Feeling worthless

Hi all,

Thank you for all the support on my 'new to this' post. I wanted to give this community support thing a shot so thought i'd be honest.

My first day was meant to start today and i've failed before i've even began. Instead I stayed home and binged. Feeling really low and thought 'whats the point'? i haven't been able to achieve any goals on any diets before so how can i do it?'

I feel like nothing is going to make me change my life style. Not even the fear of diabetes or heart attack.

I'm not sure what to do anymore and I'm sorry for bringing such a negative vibe to this positive group.


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9 Replies

  • I suggest that now is not the time to give up. We all experience difficult times and it sounds as though you had one of those days today.

    Tomorrow is a brand new day that we haven't even started on yet, so draw a big line in the sand and decide on one thing you will do tomorrow that will take you closer towards a healthy lifestyle and further away from an unhealthy one.

    Might be a five minute walk, not drinking anything with sugar in it, not eating any processed foods for one meal.

    You really can start small and build up.

    Take care and good luck

  • I can relate to how you feel and your type of bingeing,the reasons for which are varied.over the past 6 months its helped me to text feelings on here as I find the right ways for me to find my purpose in life again,a physical prog I like and keep up,at present swim alternate days,weekly dance class,5 stone overweight Initially to get me out if bed and please my cat! and eat regularly, 1500 to 1800 cals,split into 3 meals aday.good eating!G☕😊

  • Hi workingonit,

    Don't stress,take baby steps. Rome wasn't built in a day. Every attempt you make is not a failure but a step closer to achieving your goal (no matter how far away it may feel). It's my second day and it's not easy. I've just eaten 2 cheese and bacon (with ketchup) rolls and a yoghurt...could I have made a better choice? YES, I could have done and in fact I did! ....what I really wanted to eat was junk (crisp,chocolate,pastries) and I would have kept eating until I couldn't move, yet even in the mist of food cravings and nearly losing control, I compromised and I feel good. It helps that I can tell others and not feel judged.

    Ask yourself how much do you really want to lose weight? I agree with Ceals find one thing you can do differently tomorrow and build on it. You can't go back, you can't look into the future but you can live each day.

    I hope this helps :-)

  • I'm so sorry you are feeling this way today. Don't think of it as a fail consider it a lesson. Look back at the choices you made today and see if you can pin point what made you do what you did. When we understand our behaviours we can then begin to correct them. Not all is lost today! You took a brave step forward by reaching out to the group and being so honest and that is an achievement in itself 🖒

    You can answer the question.."what's the point", yourself. Why do you WANT to change. What do you want to GAIN from making these changes? That is your point.

    Don't overwhelm yourself by doing too much too soon. Make a deal with yourself to do just ONE thing tomorrow which will take you a step CLOSER to where you want to be. Repeat this for a week, each day add one thing to change and by the end of the week or at the end of each day, congratulate yourself for doing it. Dont be so hard on your self. Be kind to yourself. You CAN do this. One day and one change at a time 🖒

  • Fabulous advice.

  • Hi Workingonit, you will get there. You have the determination even though you may not think you have. Think of the determination need to binge ;-) It takes time to change old habits. Old habits makes us feel safe and when things begin to change we go back to them. Old habits got us through but old habits can eventually work against us and no longer have any benefit to us.

    Imagine yourself at the edge of a cliff - behind you are the ways you know but are no longer working for you, ahead is a drop to a place where you want to be (mines is a beach on Iona, weather and all!) You're at the cliffs edge - what route do you take, jump and hope for a soft landing amongst the rocks below or take it a step at a time? I'm taking it a step at time, in other words a meal at a time, even though I want to get there as fast as I can.

    Don't wait until tomorrow, start to change it now. Ok you binged, it didn't go the way you want it to. So try again. Take hour by hour. (This is going to sound mad but I actually gave myself permission to binge - once I had the permission I found I didn't want to do it. It reminded me of being a rebellious teenager!) Be kind to yourself instead of beating yourself up. Pamper yourself with nice things. The "binge monster" within is in need of TLC and some education. Start showing it how its done.

    Good luck and keep fighting x

  • This is great advice and will take it on myself as I had a binge last night but thanks need to train that old binge monster.xx

  • Hey Workingonit we have all been there in one way or another the fact you have joined this forum is a positive start and that you have been honest to yourself. And everyone is here to help and encourage when there are lows and highs. You have had a blip and remember tomorrow is a brand new day and when you wake up say that to yourself its a brand new day and a brand new start. Its all baby steps so dont be hard on yourself just do that first baby step everyone is here to helpxx:)

  • Thanks for being honest. I usually binge under the pressure of a diet, but you can try again tomorrow. The more days you try the better you'll get. Soon you will see a loss and be really excited. I see that over and over again here. You'll be motivated, maybe exercise and then you won't be able to stop. Just give it an honest effort and you will see. Food is not worth being fat. It tastes good but in the end leaves us feeling quite low. Stay here and do the challenges and weigh on once a week. You'll find yourself consumed and happy about it, really. Please try!! I want to see you do it!!

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