800 calories a day, no processed carbs or sugar) REALLY shifted the weight quickly and I managed to lose 13lb in 7 weeks! As I don't have much to lose and have been losing weight for 5 years, I was very happy to find something that is so effective and often go back to the principles of the BSD if I want to prepare for a holiday, giving myself a bit of a buffer.

Yea I have restricted my calories. I used a ketogenic macros calculator on MyKeto app and have 1514 calories a day and reassess my calorie intake every 10 lbs that I lose.

Also MyFitnessPal is awesome and I've used it everyday.

13 stone intend to really follow a good health program no smoking for 13 weeks now so feel really good hugs

ArctoLindy5st 7lbs

Wow! Well done πŸ‘

Ceals3 stone

Amazing, well done. Are you watching protein as well as carbs? The whole ketosis thing fascinates me there are such widely varying opinions.

Clearly working for you, excellent.

Keto is a nothing short of MAGIC and anyone who really wants to help get their body sorted should do some basic research and dump the sugar and carbs

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