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BMI and Calorie intake - help please!!


Dear everyone,

I am all ready for coming Monday to start my 12 week plan.

But stuck how to work out how many calories should i intend for!!!

When i check nhs bmi calculater its gives me my bmi. When i check the website it given me info about how to check calories in food.

M I missing something? I decided ob my target (6kg) to loose but not sure how do i know how many calories i should take to reach my target! Please help.

With thanks,


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When you check your BMI on NHS site it gives you your daily calorie intake in the orange strip. It will give you 2 numbers, a low end and a high end. Start at the high end and bring your calories down to a point where you start to loose weight. It might take a bit of time finding the right amount. Do not start to low as you will have to drop them as you loose the weight. You shouldn't feel hungry.

Good luck 😊

Nav-K in reply to lucigret

Hi Lucigret

Thank you for yiyr reply n info. Also as Anna mentioned, now i understand y i was not able to see suggested calorie intake. My bmi is already in healthy range. I thinking to decide on calories myself now. As you mentioned i will start with higher range!

I lost 15kg by dieting lastyear...its amazing to be healthy. Good luck to you too 😊😊

lucigretAdministrator in reply to Nav-K

Well done on your loss and for having a healthy BMI😊


As lucigret says, the NHS BMI checker should suggest a calorie range to lose weight, unless your BMI is already in the healthy range of under 25.

I hope this helps Nav-K

Nav-K in reply to IndigoBlue61

Hi Anna,

Thanks for asdisting to solve the mystery!!! bmi is already in healthy range of under 25. But i need to loose wt to feel more healthy. M now 67kg and can be 51kg per bmi. But i just want to loose 7kg and maitain my wt at 60 kg.

Think i should just lower the calorie intake to reverse tge wt?

Big thanks,


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