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Because together we are stronger

Because together we are stronger

It is my very first post. I wasn't sure about joining, I wasn't sure I needed to talk with other people about my experience, my journey. I'm still not. But together we are stronger and I want to believe that. I want to believe that having support at my fingertips will help me lose weight so I can look at myself in the mirror and not hate my reflection. I want to believe that surrounding myself with same-minded people will keep me on tracks and help me on the worst days.

So, here I am. I'm Vsuy and motivated. I started running exactly 47 days ago and haven't looked back and since I have taken control of my life, my weight and my health. I'm looking to lose 40lbs give or take and to adopt an healthier relationship with food.

I know there is no miracle overnight solutions, so I just hope to find and give support and help! On that note it's getting late and, according to most doctors, a good night sleep will go a long way to help you lose weight. Good night to you all !

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Beautifully written. Yes together we are stronger.


Hi and welcome, Vsuy :)

Take a look at the Pinned posts section to the right of your screen (bottom if you're using a mobile), or in the drop down on the 'Posts' page (it says 'arrange by'). Read the Welcome Newbie thread, then move through to the challenges, where we hope you'll find at least one that will appeal to you.

Move down to the Topics, to find a variety of threads, collated into specific topics for ease of access and we ask that you also 'file' your own threads, so that others won't miss your important news.

Take a look at the NHS 12 week plan, as a lot of people have been successful with it, making sure to enter your details into the NHS BMI calculator, to get a calorie allowance tailored to your personal requirements. Don't forget to take your starting measurements and a 'before' picture, as they can be very motivating on days that the scales refuse to co-operate.

To the right of the HOME page (bottom on a mobile), you'll find Events. In there, you'll find links to our daily Weigh-in's (you will choose just one day per week), our Daily Diary, where we post our menu and exercise plans, for accountability, advice and support and our “What's happening today” thread, where we pop in for a chat.

Be aware, that the HU app doesn't give you access to all of our important features, so we advise that you use the full website page.

We've found that to get the best out of this community, we need to be active on the forum, as it's where we exchange information, get motivation and inspiration and make friends. We hope that you'll join us here, regularly, too.

It's only left for me to wish you well on your journey :)


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