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So this week I haven't really done any exercise because of being in a lot of pain with the stomach cramps that I previously posted about plus. Iv been doing Zumba 4 days a week for 2 weeks and didn't see a weight change so thought I'd just concentrate on the eating side of it.

Next week is my period (sorry if TMI) but it happens unfortunately and I hate doing exercise with feeling how I do with it. But because iv took a break this week from exercise. Does anyone have any ideas for light but effective exercise during this time? I don't really enjoy exercise at the best of times but this is the worst time.

Thank you xx

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Walking. The most natural exercise of them all.


Exercise is the last thing we feel like doing at this time of the month but really helps the symptoms. Walking in particular is good because of the rhythmic rocking of the pelvis 😊

If you would prefer to stay inside have a look at Lesley Sansome Happy Walk on YouTube

Remember, weight loss is 80% diet 20% exercise so you are right to make this your focus


Reduction in calorie intake is the most important factor in losing weight, exercise keeps you healthy and toned your muscles. If you eat too many calories it doesn't matter how much exercise you do you won't lose weight

Muscle burns more fcalories than fat so that is the reason to exercise. But muscle weighs more than fat so if you increase muscle you may not see a weight loss


Hi Sophie I'm with you I hate exercise with work and all I'm tired and struggle with it but I find just simple walking is effective taking the dog out or just putting your headphones in and going for a half hour walk I have a wii at home that I also find helpful it's got a whole range of things from dancing to step exercise and you can do as little or as much as you feel like (obviously the more the better) hope this helps you xx


I know I also suffer from low b12 and anaemia so trying to find energy is very hard. I enjoy dancing so was going to buy myself just dance but I was unsure if half hour to an hour of this would be effective? X


Oh yeah it's great and good fun too I've got 4 of the just dances there's no one watching so you can throw yourself into it it's a great feel good exercise 😊 x


Brill I'm going to order it and because I won't think of it as exercise hopefully it will help! Thank you 😊X


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