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Thursday already?

Good morning I was woken up early by my dog Toffee wanting to go out So up I get put on my old coat and stumble across the road to the park and I thought its too dark to worry what I looked like - Wrong ! A neighbour was doing the same thing a "Morning you- ok you don't look too hot today"doesnt go down well that time of the morning ! As my day started early Ive had 2 cups black coffee already so I wont be having anymore until mid morning when I will have a couple of Morrisons toffee popcorn rice cakes 39 cals per cake Lunch is a slaw made of chopped red cabbage apple onion carrot with smoked mackerel flakes and dinner will be new potatoes green beans and a portion of pulled ham hock I will have fresh fruit and rice cakes if I get the nibbles Have a good day

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Ha ha Milliemay1 that made me smile.

Toffee sounds like a great fitness aid !

It's a bit grey here this morning but I've planned a walk in the Golden Valley today, which sounds like a magical place ...and it is.

Love the sound of your mackerel lunch. :)

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Lol. I know how you feel Milliemay1 I forgot to put my bins out last week so ran out early in my dressing grown and bumped right into the dustmen with a grin on his face! :)

Your rice cakes sounds better than mine at 51 calories each!


Just had to tell you I had to change my trousers If my bum wasn't there they would have fallen off !!Size 18 elasticated now put away - Im wearing a 16 now !! Whayy !! Im not weighing until Monday but I must be losing something ?


Fantastic well done. 👍


Good morning Milliemay love the sound of your slaw sounds delish. I have a dog called biscuit who loves to go out early in the morning and i to have been in that position where you think it's fine no one will be out this time of day and bump into my neighbour looking all perfect as she's walking her dog before setting out to work totally felt like pants lol I did chuckle to myself afterwards though and black coffee is a must that time of day. Must say your menu for the day sounds lovely. Have a nice day.

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