Talking to the Animals Mini Challenge Entry

Talking to the Animals Mini Challenge Entry

Hi Brea and everyone,

Here is my entry for the 'Talking to the Animals Mini Challenge' - and I am sharing photos I took whilst walking this morning - and I communicated with a few 'wild animals' - including a pigeon in a field, an ant (I know it's not come out that well...), and there is also a seagull on the rocks (again looks like a dot, I know, but I saw them and chatted to them from afar), and also a couple of birds in the trees. Lovely chat with them too.

Wishing everyone a great week and I'm looking forward to seeing the other entries.

Zest :-)


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13 Replies

  • Great entry Zest :)

  • Thanks BB, hope you're having a good day. :-) xx

  • Very beautiful photos :)

  • Thank you tidirhin2548 - hope you're enjoying your day. :-) xx

  • Great pictures, Zest, although I needed my magnifying glass to see the ant! Must take a trip to Specsavers! ;)

  • lol :-) Thanks moreless - I suspect quite a few people will have difficulty spotting that ant! :-) But he is there, and he was very chatty! :-)

  • do you think talking to an ant is normal behaviour? 🐜 you are as bad as me! It's when they talk back we need to worry!

  • lol :-) Thanks Ella, I will certainly let you know if the ants start talking back to me. :-)

  • Lol, just had a little word with a snail 🐌 while watering my tomatoes 🍅. Told the snail to please leave! Needless to say he didn't follow the instruction.

  • Great entry, Zest, and hot off the press and too. And I love that you took it literally and had a chat with your photography subjects. As you have 'wild' animals and yourself and a collage, I think you deserve the maximum possible 600 points. This will definitely cement your place at the top of the leaderboard! Well done! 😊

  • Thanks so much Brea :-)

  • Here is RG07 brilliant collage

  • And here are the photos from Mochta who had a run in the rain 😊

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