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I want chocolate :(

So iv posted a lot the past few days with a few different things trying to stay on track for my new healthy eating lifestyle.

But it's that time of the month I dread and my cravings are through the roof! I'm really trying to stay on track as I really want to loose some weight before my sisters wedding in 10 weeks.

I keep looking at pictures of when I was thinner to keep me motivated but my cravings just keep coming back I know it's only a few days so if I did eat chocolate it wouldn't ruin everything but I'm just unsure what to do!

Please help sorry for all the questions and advice I need thank you! X

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It can be tough to beat these cravings but distraction helps, keeping busy and stick with it 😊 With time the cravings do ease off.

You are doing everything right 😊

Good luck sophie_and94

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In emergency case run quickly to the bathroom -and brush your teeth!

You'll feel incredibly good about yourself tomorrow, having resisted those horrible cravings!

Be strong!


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